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One of the most darkest moments of The Death Parade on the Guns, God & Government DVD was the footage Manson filmed of himself inside what is commonly referred to as "the Bone Church" which is known as The Church of All Saints is located in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic, near Prague. The most well known part of this church is its ossuary, or vault which holds the bones of the dead, which was built circa. 1400. The Church and ossuary itself isn't actually made of bones but rather decorated with the remains of some 40,000 sets of bones which died predominantly during plague outbreak of The Black Death between the 13th and 14th century. In the late 13th Century the abbot, or superior, of the church made a pilgrimage to Palestine and visited Golgotha, the site of Christ's crucifixion, took a vial full of soil from this holy and sacred site, and spread it upon Sedlec cemetery upon returning. Since this soil originated from "The Holy Land" the cemetery at Sedlec became an epicenter for those near death who wished to be buried in this christened soil.

The interior is very ominous and haunting with chandeliers, doorways, coats of arms and decorum made designed with human bones. The design of the interior of the Church began when a half-blind monk was asked to gather and organize the remains of unmarked and desecrated graves to make room for new graves, who then proceeded to arrange skulls in the form of pyramids which gave rise to a new medium in which to decorate this Christian Church honoring the death and suffering of Christ.

When then in 1870 an artist named Frantisek Rindt was hired to decorate the inside of the ossuary with the human bones which resulted in what we see Manson amidst in The Death Parade. And unabridged history can be here.

All the following photos of the Church are taken myself during a trip to Europe in August 2005, the whole set of which can be seen on my art site: One interesting note about Manson wearing his cowboy hat in the footage of him inside the Church is that when entering the one is asked to remove his or her hat because they are "inside a church." It is possible the manner of Manson's entrance was overlooked but if it wasn't his cowboy hat acts as a subtle blasphemy in this morbid place of worship.