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February 25th, 2009

NACHTKABARETT Update 02.25.2009 | Devouring The Righteous

The first official Nachtkabarett update of 2009 and much to follow, including any and all information and imagery which surfaces on the upcoming Marilyn Manson album, 'The High End of Low.' Though for immediate purposes, the new updates below are as follows...

THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK section has been completely revamped and, in addition contains, four all new articles :


The entire EAT ME, DRINK ME section and each of its articles has been revised, expanded and updated with new materials, including :


Each and every article withing the CELEBRITARIAN CORPORATION has been dramatically expanded upon since early January as well including the :


We also welcome out newest full-time staff member, official site editor and artiste extraordinaire, Gilles Maurice. Gilles has been contributing to The Nachtkabarett for over two years and has recently joined the site as a replete and most respected staff member. Visit his MySpace to view his personal artworks ; a nightmare in Disneyland and a modern day Otto Dix, at :


And lastly, I'm very proud to announce the recent launch of the Official site of my best friend, Rudy Coby, The Coolest Magician on Earth. To those of you who have been in the loop as to the recent news about Manson's upcoming album 'The High End of Low' will be most familiar in that Rudy has revealed official information regarding the album with Manson's blessing on his Official MySpace blog ( Additionally Rudy has been collaborating on visuals with Manson since The Grotesk Burlesk World Tour in 2003, designing many of the show's theatrics and effects, augmenting an all-around amazing production to Manson's already visceral and over-the-top performance, as well as collaborating on the trailer to Phantasmagoria and many other undisclosed projects.

Visit Rudy's Official site, very soon to drastically expand, at :


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