the NachtKabarett

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Manson on stilts & arm extensions during the performance of 'Tourniquet' on the Against All God Tour 2004
Left, The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Salvator Rosa. Right, Illustration from Jacques Cazotte, The Devil in Love

"The theme of demonic seduction, supposedly the result of a sexual pact made between a witch and the devil, emerged frequently in the context of witch-hunts. Love was never mentioned in the trials. This engraving, from nearly a century after Cazotte wrote his book, emphasizes the tale's dreamlike aspect. Cazotte's unusual Devil is represented with a camel's head and the features of both a female dog and the lovely Biondetta. All three symbolize the Devil's strategy to seduce his hero and force him into submission. Unfortunately for the Devil, he falls hopelessly in love. It is unclear whether the succubus and hero have sex, or whether their liaison was just a fantasy.

"In the image their hero, Alvare, is depicted near an unmade bed from which he seems to have tumbled while in the grips of a nightmare. Above him hovers the Devil. Alvare seems more curious than frightened in this close encounter of the third kind."

The Damned: An Illustrated History of the Devil by Robert Muchembled