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February 6th, 2008

New Article Published on Nick Kushner & The NACHTKABARETT

A new article has recently been published on both my artworks and The NACHTKABARETT by Synergry Magazine, an Australian based print and web periodical which covers the occult, cinema and dark culture. Speaking from a direct personal perspective about an article written about myself, I can say that the publication did an extremely thorough and thoughtful writeup which I am both equally grateful and proud of. Check the article out below.

Artist Profile: Nick Kushner

Nick Kushner is a remarkable and controversial artist who explores the darker side of the human psyche with a solid grasp of esoteric and occult themes. It is interesting that his childhood background was in “eastern orthodoxy” as his work tends to reflect a ritual even liturgical sense and is saturated with esoteric themes, while certainly from a more heterodox perspective....

For entire extended, visit: to click on 'Features' to the left, or follow the direct link:

Another cool inclusion in this issue is a review of Alejandro Jodorowsky's great social / alchemical film 'Holy Mountain'. The February 2008 printed edition is available on a print-on-demand basis and is available via the following URL:

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