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September 20th, 2008

Help Wanted | Nachtkabarett Translations

After long adieu, the international translations of The NACHTKABARETT are ready and being added online. The first sections which have currently been launched is the French translation of 'The Third & Final Beast' section by NK staff member Gilles St. Maurice. Each language will now be accessible at the top of each article that a translation exists for ; in this case one will access the new French version of the section articles by clicking the 'FR' icon above the title of the page:

Emails have currently been sent out to those who have expressed previous interest in being part of the translation team but more help is both encouraged and much needed, as well as the opportunity to be part of the team and provide a translation of the site into your native language which may not currently exist.

For those wishing to help you may email me at or post within the translation section of the NK forums and a username and password will be provided to you to begin translating.

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