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March 19th, 2008

T-Shirts, Art Prints, Smashing Pumpkins, YouTube, MySpace

I hope that all of you celebrated the Ides of March with impunity and I wish you a joyous Spring Equinox, or Easter as it's been appropriated by the cult of Christendom. Personally, I make it a point to have a meal consisting of lamb on the day as commemoration of devouring our martyred savior, The Lamb of God who was sent to take away the sins of the world.

Many new updates are being conceptualized, formulated and materially actualized as I type this; including but not limited to a brand new layout, and entire mini site devoted to uncovering the occult imagery within The Smashing Pumpkins' "Machina | The Machines of God" album, as well as plethoras of new imagery presentations which Manson has evoked from Portrait of an American Family to present which have been previously been found.

All said endeavors have become complexly more involved than anticipated but in a manner that they shall not disappoint in the least.

Within the coming weeks I shall also have Nachtkabarett t-shirts made available for purchase as well as more art prints, including new artworks from myself, to those who are interested and wish to support The Nachtkabarett with patronage. All purchases and donations contribute 100% to supporting the monthly cost of supporting the site, time invested for the composition of new articles and the acquisition of materials, books, etc, for site content.

Stay tuned but in the meantime, I'd set it up well into mid 2006 as a promotional counterpart thought hadn't actually had the time to develop it fully but I invite all of you to join The Nachtkabarett MySpace page and by "my friend", since I don't believe I'd previously made a formal announcement:

Also newly created is a Nachtkabarett YouTube channel. Video clips appearing on the site will still continue to be hosted here, and will multiply with time as it permits but as another promotional avenue for those of you who hang out on YouTube I hope you stop by and favourite some of the first round of Nacht' videos currently launched:

Thanks to all you have continued to be fans of the site, everything is now being taken to the next level.


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