the NachtKabarett

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The original image used throughout the Holy Wood era as the background image which Manson used on his official online store was a red superimposed image of what is known as the Shroud of Turin. The should is literally just that, a cloth covering but what is exceptional about it is that it's a mystical item which many believe was the actual burial covering which shrouded Christ in his tomb. What makes the shroud particularly significant is that "burned" into the cloth of the shroud is the face and form of a man which very closely resembled the common depiction of Christ. Though dismissed by many skeptics as a hoax, mystics and believers alike hold this image to have been formed out of the metaphysical light of Christ's resurrection and ascension to Heaven after death.

The shroud (also befitting in the sense that it's a cloth covering which Christ allegedly was wrapped in, used in the shop where Manson sold apparel of his own image) is another mystical and esoteric image which Manson Manson subtly used.

Full bodied negative photograph of the Shroud of Turin showing a solid human form