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January 22nd, 2008

SITE UPDATE | EMDM, Manson the Antichrist & Video Samples

NACHTKABARETT Update just in time for the newest leg of The Rape of the World tour with Twiggy.

EAT ME, DRINK ME and LOGOS & SYMBOLOGY .·. Updated to explore the visual and symbolic connotations of Manson's twisted heart logo. This dark and romantic symbol stemming predominantly from the poster of a 1935 horror film named 'Mad Love' which depicts these very themes.

THE THIRD & FINAL BEAST .·. Updated with a new article on Manson's identification with Nero Caesar during the Holy Wood era. Nero was the grand persecutor of the first Christians, who martyred untold hundreds and who is believed by certain scholars to be the Beast whose number is 666 found in the Book of Revelation. Contains visuals, quotes and still frames of Manson's allusion to Nero onstage during the Guns, God & Government tour. The section also updated with a handful of images and quotations from occult texts illustrated by Manson's various personifications of Christ and dually as the Beast & the Antichrist.

THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK .·. Updated with image and video (expect more throughout the site to follow) on Manson's references to the dark, comedic & esoteric David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks of the early 90's. Photos and a video clip of the final episode of the series which was sampled in the song 'Wrapped in Plastic' off Portrait of an American Family in 1994. And also a subtle allusion found in the video for 'Tourniquet' two years later.

Expect a massive update circa The Ides of March with much more on Manson (hopefully imagery from the new leg of the tour) and the Coil & Nine Inch Nails sections updated. Also an entire minisite on the occult & alchemical imagery used by The Smashing Pumpkins in their album Machina: The Machines of God, much of which coincides with Manson and Holy Wood, to be filled with archives, the origins of images used by the band with video and sound clips.

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See you all on the tour,


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