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Nick Kushner .·. the Sex Murderer .·. Psychopathia Sexualis | NACHTKABARETT Author, Owner and Creator
Nick Kushner .·. the Sex Murderer .·. Psychopathia Sexualisb. Dec. 11, 1982 in Binghamton, NY . Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling's hometown
Graduate of the local community college, BCC, which bears the same initials of the college Marilyn Manson attended in Florida

M Y S P A C E   |   A R T W O R K S   |   F A C E B O O K

The NACHTKABARETT', written, produced, starring and defiled by. Unleashed to the internet on May 13, 2004; The NACHTKABARETT's birth was to commemorate the one year anniversary of the release of The Golden Age of Grotesque, of which the site is in part stylized after. As opposed to "following" Manson, The NACHTKABARETT was begun based on the culmination of my pursuits in art history, the occult and esoteric studies, which began in childhood but started on full and independent scale in 1999, gestating lifelong. Much of the content that makes up The NACHTKABARETT is now considered to a certain degree "common knowledge" amongst online Manson fans as the site has become much more of a firmly established institution than it was in its opening stages. Before its launch, however, the commonality of these intricacies of Manson's work as public knowledge was not the case; I've been around and have looked.

As mentioned, the contents and writings of The NACHTKABARETT has stemmed solely from my independent studies throughout the last eight years, with my own pursuits having, unintentionally so, been aligned with that which Manson has or was to evoke. "Degenerate" and German Expressionist art had been a fascination for years, having written a 13 page college term paper in 2001, exactly two years before Manson had even vaguely publicly referenced the topic. Later the next year writing a treatise on the parallelism of Alchemy and Kabbalistic philosophy to Nietzsche's 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' was also a precursor to the style of studies and connections which was to make up The NACHTKABARETT, and uniquely so. Many such parallels had occurred one atop the other and eventually after amassing, and continually so, a large enough amount of the materials (as well as the gift of perception accompanied with good memory with interest in Manson's art which is how all such connections were made) the decision to compile them into a site was the next logical step.

As a lifelong artist The NACHTKABARETT began actually as a "side project" of sorts to my own artwork which always took forefront in importance but the site has grown into an establishment, at times all encompassing, which has exceeded wildest expectations and ever growing in that endeavor. Having spurned innumerable personal and public linkages, having been featured on online publications such as Gottfried Helnwein's official site, Boyd Rice's official site, a feature on the Grand Masonic Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon, and MTV Germany's 2007 hour-long special 'MTV Masters - Marilyn Manson' and countless others which are as completely miscellaneous and diverse as the content of The NACHTKABARETT itself.

"IHVH, fix Thou Volatile and let there be unto the void restriction; Wisdom & virtue are in his house, and the Knowledge of all things remaineth with him for ever" and I shall perpetually continue my mission to make manifest all that which is hidden.

Enjoy the fruits of my labour and have the courtesy to credit me if referencing.

For an extended personal biography and for my own artworks visit:



Brad Jaeger | Shattering Fast Alchemical Glass

Brad Jaeger .·. the Shakespearean Orator

Brad Jaeger, Author ; 'Shattering Fast, Alchemical Glass'
b. Apr. 5, 1987 in Calgary, AB; raised in St. Thomas, ON. Date of birth shared with a "nasty, brutish and short" philosopher, and the death of a well known "Alien baby".


Frequent contributor and partner of The NACHTKABARETT. His knowledge of esoterica, interest in the arts, and mastery of the salience of the Holy Bible led to the first collaboratory article, The Third and Final Beast, in June 2005.

The partnership continues to this day, and Brad's submissions have complimented and supplemented The NACHTKABARETT in the frequency of nearly each site addition since.

In commemoration of Samhain, 2008, Brad marked the launch of "Shattering Fast Alchemical Glass": a massive and ongoing examination into Billy Corgan's Machina Mystery. As one of The NACHTKABARETT's largest articles to date, it is simultaneously Brad's most visible contribution to the site.

Brad is currently considering –along with additional Smashing Pumpkins material- many other articles, including: Thrice's "Alchemy Index" and a spiritual and philosophical examination of The Matrix series. Future collaborations with Nick Kushner will likely include an expansion of Coil, and a revision of The Third and Final Beast.



Alex Deleyn .·. the Hacker & Great Architect

First joining as a staff member, tangentially, in early 2006 as a Dutch translator, his expertise proved far more valuable in areas wider reaching and is the builder of the unholy temple The NACHTKABARETT is now housed upon. He is a hacker and the technical genius of our database and BABALON. Alex homogenizes perfectly as part of The NACHTKABARETT, differing in only respects which are completely complimentary.

Alex and Nick are currently working together on other dynamic features of this site and an as of yet to be revealed project in addition to The NACHTKABARETT.



Gilles R. Maurise .·. Un Chien Andalou à Disneyland

Gilles Maurice from the fatherland of the Marquis de Sade and in the spirit of Oscar Wilde. A debauched expressionist artiste extraordinaire and longtime friend and French translator of The NACHTKABARETT. Additionally he is the official site editor, exploiting his vast acumen and knowledge of decadent perversions by unwaveringly submitting complimentary contributions & additions through this encyclopædic devil's notebook.

Visit Gilles' artwork at his personal MySpace ; a nightmare in Disneyland and a modern day Otto Dix.

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