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Marilyn Manson | Church of the Antichrist Superstar Emblem

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Originating in 1995 and carrying over until 1997 on various fanclub newsletters, t-shirts and other designs, Manson adopted a parodied mock-religious logo to represent his self-styled "Church of the Antichrist Superstar" preceding the dawn of the album's release.

As the album title 'Antichrist Svperstar' is in effect a derisive parody of the 1970 concept album 'Jesus Christ Superstar' (by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber and later released in filmic form in 1973), Manson's logo for this era along with the Shock symbol was a direct reference to the cover art of the album name he reinterpreted, with the Manson lightning bolt juxtaposed within the center for further inversion and personalization.

Jesus Christ Superstar | Angel emblemLogo / emblem of the 1970's musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar', of which the album name 'Antichrist Svperstar' is a pun and malappropriation of.
Marilyn Manson | Antichrist Superstar Newsletter Marilyn Manson | Antichrist Superstar Newsletter

Click on each thumbnail to read full-sized Marilyn Manson fanclub newsletter.

Marilyn Manson fanclub newsletter (front and back) from 1995 leading up to the release of 'Antichrist Svperstar'. Click each for full sized scans. Though predominantly acting as a press release to fans about the release of the 'Smells Like Children' EP, contained within are a darker more serious tone to the imagery as a prelude to the subsequent era.


In a play off the concept of the 'Manson Family', whom Charles Manson's cultish followers were known as, membership to the Marilyn Manson official fan club offered a signed "adoption certificate" for the applicant who had been admitted into "The Marilyn Manson Family" and the "Church of the Antichrist Svperstar". Before the internet had taken prevalence (the official Marilyn Manson website had only opened in September 1998 preceding the release of ;Mechanical Animals;, and was then only, Manson had a massive fan club following through mail order campaigns of leaflets and periodic newsletters. A response to this can be heard by the irate mother's answering machine message to the official fan club after the last track on 'Portrait of an American Family'.

While not any specific visual allusions to the occult necessarily, it is however a funny pun on the idea of a traditional fan club and playing off the 'Manson Family' concept that journalists inevitably would have done in a derisive manner otherwise.

Contained additionally is the emblem of the "Church of the Antichrist Svperstar".

Note however, the universal date of acceptance into "The Family" as February 14, 1997, the recurring date within the Triptych of 'Antichrist Svperstar', 'Mechanical Animals' and 'Holy Wood'. For more see February, 14 | Valentine's Day section of The NACHTKABARETT.



Revised version of the Church of ACS logo for a T-shirt issued in 1997 during the Antichrist Svperstar era. Notice the inverted nails and crown of thorns depiction that would later be used for an alternate menu for the Lest We Forget DVD.