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"The Arch Dandy of Da Da! Daddy, there's a man in our TV."

This week was strenuous and I landed myself in the hospital as a result of "going too far" in the creation process. I am fine now and glad to be back in the studio. We have just completed the last track for the album and it is my favorite so far.

I also started a series of life-size paintings of Elizabeth Short's bizarre death. It has haunted me all my life.

Speaking of paintings, I acquired a Marlene Dietrich portrait from Helnwein that is signed by her. It is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

If mankind is illustrated, are we pencils or erasers? Write the score? Or the right whore?


[posted 7/4/2002 U.S.A.]
Elizabeth Short as Snow White
"A Smile I"

This is my favorite part of the show. This is the famous story of Black Dahlia, who was found cut in half. The crime was never solved in the '30s. I've been obsessed with it since I was very young. [(A smile I)] is how she came to Hollywood, with hopes of becoming famous.

Marilyn Manson, in a MTV interview about his 2003 exhibition in Berlin
Elizabeth Short as Snow White
"A Smile II"

[(A smile II)] is how she left, in a sad way, very famous. Technically, but who's to say what is technical and what's not, I think this is one of my best pieces. So I hope no one buys it, 'cause I really don't want to lose it.

Marilyn Manson, in the same 2003 MTV interview in Berlin.
Elizabeth Short as Snow White
'You're sure you will be comfortable?'
Elizabeth Short as Snow White
"and now a special sort of death for one so fair"


Marilyn Manson actually made another allusion to Snow White in The Golden Age Of Grotesque:

I was a dandy in your ghetto with a snow white smile
Marilyn Manson, '(s)AINT'
Print Mafia poster for the Kansas City concert of the 2008 Rape Of the World American tour. Note the cut-out 'Glasgow grin' and the reference to Manson's glowing pink eye stripe he was wearing for these shows. 'Wax Dahlia', 2002, oil and wax on canvas piece that hadn't surfaced until Manson's 2007-2008 worldwide exhibition Les Fleurs du Mal. An apropos inclusion given the dahlia is actually a flower's name.


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