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The Sigillum Dei Æmeth, an occult symbol used for scrying in Enochian, or "angel" magick. Reverse and alternate cover of Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)

The symbol which can be seen behind Manson on the back cover of Holy Wood is known as the Sigillum Dei Æmeth and is used in Enochian Magick, or Magick employing the powers and influences of Angels. It was delivered to Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee in the Sixteenth century, both of whom working together laid the foundation, through divine guidance, of the present system of Enochian Magick which is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of magick by many Occultists. Below is an excerpt detailing some of the significance and the delivery of the Sigillum to Dee and Kelly, as given in the book Enochian Magick for Beginners by Donald Tyson:

"The Sigillum Æmeth, or more properly Emeth (seal of truth), also called by the angels the Sigillum Dei (seal of God), is a wax disk tat is placed in the center of the Holy Table. The crystal in its gold holder rests atop of the disk during scrying. Its making is described in the second book of [John] Dee's Liber Mysteriorum, which is as yet unpublished. Concerning this sigil, the angel Uriel tells Dee: 'This deal is not to be looked upon without great reverence and devotion.' It is to be made of 'perfect wax,' nine inches in diameter, and between an inch and a half and an inch and a quarter thick.

"In March, 1582, Dee was instructed by the angel Michael to draw a circle and divide its edges into forty equal parts. There appeared to [Edward] Kelly forty 'white creatures, all in white silk long robes, and they were like children.' Each of these spirits opened its silk robe at the breast to reveal a letter and number, or sometimes a letter alone. Dee was instructed to write these in the spaces at the edge of the seal clockwise in order beginning at the top.

"Within the outer circle of forty letters and numbers, Dee inscribed concentrically a heptagon, an interlocking heptagram, a smaller heptagon, and at the center and interlocking pentagram.

"The larger heptagon is divided into forty-nine parts, and filled up with forty-eight letters (the final space contains a cross). There is probably a direct connection between these forty-nine spaces containing forty-eight letters and the forty-nine gates of understanding, of which only forty-eight may be opened. Each side of the larger heptagon contains one of the seven sacred names of God, which Dee derived from a forty-nine letter square."

Site map for the Holy Wood era design of, Manson within the Seven Pointed Star. The star which coincides with the seven elements of Alchemy which a jawless Manson stands in front of on the back cover of Holy Wood.

The seven pointed star was also adopted by Aleister Crowley as the emblem of his organization, the A.·. A.·. ; known as the Star of Babalon. Babylon is most synonymous with corruption and the downfall of the church, as in the Book of Revelation the Whore of Babylon road upon the back of the Great Beast to lure and corrupt mankind into the ways of sin. As cited in his autobiography 'The Confessions', Crowley spelt the name of the Great Whore as 'Babalon', as opposed to the traditional historical 'Babylon' spelling, the reason being that the Kabbalistic numerical value of the former was equal to the value of the Hebrew spelling of Mount Zion in the Bible.

The Sevenfold Star Of Babalon, used in both the A .·. A .·. (or Silver Star, a thelemic magickal group founded by Aleister Crowley) and the O.T.O.

With the resurrection of Celebritarianism, Manson started to use new variants of this symbol for two shirts that surfaced in 2006. The first one was an updated version of the Celebritarian masthead with a Star of Babalon carved on his forehead à la Charles Manson, also evocating the Mark of the Beast prophecy, while the second was showing a Sigillum blended with a concentric Celebritarian orb and a flaming inverted five-pointed star in its center.

The Celebritarian Tee, first previewed in October 2005 and released early 2006. The "Circle 7 Tee", which surfaced in October 2006, and shows the Celebritarian orb and an inverted pentagram within a similar star.
Revelation 17:5
An animated version of the design resurfaces in 2009, in guise of evolutive loading screen for, with the era's "$" logo flashing in its center before fading out to black and revealing the site itself... Header of BABALON, Marilyn Manson's Official Message Forums since 2009, provided by The NACHTKABARETT, the name and logo of which are directly hinting at Crowley's symbol and spelling.