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December 30th, 2008

Happy Holy Days & New Articles from The NACHTKABARETT

Happy Holy Days and a Merry Winter Solstice (the latter thrown in for pretentious, occult "street cred"). A full-fledged site update featuring new articles is tentatively scheduled for mid to late January, though for now are nearly a dozen existing articles which are completely revamped with new images & writings.

The entire Celebritarian Corporation section updated with brand new materials in all articles therein, including :

New materials have additionally been added to :

All of the above is completely thanks to our newest staff member Gilles R. Maurice, The NACHTKABARETT's newly official editor as well as long-time contributor. Click on his name above to check out his artwork ; a nightmare in Disneyland and a modern day Otto Dix.

Following in January 2009 will be a host of articles including :

The NACHTKABARETT is provided to you free of charge for your knowledge and enjoyment, however all content is strictly © with 100% all-original findings and research which are intellectual property and produced at personal expense. If quoting or referencing any material herein the common courtesy of a link accreditation isn't much to ask.

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Dec. 29, 2008

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