Marilyn Manson follows up his much-acclaimed 2002 art exhibit debut with Trismegistus .
The art exhibit is scheduled to take place this month in Europe, with US dates to be announced soon.
"Trismegistus", an exhibit of artwork by Marilyn Manson, will be held Tuesday, September 14th in Paris, France at Hotel Lutetia.
A second display will follow on Tuesday, September 21 at “40 seconds” on Potsdamer Str. in Berlin.
This event will be the second showing of Manson’s artwork and will feature over 20 paintings, many of them new.

[posted 9/10/2004 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson's 'Best of' In Stores September 28, 2004!

Marilyn Manson will unleash a compilation of songs that made him the most controversial rock star in the world today. Lest We Forget will be released next month on September 28th and will feature the upcoming single, "Personal Jesus".
The track listing is as follows:
1. The Love Song
2. Personal Jesus
4. The Fight Song
5. Tainted Love
6. The Dope Show
7. This Is The New Shit
8. Disposable Teens
9. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
10. Lunchbox
11. Tourniquet
12. Rock Is Dead
13. Get Your Gunn
14. The Nobodies
15. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
16. The Beautiful People
17. The Reflecting God

The DELUXE EDITION will include a Bonus DVD with the following videos:
(s)AINT, mOBSCENE, This Is The New Shit, Disposable Teens, The Fight Song, The Nobodies, The Dope Show, I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me), Rock Is Dead, Coma White, Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, The Beautiful People, Tourniquet, Man That You Fear, Cryptorchid, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Dopehat, Lunchbox, & Get Your Gunn.

[posted 9/10/2004 U.S.A.]


Manson Featured In Special ROLLING STONE Issue

Marilyn Manson is featured in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine. This month's magazine is dedicated to the "defining images of rock & roll".
Click to read article.

[posted 9/9/2004 U.S.A.]

Manson on The Graham Norton Effect tonight...

Don't miss Marilyn Manson on The Graham Norton Effect tonight at 10:00PM on Comedy Central!

[posted 9/9/2004 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on the Daily Download

Wanna hang out with Marilyn Manson? He's on the Daily Download, FUSE's live studio show on Friday, September 10th. You need to be available that day from 4:30pm-7:15pm. If you're between the ages of 15-25 and in the NYC area, please e-mail us at Our studio is centrally located, across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station (11 Penn Plaza--7th Avenue between 31st and 32nd Streets). In your e-mail, be sure to put MARILYN MANSON in the subject line, and include all your contact info. (We mean your digits!) Space is limited--first come, first served. Don't wait! If you snooze, you lose!

If you can't make it, be sure to check out Marilyn Manson on the Daily Download, LIVE on Fuse from 6pm-7pm EST (with a repeat presentation at 10-11pm EST) on Friday, September 10th.

Go to to find Fuse on your local cable system.

[posted 9/7/2004 U.S.A.]


“Personal Jesus” comes out strong at radio as the #1 Most Added Rock Single this week in the US.
It was added to Radio One in the UK and all major radio through Europe as well.

[posted 9/8/2004 U.S.A.]


Manson was interviewed during the filming of his latest video "Personal Jesus", in the October issue of NME Magazine.
"Someone like me has to remind people that 'rock n' roll' is about looking good, it's about art, it's about kissing the baby."

[posted 9/1/2004 U.S.A.]


Manson Presents at 2004 VMAs

Marilyn Manson was selected to introduce The Polyphonic Spree at this years MTV Video Music awards.

photo credit: Jason Merritt

[posted 8/29/2004 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson To Perform Next Month!!!

Marilyn Manson will travel the globe next month to promote the upcoming, much-anticipated, 'Best of' release; "Lest We Forget..."
One such appearance will be the VIVA COMET 2004 awards on September 24 in Cologne (Köln), Germany.
Viva COMET 2004
More locations and dates to follow...

[posted 8/22/2004 U.S.A.]

Manson hosts MTV tribute to The Cure

Marilyn Manson will host a live tribute to The Cure, on September 17th.
The show - part of MTV's Icon series - will feature performances and testimonials from artists and celebrities who cite The Cure as a significant influence upon their work. It'll be held at Old Billingsgate Market in London, and screened in October.

[posted 8/21/2004 U.S.A.]

Best Metal Video of the New Millennium

MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball and Revolver magazine teamed-up this month to bring you the Best Metal Videos of the New Millennium picked by you. The votes were tallied today during a two-hour Headbanger’s Ball.
Marilyn Manson's mOBSCENE grabbed #5 from 40 other bands in the survey which included Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, & Tool.

[posted 8/21/2004 U.S.A.]

Not Only Is Manson 'The Most Recognized' He is Also 'Massively Endowed'

World Famous Porn Star, Jenna Jameson, lifts the lid in her new book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, revealing vivid details of past sexual encounters with celebrities, including Manson, with a rather flattering reference to the artists’ genitalia.
Read excerpts from their encounter in the September issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

On the topic of genitalia, Margaret Cho reflects on her thoughts in her online diary after seeing Marilyn Manson perform live.
“He fucking rocks and he can rub his c*ck on the side of my head anytime”
Read her online diary here.

80,000 people voted online, Manson was voted #1 above Jesus, Fidel Castro & Carson Daly, see the results of the Famous People Recognition Survey here.

[posted 8/11/2004 U.S.A.]

Manson is 'Fantastic' in New Movie...

World Entertainment News Network 2004

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson's make-up-free performance in the upcoming movie 'The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things' has been hailed a triumph by the writer, who labels the singer "fantastic." here to read article.

photo: Getty Images

[posted 8/10/2004 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson to Provide Voice Talent in Upcoming Action Game

Manson will appear in the soon-to-be-released AREA 51 by Midway Games Inc.
Area 51 is one of the last of Midway's arcade franchises (from back in the day) to be given a makeover for present-day consoles. Marilyn Manson delivers an unforgettable performance as Edgar, the gray alien.
Featuring the voice talent of David Duchovny, Powers Boothe, and Marilyn Manson, Midway’s AREA 51 will be available in Q1 2005 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft.
Click for more info.

[posted 7/22/2004 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson On New MTV Billboards

Manson is one of several artists that were chosen for a new advertising campaign launched by MTV France. The campaign will feature large billboards of Manson around France like the photo that appears at the right.
Click photo to enlarge.

[posted 7/21/2004 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson Wins Case Vs. Ex-Bandmate (BILLBOARD)

Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Warner) and bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy (Stephen Bier) have resolved a key issue in a federal copyright infringement suit filed in April against former band member Scott Putesky (, May 13).

Putesky and the Empire Musicwerks label have agreed to remove artwork and images on the album "Lunch Boxes & Choklit Cows" that are similar to copyrighted art by Manson, according to Putesky's attorney, Richard Wolfe. The set is a collection of tracks cut by Manson's early band the Spooky Kids.

Retailers will be able to sell off copies of the album bearing the offending artwork; the artwork will be changed on future pressings. Film footage featuring an animated rendering of the art will be deleted from the limited-edition DVD that accompanies some copies of the album.

However, other issues in the action remain undecided. Jeffrey Light, one of Manson's attorneys, says that contrary to a press release issued by a public relations firm on behalf of Putesky and Empire, the suit has not been settled. Light says the plaintiffs will seek compensatory and punitive damages and attorney's fees.

By Chris Morris, L.A.
BillboardBiz, Published: June 07, 2004

[posted 7/7/2004 U.S.A.]

Magazines Interview Skold & Ginger...

You may have noticed a couple magazine articles on newstands this past month featuring Tim Skold and Ginger Fish. Here are some of the highlights of the interviews:
Tim Skold in Bass Player...
What Challenges have you experienced playing with an artist like Manson?
"Manson is really good at coming up with loose musical concepts that are not necessarily well defined. He is not a very technical musician; he is a very gifted musician. Sometimes he explains things really strangely, and that is where my lack of understanding of the English language serves me, because I will actually understand him whereas no one else in the band will. He’ll come up with terms and definitions that are off the wall, and I need to figure out what he means in a musical interpretation."

Ginger Fish in Drummer Magazine...
“I’m pretty confident that there’s not an injury that’s ever going to stop me from playing and being able to do my job. Unless Manson decides that the next album is going to be a death metal album with full-on double bass throughout, I should be fine.”

[posted 7/1/2004 U.S.A.]



Marilyn Manson On Front Page Of Los Angeles Times...

Manson was on the front page of this morning's Los Angeles Times (Sunday Edition 6/20/04).
With a daily circulation of over 1 million, the LA Times printed an article on Tom Freston, the chairman of MTV Networks, and a featured a photo of Tom next to 'Pop star and MTV regular, Marilyn Manson.'

[posted 6/20/2004 U.S.A.]


"Marilyn Manson A Beer-Swilling Lowlife ... In Film" -MTV

Marilyn Manson and actress/director Asia Argento seem to be playing a game of you-stroke-my-oversized-tattoo-and-I'll-stroke-yours. After Manson asked Argento to direct his video for "(s)AINT," the daughter of legendary horror film director Dario Argento casts Manson as a beer-swilling lowlife in the film adaptation of J.T. LeRoy's book, "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things." entire article at

[posted 6/16/2004 U.S.A.]

Manson Journal in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine (June 10th, 2004) features an article entitled "Rocker Diaries -- Fred Durst and Marilyn Manson Sound Off On-line," by Gillian Telling. A photograph of Marilyn with the caption "Manson: Spreading virtual ringworm" is found at the top of the article, which lists web addresses for and quotes from the on-line journals of several musicians, including: Billy Corgan, Moby, Fred Durst, Ryan Adams, Andrew W.K., and Marilyn Manson -- whose journal entries Rolling Stone characterizes as "a very goth-y collection of musings on the world," teasing the readers with this choice sampling: "Our stigmata will stagnate and we will shake, shake hands like little boys -- if boys were just like puppies -- spreading our ringworms."

[posted 5/31/2004 U.S.A.]


"The Heart Is Deceitful" Chosen for Cannes!

The lineup for the Quinzaine des Realisateurs, also known as the Director's Fortnight, was unveiled in France last Wednesday. Fortnight will run May 13-23 in Cannes. Among the list of 20 feature films from around the world was The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, featuring Marilyn Manson as Jackson.

The film also stars Asia Argento, Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda and is scheduled for a late summer release.

The Heart Is Deceitful...image .1

The Heart Is Deceitful...image .2

The Heart Is Deceitful...image .3

[posted 5/7/2004 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson The Greatest

Marilyn Manson is currently in the studio recording new material, some of which will appear on a "best of collection" that will be released this fall. Besides all of their classics, the album will feature the new single, a cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." In addition to a booklet of rare photos and artwork by Marilyn Manson, the entire video catalog will be included for the first time ever on DVD, featuring the never-before-seen, uncensored cut of "(s)AINT" directed by Asia Argento.
The band has decided to part ways with guitarist John 5 as recording sessions for the next album begin.

Manson has spoken...Read his new Journal entry and see photos from the studio: NO SALVATION, NO FORGIVENESS

[posted 3/30/2004 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson Is The Inspiration For The Most Notorious Villian In History?

... Satan, who may actually be Death, is a hooded Marilyn Manson figure who, as Jesus is beaten to a pulp, inexplicably cradles a tiny bald man with hairy arms...
CRIME of passion

article courtesy of: The Scotsman UK

[posted 3/28/2004 U.S.A.]


Manson Article About Jim Morrison In New Rolling Stone!

Manson has an article featured in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
Manson focuses on The Doors in The Immortals, The Fifty Greatest Artists Of All Time.
Click here to read.

[posted 3/27/2004 U.S.A.]

Manson Interviewed In I-D Magazine

J.T. Leroy interviews Manson for I-D magazine during the filming of the movie The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

Read the article here

text by JT Leroy
photos by Asia Argento

[posted 3/17/2004 U.S.A.]



Manson Interviewed In Q magazine

Q magazine was on the lookout for questions to ask Manson as part of their monthly 'Cash For Questions' feature. The questions have been asked, typed up and appear in the April 2004 edition.

Read the article here

[posted 3/16/2004 U.S.A.]


New Manson Wind-Up Figures To Be Released

You can pre-order these wind up figures from and

[posted 3/14/2004 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson: a top Live Rock Act according to Revolver Mag

Marilyn Manson was ranked #6 out of 100 Rocks acts in Revolver Magazine's '100 Greatest Live Rock Acts of All-Time!'.

[posted 3/10/2004 U.S.A.]

Manson to Appear in New Video Game...

Jonathan Davis' upcoming video game "Pop Scars" will feature Manson.
for more details click:

Photo: Marty Emond

[posted 1/7/2004 U.S.A.]

MARILYN MANSON, Among 'Craziest' Rockers Of All Time

MARILYN MANSON was included in a list of the "100 most insane moments in rock" released last week by British music magazine Q.

The list, chosen by magazine staff, is an enlightening record of rock 'n' roll's wacky and weird moments, ranging from the bat-biting of Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson conducting a voodoo ritual to fatally curse his enemies, via Elvis Presley's predilection for mounds of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, and Freddie Mercury's offstage sexual thrills.

The Top 10:

01. Keith Moon-countless drug-fueled brawls, a food fight with police in Flint, Michigan and an impromptu fireworks display on a U.S. television show.
02. Prince — proselytizes door-to-door for Jehovah's Witnesses
03. Marilyn Manson — covers fan in meat
04. Michael Jackson — puts curse on Steven Spielberg
05. Elvis Presley — flies 879 miles (1415 kilometers) for peanut butter and bacon sandwiches
06. MAYHEM — Norwegian band's bassist kills guitarist
07. Courtney Love — lies down semi-naked in London street
08. Marion "Suge" Knight — career of oft-jailed rap impresario
09. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown — troubled marriage
10. Freddie Mercury — QUEEN frontman's backstage antics

[posted 1/6/2004 U.S.A.]

TGAOG makes Village Voice Poll

Every year, The Village Voice (NY) holds a little quiz that they call The Pazz And Jop Critics Poll. The paper petitions over 600 of America’s top rock critics on their favorite songs and records of the year in what is easily the most comprehensive critics poll in America.

entries by GEORGE PETROS
contributing editor, Juxtapoz
senior editor, Propaganda
music writer, Thrasher
et cetera

in no particular order:
1. Underworld ­ 1992-2002 ­ JBO/V2
2. Marilyn Manson ­ The Golden Age of Grotesque - Interscope
3. DJ Vlad & Dirty Harry ­ The Nortorious B.I.G Rap Phenomenon ­
4. Firewater ­ Songs We Should Have Written ­ Jetset
5. Break N Bossa: The American Chapter ­ V/A ­ Instinct
6. Superjoint Ritual ­ A Leathal Dose of American Hatred ­ Sanctuary
7. New York City Rock N Roll ­ V/A ­ Radical
8. Peter H. Gilmore ­ Threnody for Humanity ­ Adversary
9. Plastikman ­ Closer ­ Mute
10. Britney Spears ­ In The Zone - Jive

[posted 1/5/2004 U.S.A.]

RollingStone lists The Golden Age of Grotesque in "Top Albums of 2003"!

Our Critics Top Albums of 2003

Marilyn Manson, The Golden Age of Grotesque (Interscope): What they've lost in shock value they've gained in musicality. Inspired metallic lunacy.

click for article

[posted 1/1/2004 U.S.A.]

Jane's Addiction Cancel's Tour Dates

Jane's Addiction has cancelled all tour dates from Dec. 27 thru mid January with Marilyn Manson and The Used.
Capitol Records has released an official statement from Jane's Addiction and is as follows:

Due to exhaustion brought on by a rigorous touring schedule, Jane's Addiction has decided to call off our holiday run of the east and all head south to the equator, where we hope to find rest and a new perspective for 2004. We apologize to all of our fans and hope that they will understand. We will see everyone in the new year and happy holidays.

[posted 12/19/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson Wraps Up Sold Out European Tour This Week.

Marilyn Manson ends his European tour this Friday with a final performance in Stockholm.

The eighteen city sold out arena tour is Manson's most successful European tour to date with total attendance in excess of 200,000 tickets.

Since May, the Grotesk Burlesk Tour has traveled through Europe and the U.S. twice, as well as Japan, Korea, and Australia.

[posted 12/16/2003 U.S.A.]



Swiss Authorities Drop Manson Inquiry

"ZURICH, Switzerland - Swiss authorities have dropped a criminal inquiry of U.S. shock rocker Marilyn Manson, launched after a religious group complained about his stage act... "

see for complete story.

[posted 12/15/2003 U.S.A.]

mOBSCENE Nominated for Grammy!

The 46th GRAMMY Nominees were announced yesterday and mOBSCENE has been nominated for Best Metal Performance!

The 2004 Grammy Awards takes place on Feb 8th in Los Angeles and will broadcast live by CBS

[posted 12/5/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Faces Swiss Criminal Probe

Marilyn Manson is the target of a criminal inquiry in Zurich, after a religious group made a formal complaint about his stage act. Zurich District Prosecutor Michael Scherrer said today (Dec. 2) that the artist was under investigation for allegedly breaching Swiss law protecting religion as well as making incitements to violence during a concert in the city in February 2001.

His act has made him the target of religious and conservative groups around the world, including the Swiss-based Christians For Truth, which lodged the complaint.

Scherrer said he interviewed Manson ahead of another sellout concert Sunday at a Zurich stadium, part of the artist's ongoing European tour. Christian groups and lawmakers in Zurich had tried unsuccessfully to have the latest concert banned on grounds that Manson's views were offensive to a majority of the population.

The rocker rejected the accusations, Scherrer said. Manson cited artistic freedom and said his act was meant to provoke a debate about violence and religion. Scherrer said he had yet to decide whether to charge Manson.

As previously reported, Manson and company will join Jane's Addiction for five upcoming North American shows, including a New Year's Eve gig in New York.


[posted 12/3/2003 U.S.A.]

NY-Roseland Ballroom Show Reviewed in new Rolling Stone...

...For a brief moment onstage, Marilyn Manson appeared vulnerable. "We used to love ourselves/We used to love another," he yelped over the piercing guitar line of "Great Big White World," a slow, eerie ballad that suddenly packed all the emotional wallop of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." His hangdog expression looked real.
Career middle age may have set in for Manson, but his propensity to shock and awe an audience hasn't waned. His new Grotesk Burlesk Tour was reportedly inspired by German Expressionism and vaudeville. In his pasty white make-up, cropped hair, long black shorts and big-heel boots, Manson came off as a petulant Nazi schoolboy. “Satan worships us motherfuckers!” he announced at the start of “Rock is Dead” before offering to sodomize both the audience and the Lord Almighty. At regular intervals, a troupe of half-naked go-go dancers jumped onto the stage, either offering up suggestive high kicks or, occasionally, licking Manson’s boots.
But musically, things were different. Manson (the band) have always played ambitious and dynamic agro-rock, but they’ve added some new tricks: four percussionists, upright bass, piano, bursts of white noise and even a wailing saxophone. As far as their singer, Manson remains ever the showman. Clad in blackface and Mickey Mouse ears, he appeared alone for the first encore, warbling “It’s a Small World” atop a gigantic podium. Was it a condemnation of corporate fascism? Maybe. Or was it kind of creepy and weird and wrong and funny? Probably, but at least it was honest.
source: Rolling Stone

[posted 11/10/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson on The Sharon Osbourne Show

Manson will be a guest on The Sharon Osbourne Show this Friday (11/14).
The show broadcasts on the WB and airs 11 a.m. on channel 5 west coast 1 p.m. on channel 11 East Coast.

[posted 11/6/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed by Jack Osbourne for Union Jack

Manson was one of Jack Osbourne's first guests for the new show "Union Jack". The show begins airing in November and will broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK.
for more info on the show click: BBC news

[posted 11/6/2003 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson performed last night at "The Freakers Ball" event at Kansas City International Raceway to approximately 12,000 concert-goers. During Manson's set a barricade -- used to block the audience from the stage -- broke twice, the second time causing the venue to stop the show due to safety concerns.

Manson states: "Even though the show was stopped twice for safety reasons, we wanted nothing more than to continue to play. Although we were not allowed to finish the show, we understand that safety needs to come first."

Approximately 100 police officers, some in full riot gear, were called to the scene. Only minor injuries were reported.

Marilyn Manson will play a special concert tonight in Dallas, Texas and the Voodoo Festival Saturday in New Orleans, LA.

[posted 10/31/2003 U.S.A.]


This is the OFFICIAL MARILYN MANSON MASK as mentioned on MTV.

This mask is individually hand crafted/painted and fabricated directly from Manson's actual face casting. This is a limited edition mask. Only (1) mask per order.

MTV:"...Marilyn Manson has released his very own Halloween mask. The unique and visually disturbing mask, which sells for $50, was handcrafted directly from his face cast. For more information and how to order one, check out ..."
Click here to order

[posted 10/30/2003 U.S.A.]


"Marilyn Manson Is Target Of Protest In Mexico"

"Marilyn Manson was the target of a protest by dozens of bible-waving evangelical Christians in Monterrey, Mexico. About 100 people prayed and sang hymns for the soul of the shock rocker, who performs in the northern Mexican city on November 5."
click Yahoo! to read article

[posted 10/18/2003 U.S.A.]

Many photos just added to PHOTOGRAPHIA!

The PHOTOGRAPHIA section has just been updated with new photos. More to be added soon.
click here to view

[posted 10/8/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson on LOVELINE tomorrow!

Manson will guest host with Adam and Dr. Drew live on Loveline in LA tomorrow from 10PM-12AM.
Loveline broadcasts all of the US.
click here to view stations and air times

[posted 10/7/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson begins headlining tour in Australia!

Manson launched his GROTESK BURLESK TOUR 2003 in Brisbane, Australia last Saturday!

...The theatrics were bedazzling, borrowing in part from the German cabaret movement of the 1920's and '30s. The band delivered brutal renditions of Use Your Fist Not Your Mouth, Great Big White World, the tight rhythmic pulse of mOBSCENE and their sinister cover of Tainted Love. Manson understands his teen audience's emotions better than many parents- feelings of isolation, anger, resentment and loneliness. His music is their freedom of expression, and something that should never be discouraged.
credit: the Australian

...Marilyn Manson crafted compelling theatre for fearful times and commanded two hours-plus of extreme and hypnotic performance art last night. It is Manson's high calibre of cabaret that breathes character into each track, using vaudeville flair in mOBSCENE, floating above the stage in Paranoir and gangly extended arms in The Dope Show. Manson knows show business. And that business is all the better for it.
credit: Herald Sun.
photo: Annette Dew

[posted 9/16/2003 U.S.A.]

Mechanical Animals on VH1s' 50 Greatest Album Covers

VH1's 50 Greatest Album Covers will feature Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals.

airtime: Sep 20th at 9/8pmC.

[posted 9/15/2003 U.S.A.]

"This is The New Shit" featured on MTV Headbanger's Ball Double CD

Marilyn Manson's This Is The New Shit will be featured on the "MTV2 Headbanger's Ball" album due on October 7th through Roadrunner Records. The 2CD set will feature 40 tracks for the cost of just one.

[posted 9/14/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson Wins Court Case In Minneapolis!

By a 12-0 vote, a federal jury today cleared Marilyn Manson in a civil lawsuit of liability from assault and battery charges brought against him by a security guard who worked the front row of a Marilyn Manson concert at Minneapolis’ Historic Orpheum Theater. The jury agreed with Manson’s assessment that the contact between him and the security guard was merely part of his elaborate stage show and was neither offensive nor harmful. The security guard alleged that Manson briefly gyrated his pelvis against the security guard’s head.

Manson had this to say: “The path to truth is obscured by frivolous lawsuits, but it’s lit by the objectivity of a jury that sees the difference between entertainment and assault. I feel completely vindicated and I’d like to thank the jury and judge for their thoughtful verdict. I’m excited to be returning to St. Paul on October 16, 2003 and I’d like to thank my fans for their support.”

for more details visit

[posted 9/8/2003 U.S.A.]

Helnwein, Manson, & Mickey Mouse...

Helnwein: "He's an icon that everyone on the planet would know. He's become a corporate identity. You look at Manson as Mickey Mouse, and it's the American dream turned into a nightmare." The Mickey portraits are only a small part of a larger collection of unnerving images that Manson will incorporate into his worldwide "Grotesk Burlesk" stage show. "The corporations, the media, they tell us to be shocked by images like these," Helnwein says. "Well, it's the world that's shocking to people like myself and Manson. There's no freedom. There's censorship. You're constantly being told how you should behave. What Manson and I have in common is the fact that we don't accept this. These images represent us fighting back."

[posted 9/7/2003 U.S.A.]

Johnny Depp speaks on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory remake

Johnny Depp is keen to take on the lead role in Tim Burtons's, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake, but he'll happily step aside if rocker Marilyn Manson wants the part.

Manson and Depp are the only names in the running to recreate the beloved ROALD DAHL eccentric, and Depp admits the rocker would be the perfect Wonka.

He says, "It's an exciting possibility for me to go back and do another film with Tim. It would be a ball. I'll keep all my digits crossed, as it were.

"That said, I'd go and see Manson as Willy Wonka. I'd go and see him in anything."

[posted 9/6/2003 U.S.A.]

Tickets for Los Angeles show on sale today!

The Marilyn Manson North American tour will begin on October 10th at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles! Purchase your tickets at

[posted 8/28/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed in Floridian

Manson brings his latest musical spectacle to the Mahaffey Theater at Bayfront Center on Wednesday. Manson is known for his themed shows, and this one continues the narrative of the new album. Staging his concert like a cabaret act, Manson said, his influences range from the artistic community of prewar Berlin to the political climate that followed. The show is designed as a journey, connecting contemporary American culture and the Berlin scene in a political analogy...
click here to read entire article.

[posted 8/26/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson Finally Allowed To Play Korea

Marilyn Manson has finally been allowed to bring his shock-goth rock stage show to Korea after being denied access twice before - in 1999 and 2001.

The star will play the Olympic Fencing Stadium in Seoul on October 4th after complying with government authorities criteria on what is and is not allowed.

Kim Hun, the editor of a music paper in Seoul said the concert had to happen to create diversity in the country:

"To ensure that we have diversity of culture, all concerts must be guaranteed the opportunity to be staged. This performance is evidence that our pop culture has matured."

[posted 8/11/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson to appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Manson will be interviewed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien this Wednesday.
NBC 12:35-1:35 a.m. ET

[posted 8/10/2003 U.S.A.]

"CENSORSHIP NONSENSICAL" by Jeff Miers / Buffalo News

Published on August 8, 2003
Author: JEFF MIERS - Buffalo News

Funny thing about censorship. It goes by many names, wears many masks.
Behind all of these guises, however, lies one ineluctable truth: Whether you call it censorship, the act always involves a decision made by a person or a group of people who think they know more about what's good for you -- or good for your children or good for society as a whole -- than you do. When Ozzfest hits Six Flags Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on Monday, Marilyn Manson will be staying on the bus...
read entire article here

[posted 8/9/2003 U.S.A.]

Not To Be Missed! - Premiere of "This Is The New *hit"

"Headbanger's Ball"
Featuring The Premiere Of:
Marilyn Manson
"This Is The New *hit"
Saturday, 8/9 @ 2:00am EST

[posted 8/8/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson Toronto Show Review in The Sunday Sun

"...Nudie girls. Snot. Middle fingers in the air. You can bet the ushers at the Hummingbird Centre don't see a show like this every night."
click here read article.

[posted 8/1/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson's Toronto show reveiwed by Chartattack...

Stopping in T.O. in between Ozzfest dates to promote his latest release, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, it seemed a little weird that Manson would be showcasing his act at a place as classy as The Hummingbird Center, but it just goes to show you how times have changed.
Emerging from the dry ice to a castle-like stage set, Manson and crew piledrived their way through a set that was a disenchanted goth kid's dream.
Included throughout the night were new tracks like "This Is The New Shit," "Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth" and "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag," as well as the night's show stopper "mOBSCENE," with it's uniformed, scantily clad flapper girls chanting "Be obscene" through the chorus.
Even though Manson played a load of new shit, he didn't short change his old fans either and gave a new make-up job to old tracks like "Beautiful People," "Tainted Love," "Sweet Dreams" and "Dope Show."
Manson also brought a little nudity, a little fun and miraculously managed to grab his crotch more times per song than Michael Jackson would ever have the libido to.
The two creepiest moments came during "Dope Show," when the already lanky Manson busted out fake long arms and pranced around the stage like an elongated freak. From there he proceeded to sing Disney's "It's A Small World After All" wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a Pulp Fiction like bondage mask.
When you see Manson's legions of fans shouting every word he sings, it's clear that he has a spell on folks. From the goths to the now-professional 30-somethings that littered the crowd, Manson had his Toronto fans in the palm of his dirty little hand. And they loved it.
by Tim Melton

[posted 7/31/2003 U.S.A.]




New UK shows tickets here!

Secure your tickets to upcoming Marilyn Manson shows in Birmingham, Manchester and London now!
click here to purchase.
...Many more dates to be added soon!

[posted 7/30/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed in Metal Edge magazine...

Pick up the September 2003 issue of Metal Edge magazine or read article here

[posted 7/17/2003 U.S.A.]

"Marilyn Manson Is The Only True Artist Today"


[posted 7/8/2003 U.S.A.]

"Marilyn Manson has dealt with being a villain, showman, artist and censored"

Manson was recently interviewed by the Las Vegas Review Journal. To read article click here

[posted 7/7/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed in Los Angeles Daily News

to read article click here

[posted 7/7/2003 U.S.A.]

"Ozzfest Still Going Strong"

Theresa Cano
Jul. 3, 2003 12:59 AM

While "The Osbournes" ratings might be slipping, Ozzy Osbourne's metal bonanza known as Ozzfest shows no signs of slowing down as the day-long festival played to a near capacity, devil-horn-pumping crowd Wednesday night at Cricket Pavilion.

Ozzy loyalists as well as more mainstream rock lovers paid top dollar for their chance to see the "Prince of Darkness" along with a stellar collection of acts including Marilyn Manson, Korn, Disturbed and Chevelle.

Not surprisingly, shock rocker Marilyn Manson's set was the most elaborate of the night. Manson who is known for his dark and daring theatrical performances, didn't disappoint fans and gawkers alike with his disturbing blend of eye candy which included a mammoth-sized blowup Manson head complete with Mickey Mouse ears, two erotic dancers and contrasting white make-up and black outfits.

Manson pranced and posed his way around the stage as he performed his new and old angst-ridden anthems included "Beautiful People," "mObscene" and "The Dope Show."

Source: AZ Central

[posted 7/4/2003 U.S.A.]


Manson interviewed in new issue of Outburn Magazine

Pick up the new issue of Outburn Magazine issue #22 available on July 8th.
To order the magazine click on:

[posted 7/2/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson, Ozzfest news on

DALLAS — Ozzy crooned, mooned and squirted his water guns, Disturbed bellowed, and Marilyn Manson vamped it up.
The response that greeted Marilyn Manson, however, easily eclipsed Chevelle's. Sporting a streak of blue makeup across his face and flanked by his bleached blond bandmates, Manson opened with "This Is the New Sh--," and true to his word, even older songs like "The Dope Show" sounded reinvigorated, thanks largely to pouting bassist Tim Skold — who switched to an upright bass for "The Golden Age of Grotesque" — and skillful-as-ever guitarist John 5. While the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" is still a crowd pleaser, "mOBSCENE" garnered the loudest sing-along as two dancing girls (private parts covered by latex prosthetic versions of, well, private parts) cavorted onstage.

to read the entire article click

[posted 7/1/2003 U.S.A.]

"Manson Banned From Six Flags"

Marilyn Manson has been barred from performing at the August 11th Ozzfest date in Darien Lakes, New York. A spokeswoman for the Six Flags venue hosting the concert claims the park was within its contractual rights to block individual performers, but she offered no further comment. "People do acknowledge and recognize me as truly dangerous," Manson tells ROLLING STONE, adding, "Only Marilyn Manson, out of all the bands, has been considered inappropriate."
-Rolling Stone, July 2003

[posted 7/1/2003 U.S.A.]

New dates added to tour!

Several new Marilyn Manson shows have been added to the tour...
7/6/2003 House of Blues Las Vegas, NV
7/11/2003 Orpheum Vancouver, BC, Canada
7/13/2003 Schnitzer Portland ,OR
7/26/2003 Hummingbird Centre Toronto, ON, Canada
7/28/2003 Metropolis Montreal, Canada
8/8/2003 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
8/16/2003 Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME
8/27/2003 Mahaffey Theater St. Petersburg, FL

to buy tickets to these shows click on:

[posted 6/30/2003 U.S.A.]

Rolling Stone's "Album Covers That Never Were"

In the June 26 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine Gottfried Helnwein spoke about this particular piece of artwork that he created with Manson.
"You can have many interpretations of the relationship between Manson and the child," says Helnwein. "I think the contrast is nice."

[posted 6/28/2003 U.S.A.]

Don't miss Manson on MTV tomorrow...

Manson hosts MTV's "All Things Rock".

airtimes are as follows:
Sunday, 6/29 @ 2:00am
Monday, 6/30-3:00am & 7:00am

[posted 6/28/2003 U.S.A.]

Ozzfest begins, Manson talks...

OzzFest 2003 kicks off Saturday [June 28] in San Antonio. This year's festival features mainstage band Marilyn Manson and headliner Ozzy Osbourne.
OzzFest started out as a single show in 1996, and has grown to what has become one of the most successful touring festivals in the United States.
Marilyn Manson talked about the prospect of putting on his show in the daytime this year. "It just turns things into something new. People expect such gloominess and gothic, dark pre-conceptions of what we are, but no one person can limit or describe what I do in any way. That's for the world to enjoy and interpret all on their own levels. And OzzFest, I'm going to make the whole thing my stage."
Marilyn Manson has been banned from Darien Lake, New York's OzzFest this year.
The 31-date tour ends August 28 at West Palm Beach, Florida's Coral Sky Amphitheater.

[posted 6/27/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed on The New Tom Green Show...

Tom Green is back on MTV and Manson will be one of the first guests.
Air time is 12AM Wednesday on MTV.

[posted 6/23/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson speaks about acting...

Ahead of his show at London’s Brixton Academy, Marilyn Manson spoke about his desire to make another, more light-hearted foray into the movie world.

Speaking to Xfm Online at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards (where he received the gong for Best Frontman), Manson revealed his desire to continue expanding his acting career.

The singer made his acting debut in Tony Scott's supernatural flick ‘Beat the Devil’ and has also recently appeared in the serial killer movie ‘Party Monster’, but now it appears he may want to lighten the tone somewhat.

“Yeah I’ll be acting again after this tour’s over.” He explained, “I’m not really sure exactly what kind yet, I’ve got a bunch of different things lined up. Definitely nothing musical though. Hopefully it’ll be something comical.”

As for Manson’s gig in London tonight, when asked what fans could expect. The singer explained that it looks like being a pretty low-key affair, saying,

“There’ll be obscenity, foulness, vomiting, screaming, nausea, drug use, er…. Did I mention the naked women? It’ll be a family orientated show. Very pleasant”


[posted 6/19/2003 U.S.A.]

Milan show delayed...

Manson had to delay the show at Milan's Mazda Palace on June 7th due to an unexpected throat virus.

Manson's appearance had previously been full of controversy as city officials threatened to pull the plug on the show due to its offensive nature.

MM were due to appear at nearby Monza but were stopped from doing so by the city council, so they changed venue to Milan where the city council protested on grounds of the act being offensive and liable to corrupt the youth audience.


[posted 6/9/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson Barred from Six Flags?

Buffalo Park welcomes Ozzy, but not Marilyn
Officials at Six Flags in Darien Lakes, New York, would prefer that when Ozzfest stops at the park on August 11th, Marilyn Manson just stay on the bus.
Invoking a clause in its contract with Ozzfest promoter Clear Channel, the "Six Flags family" "decided to pass" on a performance by Manson, who topped the pop charts last month with his latest album The Golden Age of Grotesque. It was a "management decision," according to a spokeswoman for Six Flags, who also said that it is within the park's rights to "restrict artists from performing" before declining further comment.

"People do acknowledge and recognize me as truly dangerous," Manson told Rolling Stone in response. "I refuse to say that what I do is show business. Only Marilyn Manson, out of Korn, Disturbed and all these other bands, has been considered inappropriate. That's the inability to reconcile art and entertainment."

Manson may have more immediate venue problems on his hands. A concert planned for Milan on Saturday is expected to go on, but the shock-rocker is facing opposition from officials in the Italian city. His roving Grotesque Burlesque show was moved from nearby Monza when the city council there also objected, on the grounds that it was inappropriate for children.

The Darien Lakes stop excepted, Manson will tour with Ozzfest from its kickoff June 28th in San Antonio to its conclusion August 28th in West Palm Beach, Florida.


[posted 6/5/2003 U.S.A.]

Ozzy presents Manson with award...

The fans have voted! At today's Metal Hammer Magazine Golden God award ceremony in London, Ozzy Osbourne presented Manson with the
The Golden God Award For Best Rock Star

[posted 6/3/2003 U.S.A.]

SOLD OUT SHOW in Glasgow, SOLD OUT SHOW in LONDON tomorrow

Do not miss Marilyn Manson this summer!!
check out tour dates now

Glascow Evening News
The fans almost stole the show when shock rocker Marilyn Manson rolled into Braehead Arena last night.
Most of the 7000 donned outfits more outrageous and bizarre than Manson.
The costumes, with one couple turning up as good and evil, turned the arena into a colourful spectacle. And with most of the fans also sporting gaudy white make-up, it really was a sight to see.
His 75-minute set was drawn predominantly from the current hit album, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, and its 2000 predecessor, Holywood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death). It started in typically controversial manner, with Manson brandishing a sex toy during his first track.
The decadence of 1930s Berlin is the theme of the new album, but musically it owes more to David Bowie's artistic recording high in the German city - the album trilogy of Low, Heroes and Lodger - give or take the odd guitar decibel or 10.
Current hit single Mobscene and old favourites The Beautiful People and Mechanical Animals were the highlights of a set which never flagged from start to finish.
Love him or hate him, Manson remains a striking presence on the rock music scene and shows no signs of slowing down.

[posted 6/3/2003 U.S.A.]

Kerrang reports: "Marilyn Manson nudity shocker at Download"

The God of F**k has just walked off stage and managed to shock us all again with ‘naked dancers.’

Two high kicking girl dancers appeared for ‘M-Obscene’ the first single taken off ‘Golden Age Of Grotesque’, and danced in fishnet tights then stripped off to just garter belts! The girls were wearing plastic genitalia and plastic breasts but to a largely under 18 crowd this is bound to be raise controversy for Manson.

The evening’s set was otherwise up to Manson’s usual high standard with brilliant costume changes, simulated sex with a champagne bottle and blistering versions of crowd favourites ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘Beautiful People.’

[posted 6/1/2003 U.S.A.]

#1 in the USA, #1 in Germany, #1 in Italy, #1 in...

The Golden Age of Grotesque debuts with a #1 chart position in the USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and top 5 chart positions around the world!

click for full article

[posted 5/20/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson on cover of Rolling Stone’s Monsters of Summer issue

Manson is interviewed in the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Click here to read.

[posted 5/19/2003 U.S.A.] customers give TGAOG rave reviews!

The reviews keep coming in... click here to read what customers are saying.

click to purchase

[posted 5/19/2003 U.S.A.]

TGAOG sets its sights on Billboard's #1

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Marilyn Manson appears on course for the second No. 1 album of his career.

Chart watchers estimate that based on first-day numbers from music chains, Manson's Golden Age of Grotesque (Nothing/Interscope) will open with sales of at least 150,000 units.

[posted 5/17/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson on MTV2...

Manson co-hosts MTV2 Rock!
5/19 6:00pmET
5/20 6:00pmET
5/21 6:00pmET
5/22 6:00pmET
5/23 6:00pmET

[posted 5/16/2003 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson Draws From Dreams, Lunatics For Golden Age Of Grotesque. Read the exclusive MTV interview here

[posted 5/14/2003 U.S.A.]

See Marilyn Manson perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Friday!

Marilyn Manson will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! If you are in the Hollywood area, be part in of the live audience... click here to sign up.

If you can't make it to the show then watch it on:
ABC: Friday, May 16th 12:05AM/ 11:05PMc

[posted 5/14/2003 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson album signing at Sam Goody in LA!

Marilyn Manson will be signing copies of their new album at Sam Goody in Los Angeles on Tuesday May 13 to celebrate the release of the new album! Everyone is welcome for this event. Signing begins at 7:00PM

Sam Goody
Universal Citywalk
1000 Universal Center Dr # 121,
Universal City, CA 91608

[posted 5/13/2003 U.S.A.]

Fans review new album....

click to read.

[posted 5/12/2003 U.S.A.]

"Marilyn Manson Hits Below The Belt On Grotesque New LP"

"Marilyn Manson Hits Below The Belt On Grotesque New LP" read the article at

[posted 5/11/2003 U.S.A.]

mOBSCENE to air on MTV2

Watch behind the scenes footage filmed during the making of the "mOBSCENE" video.

Air times are as follows:
5/14 12:30PM ET
5/16 2:30AM ET
5/20 4:30AM ET
5/21 7:00AM ET

[posted 5/10/2003 U.S.A.]

Grotesk Burlesk in LA info here...

Marilyn Manson presents the Grotesk Burlesk in LA!
...get valuable information like date, time and location here

Tickets available through TICKETMASTER at noon May 10th

[posted 5/6/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed in Q magazine

Manson is interviewed in the June 2003 issue of Q Magazine in stores now.

Click here to read.

[posted 5/2/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson to appear on the David Letterman show this week!

Watch Manson interviewed on The Late Show with David Letterman this Thursday!
CBS: May 8th at 11:30pm ET/PT

[posted 5/2/2003 U.S.A.]

Hang out with Manson on IMX next Thursday...

Manson will be on MuchMusic's daily live show IMX this Thursday, May 8th. If you are in the NYC area and want to attend:
-You need to be between the ages of 15-25
-You need to be available from 4:30PM -7:15PM

Please call (212) 324-3461 OR email MuchMusic at Be sure to put "MANSON" in the subject line, and include all your contact information (including phone #).Space is limited so reply soon!

[posted 5/2/2003 U.S.A.]

Strong single debut for mOBSCENE

mOBSCENE single debuts at #5 on the Single's Retail Charts. The mOBSCENE single is available in stores now... but in a limited quantity.

[posted 5/1/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson listening parties in your area!

Marilyn Manson listening parties are happening in clubs across the U.S.A. now!
Click here to find locations and dates for these events.

[posted 5/1/2003 U.S.A.]

Q Magazine gives The Golden Age of Grotesque 3 stars!

TGAOG received 3 stars in the latest issue of Q magazine
“Grotesque rocks like a bastard. This is the New Shit, mOBSCENE and Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth are as hook-heavy as anything that’s come before and prove their author’s wobbly eyes can spy a commercial as well as controversial opportunity.”

[posted 4/30/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson / Matrix: Reloaded news on

"Are you motherf---ing ready for the new sh--?" Marilyn Manson screams on "The New Sh--," the second song on the soundtrack to 'The Matrix: Reloaded.'

to read the full article check out

[posted 4/29/2003 U.S.A.]

...more images from the Grotesk Burlesk!

Here are more images from the Grotesk Burlesk in Germany and the UK.

For more info and photos from these two events please visit:

[posted 4/28/2003 U.S.A.]




"Manson Hits The UK for a Typically Understated Album Launch Party"

"Marilyn Manson came to party and decorated London's Rouge nightclub in a glamorous 1930's European style for his exclusive Grotesk Burlesk party. Wandering around the venue all night were models in their undies and fans who traveled across Europe to attend.
In the early hours Manson got on the roof and screamed obscenities at passers-by."

NME , April 2003

for another review of this event also

[posted 4/27/2003 U.S.A.]




Kerrang gives TGAOG a KKKK rating.

"The good news for Manson's fans and his accountants alike is 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' may well be his best album yet."

[posted 4/25/2003 U.S.A.]

The Dead Rock Star by Marilyn Manson

Read Mansons article in the new 35th Anniversary Special of Rolling Stone here

May 15, 2003 issue

[posted 4/25/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson interviewed in SPIN

Check out the Q & A interview with Manson in the latest issue of SPIN magazine in stores now.

click here to read article

June 2003 issue

[posted 4/24/2003 U.S.A.]

New Manson interview in BLENDER...

Manson is interviewed in the May 2003 issue of BLENDER in stores now.

Click image to read.

[posted 4/23/2003 U.S.A.]


Read about his travels through Europe, the Grotesk Burlesk and preparing for Hollywood...

The Journal has been updated.

[posted 4/22/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson interviewed in THE FACE magazine....

Manson speaks in the current issue (May 2003) of The Face magazine.

Click cover to read.

[posted 4/21/2003 U.S.A.]

mOBSCENE climbs up the charts!

Marilyn Manson's new single, "mOBSCENE" proves to be unstoppable with heavy rotation through MTV Europe and #1 most added at US radio!

This single will be in stores April 22nd only in a limited run!!

Premiere (U.S.) of mOBSCENE tonight on: MUCHMUSIC "IMX" (4/18) @ 6:00pm & 11:00pm
-do not miss!

[posted 4/18/2003 U.S.A.]



MetalHammer gives TGAOG 9 out of 10 rating!!

-"Every war needs a torch song singer. WWII had Marlene Dietrich, The Blue Angel, and GWII has Marilyn Manson, The White Devil..."

[posted 4/17/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson reveals Album Cover Artwork!

Manson has just released the front and back artwork for TGAOG. Both images are paintings by Gottfried Helnwein.

[posted 4/4/2003 U.S.A.]

...Also below, mOBSCENE single artwork revealed!

[posted 4/3/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson's Grotesk Burlesk in Europe next week!

Manson will be making a very special appearance in Berlin on 4/11 and in London on 4/15. Grotesk Burlesk information for the U.S. will be posted here soon!

[posted 4/2/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson new song to appear on Matrix Reloaded LP

Hear "This is The New Shit" on the upcoming Matrix Reloaded album scheduled to be released on May 6.
To view tracklisting and get more info click

[posted 4/1/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson talks about 'Bowling For Columbine' Oscar nomination...

To read the article click here

[posted 3/31/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson On the Cover Of Revolver:SURVIVAL OF THE FILTHIEST

In the latest issue of Revolver Magazine (May 2003) not only is Marilyn Manson on the cover but
you get an in-depth interview and brand new photos.
Here is just a sample of what Revolver had to say about Manson and The Golden Age Of Grotesque:
"Manson is first and foremost a musician who delivers kick ass hard rock records, and who is one of the most captivating live performers that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing."
"His new disc is perhaps his finest work to date: loud, snotty, and as infectious as an Ebola virus spore."

[posted 3/9/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Set To Headline Ozzfest.

To read the article from Kerrang! Click Here

[posted 3/2/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson updates Journal!

Manson has updated the Journal with an essay entitled, "PUTTING HOLES INTO HAPPINESS".

click here to read.

[posted 3/1/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Speaks Out In New Issue Of Kerrang!

Marilyn Manson has just finished off the final touches to his fifth album, 'The Golden Age Of the Grotesque'. Check out what he had to say in an exclusive interview in this week's Kerrang! magazine
He claims that the band are 'ready to change the face of art' and goes on to tell Kerrang! "Every great empire is based on art. It eradicates countries, gender and race.But art is always such a pretentious, intangible thing that is talked about in coffee houses. We're ready to change the face of art, and bring it to a level it belongs. To the level of the people."

Check out the full story in this week's Kerrang!

[posted 2/27/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson talks with about T.G.A.O.G.!

Manson gives an exclusive interview to about the details of the upcoming album and tour!

click here for more info.

[posted 2/27/2003 U.S.A.]

New Album Release Date And Exclusive Artwork Revealed.

Marilyn Manson will release "The Golden Age of Grotesque" on May 13, 2003 on Interscope Records. The tracklisting is as follows:

This Is The New Shit
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
The Golden Age Of Grotesque
Ka-Boom Ka-Boom
The Bright Young Things
Better Of Two Evils
Obsequy (The Death Of Art)

The album is produced by Marilyn Manson and Tim Skold and mixed by Ben Grosse. The first single will be "mOBSCENE."

Marilyn Manson takes his inspirations from the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, the grotesque of Vaudeville to the extreme height of cabaret decadence and so-called "degenerate" art in Weimar Berlin just before its destruction.

Manson says, "This album is about expression. The imagination and personality of the individual cannot be trapped by small minds or defined by any one person. The genius of art finds sanctuary among children and madmen to survive. That, is who we are."

Marilyn Manson has collaborated with renown artist Gottfried Helnwein for the album's controversial artwork which is part of a greater series that will be exhibited in museums all across the world. For more info check and

[posted 2/18/2003 U.S.A.]


MM has updated his journal and the PHOTOGRAPHIA gallery with more amazing glimpses into the golden age

Read his journal

View the gallery

[posted 2/15/2003 U.S.A.]


Click HERE to read the article

[posted 2/15/2003 U.S.A.]


Features cover story with Marilyn Manson

read the articles
Ghoul's Out, feature on Clone High
Here Kitty,Kitty

[posted 2/15/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson Premieres tracks from The Golden Age of Grotesque at 10-Minute ‘Matrix’!

Read the details on this event at:

photo credit: MTV News

[posted 2/7/2003 U.S.A.]


More information coming soon...
check here and for updates.

[posted 1/29/2003 U.S.A.]


As reported in the 01/27/03 edition of PageSix.Com:

MACAULAY Culkin had to teach Marilyn Manson to smoke for his role as transvestite entertainer Christina in "Party Monster," the Sundance film about club-kid killer Michael Alig. "We were shooting in a nasty neighborhood in Brooklyn and Mac takes Marilyn to the local bodega to get a pack of Virginia Slims and shows him how to smoke a cigarette," co-director Fenton Bailey told The Post's Megan Turner. "It was such an interesting role reversal - the 'Home Alone' kid corrupting the Anti-Christ Superstar."

[posted 1/27/2003 U.S.A.]

Lietz, Cam-era, AKTION

Manson has updated his journal. SOON ALL OF THIS WILL BE PICTURESQUE RUINS

[posted 1/23/2003 U.S.A.]

Watch Manson in Clone High on MTV!

Manson stars as a singing nutritionist in “Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo” in the new MTV animated series Clone High. Below is a listing of air times:
Monday, Jan 27 5:30PM ET
Tuesday, Jan 28 11:30PM ET
Friday, Jan 31 6:30PM ET
Saturday, Feb 1 11:30PM ET
Monday, Feb 3 5:00PM ET
(please check your local cable provider as airtimes may differ)

[posted 1/21/2003 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson week on K! TV

This week is Marilyn Manson week on K! TV. Every video that Manson has ever made will be available for selection!

[posted 1/17/2003 U.S.A.]

Manson in People magazine…

Manson attended Ozzy and Sharon Osbournes' New Year's Eve party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The event took place on December 31, 2002 to celebrate the renewal of Ozzy and Sharon's wedding vows. The event will be also televised on MTV.

photo by Neal Preston

[posted 1/17/2003 U.S.A.]

Journal Updated

Manson updated his journal tonight, in the memory of Kevin M. Riley.

[posted 12/16/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson featured in Juxtapoz Art of Rock Special Issue

Pick up the special Spring 2003 issue of Juxtapoz magazine on newstands now.

To read the article click here

For more info on any of Manson's artwork click here

[posted 12/16/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson talks on the set of the upcoming movie "Party Monster"

Manson talks on the set of the upcoming movie Party Monster in the November issue of Dazed & Confused.

To read the article click here

[posted 12/16/2002 U.S.A.]

New Watercolor Fine Art Editions to be released

Due to an overwhelming demand, Manson will be issuing Lily White and Faunadestia Watercolor Fine Art Editions for sale. The Watercolor Fine Art Editions are made with archival watercolor ink on watercolor paper. They are hand painted on top of, and signed and numbered by the artist.
For more info click:

[posted 12/9/2002 U.S.A.]

Rolling Stone reviews Guns, God, and Government DVD

*** (3 stars)
Marilyn Manson shocks people for a living, but on Guns, God and Government the dramatic rocker resets the scale.
The DVD combines nearly two hours of live concert footage, including an onstage duet with Eminem as well as a thirty-minute, Manson-directed documentary film, The Death Parade, which features, among other provocations, a transsexual whipping out her package and peeing into a bucket backstage.

(November 28, 2002)

[posted 11/26/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson Updates Journal, Reveals New Song Title

Visit the Journal and read all about it.

[posted 11/19/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson in "Beat the Devil"

Marilyn Manson appears in Tony Scott's (Director, "True Romance," "The Fan") short film entitled "Beat the Devil," starring Gary Oldman and James Brown. BMW Films will premier Beat The Devil on November 21st at

[posted 11/18/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson performs at Eminem after-show…

After presenting Eminem with the Best Hip Hop Award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Barcelona, Manson joined Eminem on stage for “The Way I Am” at an exclusive Eminem after-show party.
For more info click: MTV UK

[posted 11/17/2002 U.S.A.]

Metal Hammer Magazine Covers The Golden Age of Grotesque

Pick up the latest issue of Metal Hammer Magazine (December 2002) to get all the latest info on Marilyn Manson and what it takes to be the leader in this return to Vaudeville. Manson speaks exclusively to Metal Hammer about what it took to create the Guns, God, and Government DVD, the much anticipated upcoming album, his artwork, and other articles covering The Golden Age of Grotesque movement.

Also reviewed was Michael Moore’s latest film, Bowling for Columbine, receiving a 9 out of 10 movie review rating. “The media scapegoat after the 1999 Columbine school shootings, Manson is one of the most lucid and intelligent commentators in this brave and powerful exploration of the hideous tragedy and the society that spawned it”

[posted 11/6/2002 U.S.A.]

Halloween Special Hosted By Manson Premieres Tonight!

Be sure to watch Manson tonight on MUCHMUSIC USA as he hosts a special Halloween edition of Uranium. The show times are as follows:
10/31 at 9PM ET/6PM PT and 12AM ET/9PM PT
11/2 at 4:30PM ET/1:30PM PT
11/3 at 7PM ET/4PM PT and 11PM ET/8PM PT

[posted 10/31/2002 U.S.A.]

Having trouble finding the Guns, God and Government DVD locally?

Click here for help

[posted 10/30/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson DVD Hits Stores

Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour On Home Video and DVD is now in stores.

DVD Bonus Feature Includes "The Death Parade" - 30 Minute Short Film of the Band's Last Trip Around The World, Personally Directed by Marilyn Manson
Special Guests Include Eminem, Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot and Tammy Faye Baker
Giving viewers an intimate look into the world of Marilyn Manson, Eagle Vision announces the long-awaited release of Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour on home video and DVD. "This will help you see what it's like to be nailed to the wrecking ball," says Marilyn Manson.

VHS MSRP is 19.98 and DVD MSRP is 24.98.

Marilyn Manson: Guns God and Government is a rare look at one of the world's most controversial artist's lifestyle both on and off the stage. Shot throughout the US, Japan, Russia and Europe, this release spotlights the performance that has made Manson truly infamous.

Each track on Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour is compiled from different performances throughout the world, featuring high quality Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS mixes.

Exclusive to the Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour DVD is "The Death Parade," a 30 minute short film of the band's last trip around the world. "The Death Parade," directed by Manson, give the viewers an "All Access Pass" to offstage life and a glimpse behind-the-scenes as the tour takes them from Tokyo to Berlin, Moscow to Rome, London to New York and everywhere in between. "The Death Parade" includes rare footage from Manson's own cameras as well as guest appearances by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Eminem as he and Manson perform "The Way I Am" together onstage.

The DVD, featuring over 100 minutes of footage, is offered in Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS audio formats.

"Working on this extraordinary project with Manson has been an intense undertaking," says Steve Sterling, president of Eagle Vision. "The video contains some of the most high end production values combined with the selects from 150 hours of the band's own footage from the tour. This project will not only blow people's minds, it will set a new standard for artists using the DVD medium. Nothing the band does is ever conventional, and this title is no exception."

[posted 10/28/2002 U.S.A.]

New Manson TV Dates and Times

October 30– Manson is scheduled to appear as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Wednesday 10/30 on NBC at 11:35 / 10:35 ET/PT.

November 1- Manson was a guest on The Howard Stern Radio Show just last Friday (Oct 25th), now watch it on E! Entertainment Channel. It is scheduled on the E! Channel at 11pm ET/PT on 11/1/02.

[posted 10/28/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson's photos and words featured by Playboy

If you haven't seen the current issue, it's on newsstands now, and is featuring a pair of exclusive interviews (1) (2) where Manson discusses photographing Dita Von Teese and whispering filthy things in her ear.

To see all of the photos (including Manson's giant peacock) of Dita, you need to be a member of the Playboy Cyberclub. (sorry kids! legal reasons)

[posted 10/27/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson Featured In New Michael Moore Film

Don’t miss Manson’s interview in the critically acclaimed Michael Moore film “Bowling for Columbine” in theatres now.
Here is Manson’s Rolling Stone Magazine essay from May 1999 which was his first official response to Columbine. Also shown above is Manson’s painting of Dylan & Klebold entitled “Crop failure”.
To purchase fine art limited editions of “Crop failure”

For more info on “Bowling For Columbine”, including theatre locations

[posted 10/17/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson To Score 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Remake

Marilyn Manson will create the musical score for "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," a retelling of the 1974 Tobe Hooper cult classic. The following sites have a story on this project:

MTV News
Rolling Stone

[posted 10/16/2002 U.S.A.]

On Painted Paper Monkeys and Pissing in Dawson's Creek

Manson has updated his Journal.

[posted 10/9/2002 U.S.A.]

Cyril Helnwein Interviews Marilyn Manson

Cyril Helnwein, son of renowned artist Gottfried Helnwein, interviewed Marilyn Manson for the magazine Tastes Like Chicken.

You'll need Flash to visit the site. Simply enter the site, click on "interviews" and then "Marilyn Manson."

[posted 10/8/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson announces DVD release date, just in time for Halloween

Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour On Home Video and DVD

DVD Bonus Feature Includes "The Death Parade" - 30 Minute Short Film of the Band's Last Trip Around The World, Personally Directed by Marilyn Manson
Special Guests Include Eminem, Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot and Tammy Faye Baker
Giving viewers an intimate look into the world of Marilyn Manson, Eagle Vision announces the long-awaited release of Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour on home video and DVD. "This will help you see what it's like to be nailed to the wrecking ball," says Marilyn Manson.

Distributed by RED Distribution, the DVD will be available in stores on October 29, 2002. VHS MSRP is 19.98 and DVD MSRP is 24.98.

Marilyn Manson: Guns God and Government is a rare look at one of the world's most controversial artist's lifestyle both on and off the stage. Shot throughout the US, Japan, Russia and Europe, this release spotlights the performance that has made Manson truly infamous.

Each track on Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour is compiled from different performances throughout the world, featuring high quality Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS mixes.

Exclusive to the Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour DVD is "The Death Parade," a 30 minute short film of the band's last trip around the world. "The Death Parade," directed by Manson, give the viewers an "All Access Pass" to offstage life and a glimpse behind-the-scenes as the tour takes them from Tokyo to Berlin, Moscow to Rome, London to New York and everywhere in between. "The Death Parade" includes rare footage from Manson's own cameras as well as guest appearances by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Eminem as he and Manson perform "The Way I Am" together onstage.

The DVD, featuring over 100 minutes of footage, is offered in Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS audio formats.

"Working on this extraordinary project with Manson has been an intense undertaking," says Steve Sterling, president of Eagle Vision. "The video contains some of the most high end production values combined with the selects from 150 hours of the band's own footage from the tour. This project will not only blow people's minds, it will set a new standard for artists using the DVD medium. Nothing the band does is ever conventional, and this title is no exception."

[posted 10/4/2002 U.S.A.]

Art Exhibit Review in today's Los Angeles Times

click: LA

[posted 9/26/2002 U.S.A.]

Over 3000 Show Up For Manson Art Opening!

3000 people lined-up Hollywood Boulevard Friday night to attend Manson’s first showing of his watercolor paintings. Over 20 of Manson’s original paintings were sold with Flea, Nicholas Cage, and Jack Osbourne among the buyers. Flea purchased “Elizabeth Short as Snow White (A smile I)”, Jack Osbourne picked-up “Harlequin Jack and the Absinthe bunny” and Nicolas Cage is the new owner of “Hand of glory”.

To view all of Manson’s artwork online, select the “Art Gallery” icon on this page or click here

(photo credit - Reuters)

[posted 9/23/2002 U.S.A.]

The World Bears Witness to Manson's Golden Age

MTV has a great piece on Manson's art show. You can read about it here.

[posted 9/23/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson Extends Art Show Appearance to This Afternoon

Due to the overwhelming attendance that showed up for Friday's Art Exhibit, Manson will continue to meet everyone that could not get into the gallery last night today at 2PM. Manson will be in attendance to sign art show posters, lithographs and limited edition prints, which are all still available for purchase. The location has been moved a few doors down to:
Club Vinyl
1650 Schrader Ave
Hollywood, CA
Doors at 2PM
Admission is free.
Select Marilyn Manson paintings will be on display. Only the art exhibit posters, lithographs, and limited edition prints will be autographed.

[posted 9/21/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Art Exhibit To Take Place Friday, September 20th

"The Golden Age of Grotesque", an exhibit of watercolor paintings by Marilyn Manson, will be held Friday, September 20th from 8pm to 11pm at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. The event will be the first showing of Manson’s artwork and features over 50 paintings.
The gallery is located at 6522 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California, and admission to the gallery is free. Marilyn Manson will be in attendance throughout the evening.
A private reception will be held at the gallery on Thursday September 19th from 8pm to 11pm. This is by invitation only.
For information please call:
(323) 874-3190

[posted 9/13/2002 U.S.A.]

Journal Update

Manson talks about the upcoming art show and gives us a peek inside the studio.

Read the Journal

[posted 9/12/2002 U.S.A.]


Manson is back with a new Journal entry, with details about his adventures in home invasion and "The Death Parade."

[posted 9/9/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Helps Make a Wish Come True

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation, 16-year-old Andrew Baines from Tennessee was able to fly to Los Angeles to spend the afternoon in the studio with Marilyn Manson.

Manson played Andrew six songs from the upcoming The Golden Age of Grotesque and also screened a preview of the upcoming DVD release. Andrew can be seen here trying some back-up vocals.

To view video footage in Manson's Journal click here

[posted 8/28/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Wins at Kerrang Awards!

Manson receives an award for Best Video for "Tainted Love".
To read more click:

[posted 8/27/2002 U.S.A.]

Location of Marilyn Manson Art Exhibit Has Changed

Due to overwhelming demand, the first showing of Marilyn Manson's artwork has moved to a larger capacity gallery. The new gallery will be Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Hollywood, CA.

The dates for the event are as follows:
Thursday, September 19th - Private Reception Only.
Friday, September 20th - Open To The Public.
Check here for further details.
For more info:

[posted 8/8/2002 U.S.A.]

Guns, God and Government On Pay-Per-View

This exclusive In Demand Pay-Per-View concert special premieres on August 10, 2002 at 10:00pmET.

After completing the “Guns, God and Government World Tour” the band performed one last concert especially for In Demand Pay-Per-View that was captured on High Definition Video from the Grand Olympic Theatre in Los Angeles, California in 2001.
To find the show times and channels of this feature in your area click

[posted 8/6/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson Painting On Upcoming Andy Dick CD

The Manson painting that Andy Dick chose to use on the cover of his musical side project Andy Dick And The Bitches Of The Century can now be viewed.
for more info click

[posted 8/6/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson makes an appearance in the Murderdolls latest video "Dead in Hollywood"
for more info click

[posted 8/6/2002 U.S.A.]

Famed Designer shoots Manson for Interview

Manson did a photo shoot at his home last night with the world-renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld for the upcoming Hollywood issue of Interview magazine.

To learn more about Karl Lagerfeld click here at

[posted 7/24/2002 U.S.A.]

Party Monster photos...

Here are some photos from the set of Party Monster with Manson in full character as "Christina"

[posted 7/24/2002 U.S.A.]

Pistology, the Unleavers, the Cry Crickets and Love

The Arch Dandy has updated his Journal, and you should be reading it.

[posted 7/17/2002 U.S.A.]

MansonUSA Interview with Marilyn Manson

Alexander of MansonUSA recently conducted an exclusive interview with the Arch Dandy of DaDa. Read the interview in it's entirety.

[posted 7/7/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson attends Studio Opening

27.Jun.2002 - Marilyn Manson attended Gottfried Helnwein's first L.A. show.

Read more about it at

Manson & Dita
Manson & Helnwein
Manson & Jason Lee
Manson, Helnwein, Sean Penn
Penn, Lee, Helnwein, Manson
Manson again

[posted 7/3/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Sets Art Exhibit For September

Marilyn Manson has scheduled the first showing of his original artwork for the 19th and 20th of September. The venue for the exhibit of his paintings has been moved to Les Deux Cafes in Hollywood, CA.

For detailed descriptions of the art (titles, sizes, and medium) as well as other information go to:
The Golden Age of

[posted 6/25/2002 U.S.A.]

"A World of Horror in Pictures." Marilyn Manson collaborates with legendary artist.

Marilyn Manson and painter Gottfried Helnwein have joined forces to collaborate on a series of creations that are aimed at placing art on the edge, where it belongs. In the tradition of AKTION, the pair intend to have a powerful effect on the bland world of entertainment.

Helnwein's use of taboo subject matter has gained him respect and notoriety worldwide. Museums in NYC, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich are just a few locations where his challenging images have left controversy in their wake. He has worked with Marlena Dietrich and was chosen by Time Magazine to paint JFK on the 20th anniversary of his assassination.

The Simon Wiesenthal Foundation supported his work in Europe and here in Los Angeles, the Museum of Tolerance will be displaying a series of portraits that were vandalized by neo-fascists who labeled them "degenerate art."

His fight for expression and stance against oppression are reasons why Manson chose him as an artistic partner. Check the journal for candid pics and more.

[posted 6/24/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson returns from travelling abroad

The Arch Dandy of Dada has returned home to give all his doppelgangers something to toss in their clashbags.

[posted 6/23/2002 U.S.A.]

Detroit criminal case resolved.

The case involving Manson and a Clarkston, Michigan security guard during an Ozzfest performance almost a year ago, has finally come to an end.

For more details on this story click here

[posted 6/21/2002 U.S.A.]

People react to previews of new Marilyn Manson album

A very few select people have been given the chance to preview some of the new tracks from "The Golden Age of Grotesque," the latest opus from Marilyn Manson. So far, the reaction has been extremely positive.

Korn's Jonathan Davis said "I had the opportunity to listen to the new Marilyn Manson album in its demo stage. I think its the heaviest and best album so far." Davis also praised the record and expressed a desire to tour with Manson in a recent interview with, saying "It all depends on our record labels, Y'know - if they're gonna be a--holes or not! We've talked about it and I've been over to listen to his new stuff and his new album ('The Golden Age Of Grotesque') is f---ing amazing! I love what he's doing and I'd like to be a part of it."

Booker, of MTV2 and KRock (WXRK) NY, couldn't stop talking about the new Marilyn Manson album on his show a week ago. He spoke of his friendship with Manson, and of receiving the opportunity to sneak a listen. Booker went on, saying excitedly, it was "really, really great. Some of the songs you're going to be singing over and over."

[posted 6/17/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson related reruns on VH1.

June 18th is Driven on VH1 at 9:00pmET/PT. "VH1 spoke to influential figures in Manson's life to find out what inspired this one-time journalist from Canton, Ohio to assume the most infamous persona in rock 'n' roll history."

July 1st is Ultimate Albums: Eminem "Marshall Mathers LP" at 6:30pmET/PT. Manson was interviewed along with Eminem and Dr. Dre to discuss the impact of the Marshall Mathers LP and the controversy that followed it . The next show times will be July 5th at 3:30pm ET/PT and July 7th at 5:00pm ET/PT.

[posted 6/17/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson makes Journal post

Klarheit, Zweck, Geschichte.

[posted 6/10/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Reveals New Lineup

Marilyn Manson moves forward with a dramatic change in style, attitude and personnel by announcing the departure of longtime friend and bassist Twiggy Ramirez.

“I have spent eight months transforming this band and our new songs into an unstoppable juggernaut, and sadly Twiggy wasn’t able to make himself a part of it,” says Manson. “Unfortunately, I feel that Marilyn Manson, as a lifestyle, is not where his heart is. So I have decided to let him go his own way, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to us, the music, or especially to the fans. Although you can never replace a best friend like Twiggy, this album and new lineup will redefine anyone’s idea of what Marilyn Manson is capable of.”

Marilyn Manson, John 5, M.W. Gacy and Ginger Fish are joined by bassist Tim Skold.
The Golden Age of Grotesque, which is under the production team of Manson, Skold and Ben Grosse is near completion and expected this Fall on Interscope Records.

See the video at (Real Player needed)

[posted 5/29/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson updates Journal

Manson has updated his Journal with a message about the latest lineup changes.

[posted 5/28/2002 U.S.A.]

Director Roger Avary praises Marilyn Manson's aesthetic

Further proof that the air in Los Angeles is infected with the energy of Manson-Berlin-by-proxy, Roger Avary discussed his experience at the sold-out Pussycat Dolls show (that featured Dita Von Teese) in his online journal.

"Marilyn Manson was there, in his full faux-Gestapo regalia (he clearly understands the show in a way that no one else there seemed to), and we hung out with him and his girlfriend, the great Dita Von Teese, at the after-party."

To read the rest, visit Roger Avary's website.

For the unitiated, Roger Avary is the director of "Killing Zoe," one of Manson's favorite films. Avary, a mutual fan, invited Manson to a screening of his new adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel "Rules of Attraction," which Manson enjoyed so much he returned for a second viewing.

[posted 5/26/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson returns from NYC, updates Journal

You can see it for yourself

[posted 5/25/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson update…

The film Party Monster began shooting last week in New York City where Manson spent the week filming scenes for his role as “Christina”.
He is currently back in the studio in Los Angeles putting the final touches on his upcoming album, “The Golden Age of Grotesque”.

For more info on the film "Party Monster" click here

[posted 5/23/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson contributes song for upcoming Ramones album.

Manson has completed a cover of the Ramones, “The KKK Took My Baby Away” for the soon-to-be-released Ramones tribute album, Ramones Forever. More info will appear here soon.

[posted 5/23/2002 U.S.A.]

“Tainted Love” European update…

“Tainted Love” STILL continues to ride high at a very strong #3 position on Billboard Magazine’s Eurochart! Check here frequently for more updates on the never-ending chart success of this Marilyn Manson song.

[posted 5/23/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson Updates his Journal again

Check it out, jack players

[posted 5/11/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson Case Could Be Resolved Soon...

An Oakland County (Michigan) judge has refused to remove another judge from the assault case involving Marilyn Manson, clearing the way for a likely resolution of the case.

Rochester District Judge Julie Nicholson, of the 52nd District Court, was asked to disqualify Clarkston District Judge Gerald McNally. Prosecutors argued that McNally should be disqualified because he suggested he would fine Manson $2,000 on two misdemeanor charges.

Prosecutors said Monday they likely won't appeal Nicholson's ruling. Defense attorney Walter Piszczatowski said his client will likely plead to the misdemeanor and be done with the case.

"It's the correct ruling," Piszczatowski told The Oakland Press in Pontiac for a Tuesday story.

Manson was arrested after a July 30 performance at DTE Energy Music Theatre. Prosecutors allege that he assaulted a security guard there by rubbing his genitals against the guard's neck.

In December, the charges were reduced from fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and assault and battery to disorderly conduct — punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

Manson is expected to appear in court in Oakland County on June 14.

[posted 5/9/2002 U.S.A.]

"Tainted Love" continues its massive success...

"Tainted Love" continues its massive success in Europe this week with more upward chart movements! Chart highlights for the song are a #1 position in Portugal as well as numerous top 5's in many countries including Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark.

[posted 5/6/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson updates Journal again

PART 2: Trump of Static, Trumpet of Doom

[posted 5/6/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson updates Journal

PART 1: The irresponsible vortex of the grotesque studio.

[posted 5/5/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson posts again in Journal

The Age of Blame

A brief journey into the da da dandy's thoughts and plans.

[posted 5/4/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson painting on the cover Andy Dick's upcoming album.

Andy Dick's musical side project is releasing an album on August 20 2002. The self-titled debut CD, "Andy Dick & the Bitches of the Century" will feature Dick in a crucifix position, painted by Manson.
ed. note: Although the painting was described as a "crucifix position", Manson states that the portrait of Andy features him in the nude holding above his head what apppears to be a marijuana cigarette.

[posted 5/2/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson on the cover of Metal Hammer’s 100th issue!

Not only is Manson featured on the cover of this collectors box set issue, but also inside are six full color pages of photos with an in-depth interview on Manson and the band.
Here are a couple of Manson quotes right from the magazine:

“The inspiration (of the upcoming album) came from 1930’s Berlin, because it reminded me of America today in that we’ve reached such a point of decadence and extremism in art that people wonder where we’ll go from here.”

“I’d be happy making this record and having a grand tour that’s the ‘Grotesque Burlesque’, and making it the greatest thing that people have ever seen… and never doing it again!”

[posted 4/26/2002 U.S.A.]

“Tainted Love” is still going strong….

Tainted Love continues to be the best-selling Warner Bros. single in Europe this week! Chart position in Germany is at #3 and a #5 debut in Spain.

[posted 4/26/2002 U.S.A.]

“The Fight Song” featured on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last night.

For those of you that happened to be watching “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” last night (Thursday at 9:00 P.M. ET. /8:00 P.M. CT) on CBS, you probably heard “The Fight Song” almost in it’s entirety. The shows DNA specialist, Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) was blasting the song while performing lab work… only until a visit from his superiors would eventually interrupt his fun.

[posted 4/26/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson's Journal Addendum...

Manson has now answered the question many of you have been asking, regarding the typed piece of text in the title page of his JOURNAL section. Read his entry below:

The aged text that serves as an opening image to my journal, was put there to promote thought and discussion. I would like to make it clear that these words are not mine, nor did I intend for you to believe that they were.

I used one of the memoirs of the great and talented, Marlene Dietrich as a bit of an amusement park sign that one might see at night.

Will it turn on? Has it ever been on? Do I want it to?


Marilyn Manson

[posted 4/19/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson helps induct Ozzy in Hollywood Walk of Fame

At 11:30am this morning, at 6780 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California... Ozzy Osbourne was awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Manson delivered a speech at the sidewalk ceremony, part of which is transcribed below:

"Most people think that you have to be happy to succeed socially, politically or financially or that success brings happiness. In turn, those who are eternally unhappy are expected to go insane and or become criminals. This star proves that it is quite obvious that Ozzy has managed to succeed while remaining insane and strangely happy despite his various crimes against man and nature."

Watch you local news stations tonight for various highlights of the ceremony.

[posted 4/12/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson confirmed for role in “Party Monster”

Manson has just signed on to play the role of "Christina” in the film Party Monster, produced by Killer Films.

The film is set in the New York nightclub scene of the late 1980’s and 1990’s. This is the story of Michael Alig, a Club Kid party organizer originally form Indiana, whose extravagant life was sent spiraling downwards when he boasted on television that he had killed his drug dealer and roommate, Angel Melendez.

Production is currently scheduled to begin in April 2002.

More details to follow.

[posted 4/2/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson in latest issue of Rolling Stone!

Check-out the "Random Notes" section in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine(4/25/02)...

[posted 4/1/2002 U.S.A.]

“Tainted Love” debut’s at #5 on the UK charts!

"Tainted Love" had an impressive debut at #5 on the UK charts, ranking it as the highest chart position of any Manson single in the UK ever before.
The song continue's this powerful momentum in the UK with over 100,000 units shipped.

[posted 3/25/2002 U.S.A.]

We have entered “The Golden Age of Grotesque”

Marilyn Manson has returned to crash the ether with a wit-savage shape, painting us a depraved new world disorder on his fifth studio album titled, “The Golden Age Of Grotesque.” Manson is currently in the studio and is expecting a fall release on Interscope Records. Even at such an early stage, the focus of the music’s aggressive transformation is fashioned and fearless.

The nearly completed collection of songs is being orchestrated by the theatrical production team of Manson, Tim Skold and Ben Gross. The result is what Marilyn Manson describes as his “most genius deluge of hardcore guitar-drum violence and reckless electronic-punk vaudeville mixed with 30s cabaret decadence and Arch-dandy dada. These snot-nose stompalongs will convince the finger-waving, faithless bangsters one thing for sure. We can only become what we really are when we no longer believe what others have convinced us to be. We won’t follow religion, we are one. And the understanding of my art is only the sad product of journalism. Fuck art. I am art.”

On his influences, Manson had this to say, “My inspiration for this record came from historic parallels to my own present position in popular culture. Most notably, I found myself fascinated with the overwhelming imaginative, sexually-depraved artistic chaos that just bled from some of history’s greatest minds as Berlin reached its creative extreme peak. The unfortunate onset of rigid control and conformity that brought Berlin to its fiery end seemed to almost mirror today’s less violent, but equally ignorant censorship and fear of ‘dangerous’ art.”

As a close to his speech, Manson added this: “So stand up dopplegangers, we are on a leave of Absinthe! Our lives are theatre, we are the art and the world will now become the beautifully grotesque stage it was always meant to be. Am I just an innocuous entertainer or am I the destructive force and the terrible reality you’ve suspected all along?

The simple answer is, I am Marilyn Manson.”

[posted 3/21/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson on O'reilly Factor to be replayed...

In case you missed it the first time, you can
watch Manson on the O'reilly Factor special:
"The Corruption of the American Child", on
Thursday March 28th.
It airs from 9:00-10:00pm ET/PT on Fox.

[posted 3/18/2002 U.S.A.]

“Tainted Love” is “Single of the Week” in NME & Kerrang this week!

Check out the 5-star Kerrang review and more by clicking on the files below.





[posted 3/13/2002 U.S.A.]

“Resident Evil” soundtrack in stores now!

This soundtrack CD contains 14 songs from current Rock bands as well as 4 scores that Marilyn Manson provided for the movie. In addition the CD also contains the Slipknot remix of Manson’s “The Fight Song”.


Listen to the following tracks:

Resident Evil Main Title Theme
(Real Audio | Windows Audio)

Seizure of Power
(Real Audio | Windows Audio)

(Real Audio | Windows Audio)

(Real Audio | Windows Audio)

[posted 3/13/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Photo Book inside Metal Hammer Magazine!

The March 2002 issue of Metal Hammer Magazine is being shipped with a 32-page supplemental photo book of live performance photos and professional studio shots from Antichrist Superstar to Holywood. It is on the newstands now.

[posted 3/6/2002 U.S.A.]


More new photos added to the picture gallery!

Check out 50 rare photos that have just been added under the Mercury Symbol of the picture gallery. Many of these live and professional studio photographs were taken during the "Holywood" album and have never been viewed.

[posted 3/4/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson to help Linkin Park on remix album.

Linkin Park has asked Manson to join them with their next release. The follow-up to the very successful Hybrid Theory album will be a Linkin Park remix album with collaborations with many other artists.

[posted 2/25/2002 U.S.A.]

Listen to a Marilyn Manson/Resident Evil track online now!

You can now hear Manson's opening title music to the upcoming new movie "Resident Evil" on your computer now. click here. More of Manson's "Resident Evil" tracks will soon be available for listening on

[posted 2/24/2002 U.S.A.]

New images in photo gallery!

Rare photos from the archives have just been
made available.
To view, click on the "M" (for Museum ), on the title
page revolving wheel. From there, click on “Pictures”.

[posted 2/22/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson enters BBC Radio 1's 'A list'!

The Marilyn Manson single, "Tainted Love" has just entered the 'A list' on BBC Radio 1 in the U.K. , positioning it to become a major hit single overseas.

[posted 2/21/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson news on

Marilyn Manson speaks to about his contribution to the soundtrack for the movie ‘Queen of the Damned’ starring Aaliyah. Check out the artictle on the front page of

[posted 2/19/2002 U.S.A.]

February 14th, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day. Here are some sweets, for my sweets.

For little boys:
"I will love you until I die."

For little girls:
"I love you with all my heart."

Love and I am,
Marilyn Manson

[posted 2/14/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on VH1

Marilyn Manson was featured on the show Driven, which premiered February 12 on VH1. Although the entire show chronicled Marilyn Manson, it should be noted that neither Manson, nor the band was involved in any part of the making of this show. Other times include,
February 13 at 12amET
February 15 at 6pmET
February 17 at 12:30amET
February 17 at 7amET

[posted 2/13/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson "Tainted Love" voted #1 on Kerrang TV!

For the fifth straight week, Kerrang TV viewers have requested "Tainted Love" more than any other rock video. Expect the "Tainted Love" single to reach Europe next month.

[posted 2/8/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on Howard Stern replayed...

Just in case you missed it, the recent Howard Stern episode with Manson as the guest will be replayed on the E! Channel. The two half hour segments are scheduled for 11:00pm and 11:30pm EST on 2/2/02.

[posted 1/30/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson nominated in Circus magazine for "Vocalist of the Year". Manson is featured in the February issue of the magazine in newstands today.

[posted 1/29/2002 U.S.A.]

Studio News

Marilyn Manson joined with Jonathan Davis (Korn) on the score of the forthcoming "Queen of the Damned" film. Manson provided vocals on the song "Redeemer". Jonathan Davis has co-written the score with Richard Gibbs (Oingo Boingo) with a tentative February release.

For more info check out here

[posted 1/17/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on the cover of Stance

Pick up the February issue of Stance Magazine and check out the feature on Marilyn Manson.

[posted 1/17/2002 U.S.A.]


Manson charges reduced

After a preliminary court hearing on December 28th in Detroit, penalty charges against Marilyn Manson have been reduced. The sexual misconduct
charges, filed by a security guard at the Ozzfest festival, have been reduced to a lesser misdemeanor penalty. Maximum penalty for this charge is a $2000 fine and no jail time.

[posted 1/2/2002 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson hosting M2 this week

Marilyn Manson is hosting M2 this week, from Dec. 10th to 14th.

[posted 12/3/2001 U.S.A.]

Tainted Love video

Go to "soundtracks" in the Discography section to watch the video for "Tainted Love".

To call and request the video call 800-dial MTV (800-342-5688) Monday thru Friday. Or vote online at

The video was shot in Los Angeles and features the cast for “Not Another Teen Movie”. Also look for a cameo by Joey from Slipknot.

Tainted Love appears on the soundtrack to “Not Another Teen Movie” and is available on the Maverick Records soundtrack in stores December 4th.

[posted 12/3/2001 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson will be featured in the Best of 2002 issue of Alternative Press. The full page feature will consist of an exclusive photo and a new article. Look for the feature, as it will hit stands on December 2nd.

[posted 11/27/2001 U.S.A.]


It sort of makes sense that Marilyn Manson has chosen to cover Soft Cell's 1982 new wave classic, "Tainted Love," for the upcoming film "Not Another Teen Movie."

A video for the track was shot by Philip Atwell, who has directed clips for Dr. Dre and Eminem. The soundtrack for "Not Another Teen Movie" is in stores NOW.

A remix of Manson's track "Nobodies" is currently featured in the Johnny Depp film "From Hell." Originally, Manson was approached to score the film, but creative differences with the production team nixed the deal, a spokesperson for Manson said. In the end, South African composer Trevor Jones supplied the sparse orchestral score.

Manson's other project of the moment is a live DVD, which was shot October 8, 2001 at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. The still-untitled DVD is scheduled for release sometime this year, the spokesperson said.

[posted 11/2/2001 U.S.A.]


Manson has just recorded a version of "Tainted Love" that will be released as a single in conjunction with the film "Not Another Teen Movie." Look for the single sometime in early November.

In other movie news, Manson's remix of the "Nobodies" will appear in the Johnny Depp film "From Hell" as well as on the movie soundtrack. The score music that Manson composed in the film will not be used because no agreement could be reached.

Look for other Manson film projects to be announced soon.

[posted 10/10/2001 U.S.A.]

In case you missed Marilyn Manson's Comments On U.S. Terrorist Attacks . . .

. . . on official BBS Thursday, September 13th we've provided it here for you:

Regarding the United States Terrorist attacks on Tuesday, Marilyn Manson posted two messages on his official site yesterday morning.

We all knew this day would come. My best wishes go out to those families who lost their loved ones. I also have friends in NY and of course here in LA that I am still concerned about. The only thing we can do now is to stick together. If it takes something this terrible to unite us, so be it.

America hasn't always stood by me, but I will surely stand by America. Let's never forget how lucky we are to have so much freedom.

Marilyn Manson

I have always said that I hate so much and love so much about this country. Of course we would love more freedom, but let's not forget what we already
have. And the freedom to live without fear.

When I say for us to unite I mean as like-minded individuals and as friends. I don't expect the country to come together because of this tragedy, but at least we can here.

Everyone is scared and confused and I wish I had more to offer. Right now I have my friends and family to worry about. I hope you all stay safe.

And for those who want to make ignorant comments about my feelings on this, you are entitled to your opinion but you can always take it somewhere else.

Even someone like me can show respect for those killed yesterday and for the people protecting our lives.

I expect the rest of you to as well.

Marilyn Manson

[posted 9/25/2001 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson To Give Special End Of Tour Performance!

On October 8th, 2001 Marilyn Manson will be giving a special end-of-tour performance celebrating his successful tour with this summer’s Ozzfest. The entire performance, to take place at downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Olympic Auditorium, will be filmed for release on an upcoming live DVD.

This show is now sold out!!

(click to enlarge)

[posted 9/13/2001 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson Action Figures Coming Soon

(click to enlarge)

Marilyn Manson figures will be coming soon. The first figure is scheduled
to be out by the end of September. For more information visit

[posted 9/7/2001 U.S.A.]

2 new Manson articles posted

Take a look at 2 new articles regarding a girl's suicide and how Manson got involved . . .

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

[posted 8/31/2001 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson wins Kerrang Award

Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood (In the Valley of the Shadow of Death) won 'Best Album' at this year's Kerrang awards. Fans can watch Manson's acceptance speech at this RealPlayer link from the official BBC website here. In this brief BBC interview, Manson talks about his next record, what the tour has been like for the band, the Kerrang award and more.

[posted 8/31/2001 U.S.A.]

Manson Concert Poster

(click to enlarge)

made by Justin Hampton

[posted 8/16/2001 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on the O' Reilly Factor tonight

The Marilyn Manson interview with Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor is set to air tonight, Monday August 20th. The O'Reilly Factors airs nightly on the Fox News Channel at 8:00 p.m. EST. (5:00 p.m. PST) and repeats at 11:00 p.m. EST (8:00 p.m. PST). Click here for more info.

[posted 8/14/2001 U.S.A.]

Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millenium album in stores now

Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millenium, brings together exclusive live versions of songs recorded on location from this years Ozzfest tour, spanning 65 minutes and 16 tracks including Marilyn Manson's "The Love Song". The official Ozzfest 2001 live album is in stores now!
Download the official e-card now for PC or MAC and listen to the album.

[posted 8/13/2001 U.S.A.]

MTV Cribs featuring Twiggy from Marilyn Manson!

Do not miss a Special OZZFEST Edition of MTV CRIBS Featuring Twiggy From Marilyn Manson - Today, 7/26 @ 6:30pm, 7/28 @ Midnight, and 7/30 @ 9:30pm.

[posted 7/26/2001 U.S.A.]


See what denver has to say Denver Manson/Ozzfest Protest (requires
RealMedai Player 8 and 56K+ connection)

[posted 7/13/2001 U.S.A.]


LA Times Review :
Osbourne, Manson Men of the Hour at Ozzfest 2001 (full story)

Denver Post Review :
Rocker upstages critics, headliners (full story)

Chicago Daily Herald Denver protest story:
Ozzfest headliner also center stage in protest (full story)

"Ozzfest is Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne's namesake, but Saturday at Alpine Valley, it was Marilyn Manson's show. Manson opened his set by prancing on stage in a helmet adorned with long black feathers. By the third song, "Disposable Teens," Manson had lost the helmet but taken control of the audience. As he waved his microphone stand, made out of a rifle, in the air during one of his mid-show, anti-establishment sermons, the crowd looked to Manson as if he had all the right answers to the world's problems." (full review)
-- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"A lean and hungry Manson - returning to Ozzfest to re-connect with his metal core - was up to the challenge. Taking the stage to "God Bless America," Manson launched into a hard-driving set thick with chugging numbers such as "Beautiful People," "Disposable Teens," "Rock Is Dead," "The Love Song," "Antichrist Superstar" and "The Fight Song." Clad in a leather bustier, long black gloves, fishnets, a g-string and a spiked helmet adorned with a black feathered head-dress, Manson worked the Spartan stage like a twitching serpent - gliding, pausing, jerking and gliding again - during an appropriately bare-knuckled set." (full review)

"Manson's last album, "Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)," was a solid glam-rock effort that continued to betray the deepest, darkest secret of the former Brian Warner of Canton, Ohio: Underneath all that makeup and demonic posturing, he's really a pop tunesmith. (Marilyn Manson) strutted about the stage in his corset, fondling himself and his shotgun microphone stand and rising up on a hydraulic lift. But the showmanship never took a back seat to the tuneful crunch as his four-piece band gleefully romped through Satanic singalongs like "The Beautiful People," "Disposable Teens" and his exquisitely evil cover of "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This." (full review)
-- Chicago Sun-Times

"Manson needs to remind large audiences of his charisma, and he nailed that assignment on Tuesday. His hour onstage was a crushing assault on the senses."
-- Indianapolis Star

"By the time Marilyn Manson took the stage around 9 p.m., it was refreshing to hear a band that actually had a body of work larger than one or two albums. Arriving in his old black corset to the strains of "God Bless America," Manson displayed an assortment of his usual tricks (striding around the stage on stilts, ascending a gun-adorned pulpit, dressing up as the Pope), but had the solid catalog of songs to keep things fresh and keep the crowd pumped." (full review)

Marilyn Manson takes on critics, Columbine fallout
Denver Post (full review)

Crazy uncle Ozzy turns headbanging into an entertaining --- and profitable --- franchise.
Chicago Tribune (full review)

Helium metal
Chicago Sun Times (full preview)

In response to protesting group, Manson plans to give them a taste of their own medicine. (full article)

[posted 7/3/2001 U.S.A.]

MARILYN MANSON on CNN this weekend

Gather the family in the den and warm your hearts.
Share your weekend with...
MARILYN MANSON on CNN's "Worldbeat"

air times:

Saturday, 6/16 9pm PST
Sunday, 6/17 12:30pm PST

This will also air worldwide at various times on CNN International.

Please check your local listings for exact show times.

[posted 6/15/2001 U.S.A.]


"I am truly amazed that after all this time, religious groups still need to attack entertainment and use these tragedies as a pitiful excuse for their own self-serving publicity. In response to their protests, I will provide a show where I balance my songs with a wholesome Bible reading. This way, fans will not only hear my so-called, 'violent' point of view, but we can also examine the virtues of wonderful 'Christian' stories of disease, murder, adultery, suicide and child sacrifice. Now that seems like 'entertainment' to me."

[posted 5/10/2001 U.S.A.]


Manson has been confirmed to deliver the Artist Keynote Address at the NMW Music Industry Conference in Vancouver BC. Celebrating its 10th year, the conference runs May 9-13 with Manson speaking on the 11th. For more information go to

[posted 4/27/2001 U.S.A.]


The filming for "The Nobodies" video was completed this week. Directed by Paul Fedor, the video will be airing on MTV soon. Look for it.

[posted 4/26/2001 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson will make an appearance this week on Politically Incorrect. The show will air this Friday, April 6th. Click here Politically Incorrect to find out when the show airs for you locally.

[posted 4/3/2001 U.S.A.]


We've just been notified by ARTISTdirect that they will no longer be able to host our BBS, as it currently exists.

We are activating a new temporary Bulletin Board effective later today, March 29th, and we will continue to work on it to provide you with the best BBS possible.

[posted 3/29/2001 U.S.A.]


Former high school student, Nicholas J. Boroff was banned from Van Wert High School in Van Wert, Ohio, in August 1997 for wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt. On Monday, March 19, 2001, the court, without comment, turned down the Ohio student's argument that school officials could not keep him from wearing T-shirts depicting Manson.

School officials were able to ban the shirts because they were determined to be "vulgar, offensive and contrary to the educational mission of the school," the appeals court said, noting that school officials submitted evidence of the group's "pro-drug persona."

In the appeal acted on Monday, Boroff's lawyers said that while there was evidence that Manson had promoted drug use and Satanism, that did not mean school officials could ban students from wearing his name and picture.

[posted 3/20/2001 U.S.A.]

Catch Marilyn Manson on MTV's Testimony:20 Years of Rock!

While you're at home this weekend,
don't forget to watch.....
Testimony: 20 Years Of Rock
Marilyn Manson,
Saturday, March 17- 12:00p & 7:00p
Sunday, March 18- 3:00p

[posted 3/16/2001 U.S.A.]


The new Marilyn Manson video, "The Fight Song" is now on MTV. Please go to the site and vote for the video now. In addition, we have added it to the
download section. You can view it now.

[posted 2/26/2001 U.S.A.]



[posted 2/25/2001 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson nominated for a Grammy Award tonight, 2/21!

Marilyn Manson's "Ashtonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes" (from MTV Celebrity Deathmatch Soundtrack) has been nominated for Best Metal Performance!

The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards are tonight, February 21, 2001, in Los Angeles at The Staples Center. The telecast will air on CBS at 8:00 pm. (ET/PT) Check out for more info.

[posted 2/21/2001 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson was the recipient of "The Best Metal Act" from NME's annual Carling Awards. Other nominees included, AT THE DRIVE-IN, LIMP BIZKIT, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, and SLIPKNOT.

[posted 2/8/2001 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson will revisit the Ozzfest roster this year, making it his first trip with the tour since Ozzfest's initial national excursion in 1997.

Ozzfest will kick off June 8 at Chicago's World Theater, with approximately 30 other dates expected to follow. Tickets for the Chicago show will go on sale in March.

The original Black Sabbath lineup singer Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Geezer Butler, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward will headline this year's Ozzfest tour.

Rounding out the main-stage lineup will be Slipknot, Papa Roach, Disturbed and Linkin Park.

[posted 2/5/2001 U.S.A.]


Tuesday night, Marilyn Manson joined Eminem on stage in Hamburg Germany. Click below to download a clip of the performance. (750kb)

Real Media 8.5
Windows Media

[posted 1/30/2001 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson has been nominated for a Grammy, for Best Metal Performance for "Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes" which was featured in both "The Last Tour On Earth" and from the "MTV Celebrity Deathmatch" (Various Artists) CD. The 43rd Grammy Awards will be televised on February 21st live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

[posted 1/29/2001 U.S.A.]


The new Marilyn Manson video, "The Fight Song" will premiere today, January 24th, on TRL, between 4-5 PM on MTV.

[posted 1/24/2001 U.S.A.]



[posted 1/11/2001 U.S.A.]



[posted 1/8/2001 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson performance tonight on American Music Awards!

Soiling yet another wholesome American event in the name of rock....
See MARILYN MANSON bring down the house in the final performance at the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. (A live performance that is sure to "have the censor folks hemorrhaging.") TONIGHT (01/08) at 8:00pm (EST)/8:00pm (PST) on (ABC)!

[posted 1/8/2001 U.S.A.]



[posted 1/5/2001 U.S.A.]


A photographic exhibition by Marilyn Manson & P.R. Brown will be running from January 18th to February 15th, 2001 at The Gallery 1628 N. Cahuenga Blvd (between Hollywood and Selma) Los Angeles, California. The Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 1 to 5 p.m.

[posted 1/3/2001 U.S.A.]



[posted 1/3/2001 U.S.A.]


Make sure to tune into MTV on New Year's Eve to catch a live performance from the MTV Times Square studios by Marilyn Manson at Midnight. MTV is holding a special contest to win tickets for you and a friend to party at this performance. Five winners (and their guests) will be VIPs at the New Year's Eve party, while MTV will put you and your friend up in New York City. Click here for more information.

[posted 12/12/2000 U.S.A.]


On the anniversary of John Lennon's death, Marilyn Manson presents an acoustic clip of "Working Class Hero", which is a Lennon song that appears as a B-side on the "Disposable Teens" single.
Click below to download (1.9mb).

Real Media
Windows Media

[posted 12/8/2000 U.S.A.]


This evenings show in Toledo Ohio was cancelled due to drummer Ginger Fish re-aggravating his injured collar bone. The tour will continue Thursday in Columbus.

[posted 12/5/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood CD comes with a special enhanced portion to it. The CD consists of a full length 3 minute movie of an Autopsy of Marilyn Manson. Warning: with added twists and turns the Autopsy is not for the weak stomached individuals. Holy Wood is in stores now.

[posted 11/30/2000 U.S.A.]


Check here for pre-sale ticket information.

click here for the pre-sale

[posted 11/28/2000 U.S.A.]


Tune in tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 29th to Howard Stern and Mancow. Manson will be calling into Stern's studio around 8:30 AM and following with a call into Mancow around 9 AM.

[posted 11/28/2000 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on Howard Stern Wednesday, November 29

Marilyn Manson will be phoning in live to the Howard Stern Show at 8:45am EST on Wednesday, November 29. Tune in your local station and check it out!

[posted 11/28/2000 U.S.A.]


At the end of the show last night in New York, Ginger fractured his collar bone while jumping over his drum set. He is feeling fine and will not miss any shows. The tour continues in Detroit Tuesday night.

[posted 11/26/2000 U.S.A.]


Shockingly, the Catholic League has condemned Marilyn Manson's new album, "Holy Wood," which features such titles as "Disposable Teens," "Godeatgod," "Crucifiction in Space" and "The Death Song." Catholic League President William Donohue took particular offense at the Goth rocker donning a bishop's role and a cross in the "Teens" video. "It is Christianity that [Manson] hates, and it is Catholocism that he hates most of all...This guy is at war with Christ," Donohue says, in calling for a boycott of the CD.
In response, Manson had this to say,"I can't possibly be at war with Christ, because your religion killed him and what he stood for. But if you want to be at war with me...bring it on."

[posted 11/26/2000 U.S.A.]


Manson is a cover story in today's USA Today.
click here to read the full article.

[posted 11/21/2000 U.S.A.]


Police were brought in to keep the peace Sunday night, and the show went on successfully.

[posted 11/20/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson is scheduled to appear tomorrow, November 17th on MUCH MUSIC at 3:00PM EST. They are also making and appearance at 102.1 The Edge for a Live Interview and Autograph session at 6:30PM EST.

[posted 11/16/2000 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson on MTV's "TRL" today! 11/15

Catch Marilyn Manson on MTV today as TRL's featured guest artist for Wednesday, 11/15, at 3:30pm and repeating tonight at 7pm during Spankin' New Music Week!

[posted 11/15/2000 U.S.A.]


Tickets for the January 13 show at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles went on sale yesterday. The show, sponsored by KROQ, sold out in 12 minutes.

[posted 11/12/2000 U.S.A.]


The cover of Holy Wood has been banned from Circuit City and Best Buy. These stores will be carrying an alternate album cover. Manson had this to say.
"The irony is that my point of the photo on the album was to show people that the crucifixion of Christ is, in deed, a violent image. In fact, the picture itself is composed of a statue of Jesus taken from a place of worship. My jaw is missing as a symbol of this very kind of censorship. This doesn't piss me off as much as it pleases me, because those offended by my album cover have successfully proven my point."

[posted 11/12/2000 U.S.A.]


The impact of Marilyn Manson's subversive musical agenda has waned, and what's left is a provocative, talented artist writing affecting, powerful, and yes, controversial songs. Although Holy Wood is the third title of a trilogy that began with 1996's Antichrist Superstar, the album stands on its own. Rife with references to the Beatles and the Kennedys, and full of pop-culture barbs, Holy Wood is a musically diverse and powerful statement. The memorable sing-along "Disposable Teens" boasts the same kind of staccato, Teutonic, first-thrusting power introduced with "Beautiful People," while "Fight Song" is the Sex Pistols meets Blur by way of Nirvana. While a futuristic, nihilistic tint pervades Manson's work, passion is also prevalent, notably in the spooky acoustic number "A Place in the Dirt" and the brutal "Death Song." Like Marilyn Manson the man, Holy Wood is intelligent, dynamic, and multifaceted, with myriad charms that are evident to the tuned-in listener.

[posted 11/10/2000 U.S.A.]


ROLLING STONE - "You have to respect Manson for addressing real life issues with a theatrical verve and genuine vitriol that no other mainstream act can match."

NME - "By far the best thing Manson has ever set his warped mind to, 'Holy Wood...' ultimately inspires something far more potent than fear or hatred. Respect."

MELODY MAKER - "If your not consumed by its ferocity, you'll be enslaved by the hypnotic, pendulous mantras ("The Lamb of God", "Coma Black", "Valentine's Day")."

REVOLVER - "Holy Wood is the religiously offensive manifesto Manson promised."

FMQB - "Whether or not you care or believe in Manson's idealism, you got to admit, the guy has brass balls and writes some pretty damn good Rock songs."

[posted 11/10/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson will make a pit-stop from his ?Guns, God and Government? tour to showcase the release of his latest offering, Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). The album and the party both hit Tuesday, November 14th.

To top off the excitement generally surrounding Manson, those special enough to make it into the New York party will witness an acoustic performance by the unholy trinity of Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez and John5 -- a once-in-a-lifetime event. To win invites, fans can be one of the first 100 to buy the new record at Tower Records, 692 Broadway in New York, at the stroke of midnight this Monday, November 13th. Devotees can also get passes into the soiree by listening to K-ROCK (92.3 FM) or logging onto Manson? website,

For those who miss out, Marilyn Manson will appear on
MTV? Total Request Live the following afternoon, Wednesday, November 15th, before heading to their concert in Philadelphia. The band is back in New York City for two nights at the Hammerstein Ballroom on November 24th and 25th.

[posted 11/9/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson will make a pit-stop from his ?Guns, God and Government? tour to showcase the release of his latest offering, Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). The album and the party both hit Tuesday, November 14th.

To top off the excitement generally surrounding Manson, those special enough to make it into the New York party will witness an acoustic performance by the unholy trinity of Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez and John5 -- a once-in-a-lifetime event. To win invites, fans can be one of the first 100 to buy the new record at Tower Records, 692 Broadway in New York, at the stroke of midnight this Monday, November 13th. Devotees can also get passes into the soiree by listening to K-ROCK (92.3 FM) or logging onto Manson? website,

For those who miss out, Marilyn Manson will appear on

MTV? Total Request Live the following afternoon, Wednesday, November 15th, before heading to their concert in Philadelphia. The band is back in New York City for two nights at the Hammerstein Ballroom on November 24th and 25th.

[posted 11/9/2000 U.S.A.]

Win Passes to Marilyn Manson Record Release Party in NY!

Marilyn Manson will make a pit-stop from his “Guns, God and Government” tour to showcase his famous people skills at a party celebrating the release of his latest offering, Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). The album and the party both hit Tuesday, November 14th.

To top off the excitement generally surrounding Manson, those special enough to make it into the New York venue will witness an acoustic performance by the unholy trinity of Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez and John5 -- a once-in-a-lifetime event. To win invites, fans can be one of the first 100 to buy the new record at Tower Records, 692 Broadway in New York, at the stroke of midnight this Monday, November 13th. Devotees can also get passes into the soiree by listening to K-ROCK (92.3 FM) or logging onto Manson’s website,

In contrast to the current tour, which Manson describes as “Cirque du Soleil meets the Sex Pistols” in Rolling Stone, favored guests and contest winners will be treated to a handful of songs never before performed acoustically, and doubtful ever to be performed that way again.

And for those who miss out, Marilyn Manson will appear on MTV’s Total Request Live the following afternoon, Wednesday, November 15th, before heading to their concert in Philadelphia. The band is back in New York City for two nights at the Hammerstein Ballroom on November 24th and 25th. Currently, the tour has taken Marilyn Manson to dates in Florida (November 9th – 12th), where the civic-minded band are standing by to volunteer instruction at the poll booths.

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Watch MTV's Marilyn Manson "Diary" today! 11/9

Don't miss MTV's Marilyn Manson "Diary" today, Thurs., 11/9 at 1:00PM!

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October 31, 2000 - Marilyn Manson's show in Kansas City had over 10,000 fans in attendance. Go to the tour dates section to see the pictures and the footage. Here's what the
BBS was saying about it:

"Manson put on an awesome show - I couldn't complain about any of it. The songs, the costumes, the back drops, the people in the crowd. What an experience."

"If you missed the show, kick yourself in the ass. It was unbelievable. "

The night before in St. Louis, Manson's comments on upcoming election almost resulted in his arrest,
watch here...

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Marilyn Manson's Diary will continue to run on MTV, Saturday - 11/4 at 9:30AM and 3:30AM, Sunday - 11/5 at 10:30PM, Wednesday - 11/8 at 7:30PM, and Thursday - 11/9 at 1:00PM. More dates will follow. Tune in.

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Marilyn Manson is confirmed to do a live chat with today, October 31st at 4PM Central/ 5PM Eastern time for 1/2 hour. Please tune in by logging onto AOL at

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Chuck Palahnuik, author of Fight Club, interviews Manson in the new issue of Gear magazine.

[posted 10/31/2000 U.S.A.]


The tour dates section now has images and videos from the first date of the Guns, God and Government World Tour. Check back soon for more updates.

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Marilyn Manson video premiere on MTV's TRL today!

Tune in to MTV's "TRL" today, Wed., 10/25 at 3:30PM to check out the premiere of Marilyn Manson's "DISPOSABLE TEENS" video.

[posted 10/25/2000 U.S.A.]


We have added a new page to the Marilyn Manson website. It will help you find the station in your area so you will be able to request the new Manson song, Disposable Teens. You can access the page by clicking the Radio Airplay button at the top of this page.

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Meet Marilyn Manson, Sunday October 29th at 6PM. The store is located in St. Louis, MO at VINTAGE VINYL, 6610 Delmar. For more information please visit the stores site at

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Los Angeles ? Once again, Marilyn Manson landed the top requested spot on KROQ? ?Furious 5 at 9? program Monday night with their single ?Disposable Teens.? The single is off the band? upcoming release Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) which will be in stores November 14, 2000. If you wish to request this song call KROQ at (800) 520-1067.

[posted 10/17/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson is proud to introduce Maven, the new band from collaborator and long- term inspiration Bon Harris, formerly of Nitzer Ebb. While creating Holy Wood, Bon played an integral role in sequencing, editing, pre-production and the actual creation of the album.

?Bon was someone I respected, even interviewed in ?9 and I was completely blown away by his musical ability and his voice. I was fortunate that he took time away from Maven to work with me because he became a sort of 6th member, and I don? use that term lightly. I think Maven adds genius songwriting to the genre of electronica in a totally original way.?

Listen to "The Candidate" mp3 (5mb)

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Marilyn Manson held a German web cast last week with the fans in Cologne. The 30 minute web cast has been encoded in Real Video.

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Here is the cover to the "Disposable Teens" single. It is the first single from Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). Start calling your local station and requesting it, now.
Also, check the downloads area for updated tour dates.

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[posted 10/4/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson presents the new cover of his upcoming CD, "Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)." Holy Wood will be in stores on November 14th, everywhere. Stay tuned for more details to unravel.

[posted 9/25/2000 U.S.A.]


Check the Tour Dates section in Downloads for the first dates in Marilyn Manson's "Guns, God, and Government" World Tour. Also, TUNE IN to MTV all weekend for constant updates. MTV News will post the dates on Saturday at 6:50 PM and Sunday at 11:50 AM and 11:50 PM. These are for both EST/PST.

[posted 9/22/2000 U.S.A.]


The Union Underground and Godhead are confirmed to be the support acts for the first half of the upcoming tour. Appearing on the second half will be Cold and Godhead. There will be more information on the tour very soon.

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we've got two auctions going on with Ebay. A white fur jacket worn by Ginger during the filming of the "Tourniquet" video, and an autographed copy of the
Mechanical Animals CD signed by the band. check back soon for more auctions.

[posted 9/15/2000 U.S.A.]


Due to the overwhelming response that I have received from everyone, it has taken me longer to compile the video transmission. We are working on it and it will posted here over the weekend.

[posted 9/15/2000 U.S.A.]


Here is a preview of next month's Alternative Press.

[posted 9/12/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson presents "The Death Song", the fourth audio preview from Holy Wood.

[posted 9/8/2000 U.S.A.]


Written in the house where the Rolling Stones lived during the making of Let It Bleed, and recorded at the home of the late magician Harry Houdini, Holy Wood is Manson at the top of his game. "All of us played different instruments during the making of this record," explains the singer. "It's kind of like our White Album. If you listened to three songs, it wouldn't be emblematic of the whole record." "Disposable Teens" is the crunchy cousin of "Beautiful People," "The Fight Song" has an acoustic-guitar part reminiscent of Blur's only U.S. hit, "Song #2," and "Burning Flag" would sound great while driving tanks through Gore and Bush's respective election-night headquarters. "This record is specifically designed for use while being beaten upon or inspiring you to beat upon someone," says Manson. "I'm not saying you should do that--I wanted to beat myself to death after listening to the entire record. If you don't want to hurt anybody after listening to the entire record, I think you can take it back for a refund."

Longtime Mansonites who might have been put off by his neo-glam opus, Mechanical Animals, will be sated by Dave Sardy's production expertise, the disc's sonic breadth and Manson's lyrical seething. We'll let the man have the last word: "The two years since the release of my last album have been filled with God and rappers. It's time for death and Satan to be put in the forefront."

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Los Angeles ? Marilyn Manson landed the top requested spot on KROQ? ?Furious 5 at 9? program Monday night with their single ?Disposable Teens.? The single, off the band? upcoming November release Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death), overshadowed Blink 182, Fatboy Slim, Limp Bizkit and U2 as the most requested song from listeners.

The ?Furious 5 at 9? wrapped a KROQ ?Leak? weekend. Beginning Friday at 6:00 p.m., the station previewed songs from anticipated fall releases ? essentially leaking them on the radio prior to record release. During the weekend, ?Disposable Teens? was played 28 times, and by Monday it was the number one phone request on DJ Stryker? ?Furious 5 at 9? program.

[posted 9/5/2000 U.S.A.]


For this week's preview, we unveiled a new introduction to the official Marilyn Manson website. The music in the background is Cruci-fiction In Space from the new record, Holy Wood.

[posted 8/29/2000 U.S.A.]


Manson was bestowed Kerrang! magazine? ?Hall of Fame? award at a ceremony in London. International sex symbol Britt Ekland fell for Marilyn Manson in a big way by slipping on a piece of watermelon thrown to the floor during a food fight, and the actress had to be carried to the stage to do the honors. Previously, Marilyn Manson has won the award for ?Best Band In The World? in both 1998 and 1999. To hear and see the interview go to

[posted 8/29/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson presents "Burning Flag", the third audio preview from Holy Wood.

[posted 8/24/2000 U.S.A.]


In an in-depth conversation with U.K. based-Dazed and Confused, Marilyn Manson discusses his inspiration for his new record, Holy Wood. He goes into the fabrication of the new release and describes his influences, and motivation behind the project without holding anything back. His interview garnered the publication with a distinct storyline behind the scenes and behind his intentions and beliefs for recording the new record.


A: In the Shadow
D: The Androgyne
A: Of Red Earth
M: The Fallen
?NG KILL 33º

[posted 8/24/2000 U.S.A.]


Marilyn Manson presents "Cruci-fiction in Space", the second audio preview from Holy Wood.

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You can easily sign up to our mailing list by filling out the form here. Once you sign up you will be informed of upcoming projects, tours, videos and release dates on Marilyn Manson. We will also send out periodical promo items in the mail, which you cannot purchase anywhere. We look forward to having you be a part of our family.

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Marilyn Manson graces his first magazine cover in anticipation of his new CD. Kerrang's, August 5th issue, hit stands this week with Manson's first interview in preparation for the release of Holy Wood. It is an in-depth interview with discussions on the record, artwork, and more.

[posted 8/4/2000 U.S.A.]


In a taped announcement filmed at his home today, Marilyn Manson has disclosed information about his new CD titled, Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death), for release on Nothing/Interscope Records on October 24th. He also stated that he will be posting weekly updates on the website with previews from Holy Wood, which may include music or artwork. The partial track listing is as follows (in no particular order from what may appear on the final record):

1. Cruci-Fiction in Space
2. The Love Song
3. Disposable Teens
4. Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)
5. ?President Dead?
6. The Fight Song
7. The Nobodies
8. A Place in the Dirt
9. The Death Song
10. Burning Flag
11. Lamb of God
12. In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
13. Coma Black
a) Eden Eye
b) The Apple of Discord

click here to watch...

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Manson ditches glam for goth on new album
Rolling Stone ? August 17, 2000

With the title ?Holy Wood? (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) and thematic threads weaving connections between Christ and Kennedy, religion and violence, mass media and alienation, is it too much to call Marilyn Manson? almost-finished new opus a concept album?

?It? too little to call it a concept album,? says the lanky lighting rod for controversy, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes shining through dark glasses. Indeed, everything about this project screams ?heavyosity.? For one thing, it was recorded at the Hollywood Hills house once inhabited by magician Harry Houdini. And today, in the mixing studio where Manson and co-producer Dave Sardy are adding final touches, he is clearly going for a spooky ambience: The room is floored with blood-red mood light; there? an automatic rifle poised on the couch and a wolf? head resting atop the recording console.

Manson explains that this album is not a piece unto itself but the glue binding its two predecessors, 1996? Antichrist Superstar and 1998? Mechanical Animals, into what Manson describes as a semiautobiographical ?tryptic,? with an accompanying novel in the works as well. ?This story can be interpreted on a number of levels, but one of the simplest ways,? he says, ?is about a boy who wants to become part of the world that he doesn? feel adequate for, and the bitterness and rage becomes a revolution inside him , and what happens is that the revolution becomes just another product.?

?When he realizes it? too late,? Manson continues, ?his only choice is to destroy the thing he has created, which is himself.?

On such new songs as ?Target Audience,? ?Disposable Teens? and ?Cruci-Fiction in Space,? Manson dismantles the slick, glam-tinged sound of Animals in favor of the more brutal industrial-goth grind of his first album. He knows some will see this as a reaction to Animals?commercial shortcomings. And Manson admits that returning to his old sound was a way to reconnect with ?what a fan of Marilyn Manson wants.?

To Manson, that fits right into the themes of the album cycle. ?Mechanical Animals was to represent the point where the revolution got sold out, a hollow shell of what the essence of Marilyn Manson was,? he says. ?It was a satire, and a lot of people interpreted it as ?is is what he really is.?I was making a mockery of what I was, taking a shot at myself.?

He wasn? the only one taking shots, with the religious right trying to blame him for the Columbine tragedy and Courtney Love abandoning her tour with Manson last year. Manson says all that criticism made him defensive. But with the new album, he says, that? been purged: ?This is me coming out and swinging. Rather than being fucked in the ass (by the critics), I would kick their teeth in. But I want to do it a beautiful way, so that they could still be humming a tune as they held their mouths on the way to the orthodontist.? ? Steve Hochman

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May 10, 2000 ? New York, NY - Last night nine inch nails turned in a frenetic and flawless performance at their sold-out concert at NYC? Madison Square Garden. Ending what had become one of the most publicized spats in recent music history, Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson reunited onstage.

Reznor and Manson performed two songs together--nine inch nails?new single "Starsuckers, Inc." and Manson? "The Beautiful People"--creating a spectacular rock n?roll finale.

Marilyn Manson directed the video for "Starsuckers, Inc." with Robert Hales. nine inch nails?latest single, "Starsuckers, Inc." is the number one most added track at modern rock radio this week. The song was produced by Trent Reznor and Alan Moulder and is featured on nine inch nails?current multi-platinum CD, ?The Fragile.?

nine inch nails are in the midst of their "Fragility v2.0" tour, their first North American tour in five years. Playing to sold-out crowds and rave reviews, the tour continues through June 18 in Denver, CO. MTV 2 is sponsoring the tour.

Marilyn Manson is currently in the studio completing his upcoming disc, ?Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)? slated for release this Fall on Reznor? nothing records label.

Exclusive video of the performance can be found at nine inch nails?official Marilyn Manson? website is located at

Click here to see Marilyn Manson performing The Beautiful People with nine inch nails.

[posted 5/10/2000 U.S.A.]

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson's live album "The Last Tour on Earth" is in stores now!

[posted 11/17/1999 U.S.A.]


Go here to download The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)

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Although MANSON is still putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death), he recently took time out for a cameo appearance in an upcoming video from Eminem. "Eminem is an exception when it comes to rap and his new album will play an important role in the fight for free speech," states MANSON. "I think he's not afraid to tell anyone and everyone to 'fuck off,' and I like and respect him for it."

[posted 6/6/1960 U.S.A.]


Manson's writing on the wall (US Weekly)

We don't think Marilyn Manson will be contributing to Bill Clinton's presidental library anytime soon. At Cafe des Artistes in L.A. recently, the shock rocker walked over to the wall of celebrity signatures, which includes Clinton's, drew a picture of a sperm pointing at Clinton's name and wrote COMMIE in big letters, much to the amusement of his girlfriend, Rose McGowan, and fellow diner Sally Kirkland. The restaurant's management hurriedly erased Manson's graffiti.

Josh Saviano of The Wonder Years(People Magazine)

At age 10, recalls Josh Saviano, "I was all eyes and nose, about 5'1" and so skinny I was blown backward when I walked into the wind. I was just a frail little boy with a lot of personality." The Wonder Years creators wanted Kevin Arnold's nerdy best friend to be asthmatic too. "They kept asking me to wheeze, and I couldn't do it," says Saviano, 24. "But I used to pretend I was sick when I didn't want to go to school and had a good fake sneeze down. When I did it, they went, 'That's it! That's it!' They loved the sneeze." Once cast, Saviano and costar Fred Savage were inseparable. "Josh is much cooler than people gave him credit for," says Savage. The boys shared a passion for Nintendo and baseball cards. "Fred went on The Tonight Show and announced he was a collector," says Saviano. "People started mailing him cards, so he totally beat me." Saviano can claim the most original rumor, though. While at Yale, where he earned a degree in political science in 1998, the Internet began buzzing that he was shock rocker Marilyn Manson. "I'd get 20 e-mails a week, and it still hasn't died!" says Saviano, who is a consultant at an Internet firm until he starts law school, probably in the fall. Although his family and friends, including girlfriend Jennifer, 28, an attorney, know the truth, Saviano isn't concerned about setting cyberspace straight. "What would you rather have, people thinking you're a dorky kid from The Wonder Years or a satanic rock star? It's way cooler for me."

[posted 6/6/1960 U.S.A.]


Putting rampant speculation to bed, MARILYN MANSON has signed godhead from Washington, DC, to his new label, Posthuman Records, distributed by Priority Records. Currently, godhead is gearing up to go into the studio with producer Danny Saber with plans to release an album later this year.

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Marilyn Manson Photo Book inside Metal Hammer March 2002!

The March 2002 issue of Metal Hammer Magazine is being shipped with a 32-page supplemental photo book of live performance photos and professional studio shots from Antichrist Superstar to Holywood. It is on the newstands now.

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MUCHMUSIC USA is offering you a unique opportunity to hang out with Manson at a party he is hosting which will be televised. The party is taking place in NYC on Thursday, October 24, 2002 and you would need to be free from 4:00pm to 7:30pm. There is a vaudeville / burlesque / cabaret dress code for the party and a signed Marilyn Manson watercolor fine art limited edition with be given to the best dressed fan. So throw on your best suit, top hat, or corset and come spend the evening with Manson.

Marilyn Manson has this to say:
"Ladies and gentlemen, leave your troubles at the door. Let's crash the ether, ruin television and look good while we do it. This is NOT a 'costume party,' this is a commercial for the apocalypse."

If you are interested in being a part of this intimate television party, just email them with:
“Marilyn Manson”, your full name, number of tickets needed (a pair maximum per request), phone number to- in both the subject line and body of your email.

Example: “Marilyn Manson”, John Doe, 2 (212) 555-1212

They will email you with all the relevant details if there is space available.


Send your email ASAP if you want to join Marilyn Manson in NYC on MUCHMUSIC USA.

[posted 10/21/2002 U.S.A.]

Manson used to illustrate O'Reilly's interview skills

The following is excerpted from Brendan Bernhard's article in LA Weekly titled "Smut Factory: The Corruption of the American Television Critic

THE BEST PARTS OF O'REILLY'S SHOW CAME WHEN he sat down for face-to-face interviews with such media luminaries as Jack Valenti of the Motion Picture Association of America, rap moguls Russell Simmons and Damon Dash, "shock" DJs Opie and Antony, and rage rockers Marilyn Manson and Insane Clown Posse. (Sample lyric from the latter: "I stab old people, old ladies, little kids . . . I don't give a fuck! I stabbed the fat guy in the butt.") Aside from Manson, who at least appeared thoughtful for a guy who named himself after a mass murderer, most of them came off badly. Valenti appeared to have fallen asleep at the wheel about 20 years ago, oblivious to the blare of horns around him. The DJs, with their hackneyed blather about being "artists" and "pushing people's buttons" (a phrase Manson also used), were simply obnoxious. (There should be a moratorium on pushing people's buttons: We're not elevators.) As for Simmons and Dash, when O'Reilly asked them about the effect of the more grotesque rap lyrics on kids whose parents were either too busy or too irresponsible to watch out for them, their immediate response was to cast doubt on whether O'Reilly really "cares" about the lives of black people and to challenge his right to judge the songs in the first place. "Your rigid attitude about what we can do culturally is not, for me, a guideline to what I should do," said Simmons. Evidently, the preferred attitude chez Def Jam is a supine one -- best demonstrated by those ho's so prominently featured in their videos.

[posted 4/16/2002 U.S.A.]


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