no salvation, no forgiveness

The exitainment has begun. Let the panic attacks and nervous breakdance sink their comforting cancer into the sweaty palms of our hands like well prescribed press-on nails. Our stigmata will stagnate and we will shake, shake hands like little boys--if boys were just like puppies--spreading our ring worms. ATTENTION MY CRIPPLING ORCHESTRA! I am your Cracked Atom!!!......drum roll please......At least our death wishes will come true. We don't even need to blow out the candles. I hear that thunder, I hear it too. It's all my goddamn Frankensteins coming back for some sick closure. Listen, the world can't be an opera when it needs an operation. The second coming of Christ will require more than softcore porn, mini-bar gin and Viagra. Don't ever answer the door and remember that most authorities believe that the side effects of this breeding ground of talentless chaos will not leave any permanent damage.We are the "good monsters" that are only chipped away by the banality of "enter"tainment, and our black encrusted beehives harden into hideous-honey-diamonds, too personal and nervous for idiots to hold or cherish. Only your love is uncanny and only you can feel that all of our art is muscle. Your beauty will be edible or it will not be beauty at all---no salvation and no forgiveness. We are the ones with the bloody knuckles.
It has taken ten years, boys and girls to climb this ugly hill and these are the Songs of Golgotha. We have put together the best of what we have made and this is only a reminder that you can cut off the head but it only grows back harder.
The band is in the studio, still growing and there is no sign of our knuckles healing.


Manson rendered particularly vulnerable to the adverse hemodynamic effects

"The power of Christ compels me."

stringmata martyr

Skold accepts lead guitar as his personal savior


The brazen pot as an instrument at martyrdom

Ginger tunes iron currycomb

[posted 3/30/2004 U.S.A.]

Trans Amnesia

Pan Amputee...or would you like coffee?
Screenagers! It is good to be back from two weeks of “waltzing to scum and base,” and I have spread the mOBSCENE video across several continents. High above Marlene Dietrich Blvd. in the city of Berlin, the sun smoldered below the concrete gutter sky like a cigarette burn in a stained bedsheet. How Edgar Allen Poetic. We set forth to the Dome of Berlin at dusk and I felt like I was in my own painting, “The Death of Art.” Helnwein and I created a living installation with two disabled nude women as families stopped their picnics to stare. Of course we documented this for future viewing. But it didn’t begin there...

My escapade took me from Madrid to Milan and then to Paris. I met many characters whose company still clings to me in distorted flashbacks like lip prints on my collar. Jean Paul Gaultier gave me a scarab beetle and a book of Hans Bellmer’s work. We talked about clothes that he will design for this tour. The mysterious and prurient curiosity of Gaspar Noe led me to a tour of Paris by night---we braved the transsexual-prostitute-breeding ground hidden in the center of the city. We talked about cinema (his film, “I Stand Alone” is one of my favorites) and we made plans to collaborate.

Determined, I headed for the birthplace of Expressionism, humming “The Alabama Song,” by Kurt Weill. It was time for The Grotesk Burlesk and dozens of mice scurried from the Kinderfeld. Their political organs had to be removed and we set them in formation, creating a metaphorical “question mark.”

A mise-en-scene...

The zeitgeist of Berlin’s “degenerate art” was infused into Marilyn Manson and the people within the Volksbuhne Theatre that night. The decadence and reckless honesty that fear inspires, made the outside world irrelevant. Suddenly, I was the most unlikely ambassador of America. It became quite clear that the critical role for an artist, particularly an American one, is to ensure that our soldiers are risking their lives to defend a country that is worth living in. But how can the irreconcilable extremes of Marilyn Manson fit into this time of political upheaval when I have rarely believed in the behavior of the government? How can I be a proud American, when America has done its best to destroy me?

SIMPLE---Isn’t this the very core of what the two words “Marilyn” and “Manson” have represented from the beginning? If the U.S. stands for democracy and freedom, then the most patriotic thing an artist can do is to fight for those liberties. My opinion is a sharpened stick, poking democracy to make sure that it's not dead. By nature, I will always point out the duplicity of censorship in the music world. If I am forbidden to use an image, a lyric or a performance in one place, I will put it somewhere else. THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE cannot be contained in just an album.

Idea for a Hallmark card: "America needs Marilyn Manson as much as Marilyn Manson needs America." Romantic isn't it?

Pay attention!

In London, we vandalized a Versace billboard with two gigantic Marilyn Mice and had an amazing crowd sing along to the three piano numbers. Keith Flint (The Prodigy) presented me with his new band’s remix of mOBSCENE on which he sings. We discussed illegal behavior, participated in illegal behavior and became the best of friends over a bottle of Absinthe.

Villains and creeps, we have barely scratched the surface and The Grotesk Burlesk is coming home to Hollywood. This band has easily discovered how to make a fist with five middle fingers. Need I ask? ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS READY, FOR THE NEW SHIT?

We will write the Bill of Wrongs.

We have dismantled the recess bell. It does not toll for anyone.

Sleep now, you were not spectators. You were part of the spectacle.

Marilyn Manson

[posted 4/21/2003 U.S.A.]


"You came to see the mOBSCENE..."

I have just returned from seeing the film, IRREVERSIBLE, by Gaspar Noe. He is one of my favorites and the fact that a third of the audience walked out, is a testimony to its strength. Chances are this won't be shown in the USA.

I've been just busy preparing women, animals as well as songs for the tour, video and the short film that will be featured on the bonus DVD for THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE.

The details of our upcoming SCABARET will be revealed soon but for now take a look at some agitprop such as : ROLLING STONE, REVOLVER, KERRANG, THE FACE, BLENDER, METAL HAMMER and a few others that have invaded my privacy.

The images Helnwein and I created for the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME are accompanied by my essay, entitled:

"Putting Holes Into Happiness."
Kneel down humble men and become the height of our children. Let your heart crawl into your knee and realize that all knowledge lives through imagination. This is the nursery business, always get a photocopy.

Our cultures may continue to disintegrate but we just rebuild with abusement parks, filming the process and replaying it as situation comedy. We wear ribbons, hold hands, celebrate and concentrate on camps that train our kindergartens to shout out "star-spangled" banter.

We will medicate the lunacy of "degenerate" art with heavy doses of old-fashioned (original recipe) family virtues.

"Let's make sure all of these offensive forms of entertainment are shown publicly, and burned immediately as a warning to us all!"

In the meantime, try to stay conscious. We are sitting in the EMERGENCY ROOM waiting for the doctor, a newly elected aesthetician, to come and pronounce his diagnosis. The grotesque, malignant cancer that is our expressions and our views is no longer the disease. We are being told that the sounds and images of art are now the symptoms of the creator. We as the artists, are now considered unhealthy and incurable.

Let me remind you that the deformed scar of one man, is "love's pretty dimple" to me. The generation that lived through WWII accepted the concept of "total violence" as a solution to the world's problems. The mathematics of creative suffering and the milk of human violence are the formulas that our grandparents bottled and passed down to our parents.

These are the "traditional" values that have built "protective," moral walls around our children's world. And it is, indeed, a small world after all.


(photo courtesy of Perou)

[posted 3/3/2003 U.S.A.]


This is a (de)press release:

Marilyn Manson will release "The Golden Age of Grotesque" on May 13, 2003 on Interscope Records. The tracklisting is as follows:

This Is The New Shit
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
The Golden Age Of Grotesque
Ka-Boom Ka-Boom
The Bright Young Things
Better Of Two Evils
Obsequy (The Death Of Art)

The album is produced by Marilyn Manson and Tim Skold and mixed by Ben Grosse. The first single will be "mOBSCENE."

Marilyn Manson takes his inspirations from the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, the grotesque of Vaudeville to the extreme height of cabaret decadence and so-called "degenerate" art in Weimar Berlin just before its destruction.

Manson says, "This album is about expression. The imagination and personality of the individual cannot be trapped by small minds or defined by any one person. The genius of art finds sanctuary among children and madmen to survive. That, is who we are."

Marilyn Manson has collaborated with renown artist Gottfried Helnwein for the album's controversial artwork which is part of a greater series that will be exhibited in museums all across the world. For more info check and .

This tracklisting will still contain a few suprises, I couldn't give you all the details yet. You have to wait for the album to find your bruises.


[posted 2/18/2003 U.S.A.]

Valentine's Day brings us a new taste of eonism


If the Boss Pussy doesn't give you any keys, you had better call a cocksmith and ask him pretty please...

"Can I be your Valentine?"

...and just like the (jack)-officer's questionnaire, "Did you see that STOP sign?"

You better say 'yes,' or you won't be SINGING IN THE'll be sleeping in it.

enough lovey-dovey--

Here's a polaroid from the future and a small film with Gottfried Helnwein.

The Bright Young Things
(picture by Perou)

The Mechanism of Desire

[posted 2/15/2003 U.S.A.]

Lietz, Cam-era, AKTION

I've been in the bored room this past month trying to explain the difference between a night club and a night stick to a pile of idiots, who for the life of them, could not see the connection betwixt the moustache of Dali and the "mustache" of Nietzsche. I have put the dirt back in my mouth and drank from the dead, regardless of what these powdered wig witch doctors prescribed. We will not be censored.


We have INDEED just finished mixing the final song for the album and have scheduled the GROTESK BURLESK all across the world. The artwork and much more of my collaboration with Gottfried Helnwein is also complete.

The details of our AKTION and the sounds that accompany it will all be revealed quite soon.

And LOOK at my handsome henchmen!

I will disguise myself like math and any division will be solved with subtraction.

(The wetnurse enters and sedates M.)
"His nerve scales are a bit topsy-turvy Doktor Morpheus!" she shouts.

The physician whispers, "Sleep, boy."

(He exits the room, pausing to straighten a framed oil painting of Antonin Artaud and closes the stained glass door.)


I'm awake again...It is time.

Are you motherfuckers ready for the new shit?
Keep saying my name like that and you'll get kissed as if it was a day when air used to be clean and sex was still filthy.
Keep saying my name like THAT too many times and your gums will start to bleed.

I am here,

Dali MPEG | Windows Media |Streaming
Nietszche MPEG | Windows Media | Streaming

[posted 1/23/2003 U.S.A.]


Instead of dwelling on the loss of a friend, I’d like to remember the time I spent with a boy named Kevin M. Riley. I just received word that he died last Thursday. He was only 24. I will miss you Kevin, you really made me smile. He used to call me and every time he would say, “Hey Manson it’s Kevin...remember me from the ‘Tourniquet’ video?” But I always recognized his voice and it was very funny that he could think I would forget such a unique person like himself. I wish his family the best and want them to know how much he inspired me.

It’s important to rise above grief, but I don’t feel like discussing music so much today.

My head is like monkey meat. The mixing of the Golden Age of Grotesque is like the second hand on a cuckoo clock grabbing the feathers and saying: STOP. Some unexpected collaborations have tied the shoes up and now we can dance.

My head is like monkey meat, or did I already say that?

(A) I went to a street opera called WOYZECK yesterday.

(B) I am building a stronger, faster, steel-toe website with a 6,000,000 dollar ass and just enough photos to prove it.

(C) We are on our way, I listened to 99% of the album today.

I will be back once it stops raining on me.


In memory of Kevin.

[posted 12/16/2002 U.S.A.]


I have returned from my short illocutionary trip to the city of Barcelona. Many of you may not know, but the Catalonian capital is believed by some to be the birthplace of the first CABARET.
Els Quatre Gats, my investigations unveiled, was a legendary place of great importance to art expression at the end of the 19th Century. This cabaret, owned by 4 men, was throwing four-dimensional, pre-burlesque, feline shapes before the rest of Europe caught on. Of course, I visited the Gaudi Mansion at P. Diddy's invitation. I must say the candied quail eggs and parmesan cheese ice cream was swell but somehow I didn't fit in.

With all of the world's "entertainers" in town for MTV, I tried to imagine a time when teleprompters would be ignored by everyone--not just me. I was left in a state of obnubilation. I brought a silly little camera (not as likable as the one I use normally for the photos here) and captured a few things. Let's say some people did not know which way their garden grows.
I did give the glad hand to Eminem who seems rather delighted with the bits of my new album he was lucky enough to hear during our visit. Likewise, I had all aces on stage with him and it made me very anxious to begin "The Grotesque Burlesque." Incidentally, that is NOT a song title, but the name of our traveling event. However, it is part of the chorus to my favorite track that I babbled out about a year ago as this TUMOUR was diagnosed. That song is called:
"Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag" and is being mixed as I write this. You'll be happy to know that more than half of the final mixes are done since I last reported. (That means we will be finished quite soon.) I have not confirmed any other titles although I have hinted at working names such as "Fuck You," and so on. Be patient until the pie cools off or you will burn your tongues.

I am finishing the album art with Helnwein and managed to start painting again. Here are some moments from across the world--to the mix room--to my attic.

I'm making my list

4M's and a Russian lesbian
Bedknobs and broomsticks
Lily and JonBenet
"JonBenet as Sleeping Beauty" series in progress

WMV | MPG (right or control-click and save as)

[posted 11/19/2002 U.S.A.]


Boys and girls of all ages! Let's not suffer from Chasmus Hystericus. I'm just the Histrion with his tree on, a lit up Jack-a-dandy.

a a b c a c a d a c f h a a g g

More songs. More chaos. More is more. Not long now.
Don't let your musical celluloid get cellulite. Let's sing our voix de ville.

I've got wild game in my yard, gotta get my shooter, and end this intermezzo.


[posted 11/1/2002 U.S.A.]

Gozinta Box

I have just returned from the studio and we have finished mixing the first track. I'm not going to reveal the name, but it is an onomatopoeia and it actually means the same thing in every language. However, it has a specific slang definition that refers to a sexual maneuver I found interesting. Soon...

I just watched the finished DVD with 5.1 sound and I must say this makes me want to get back on stage right now. After seeing everyone onscreen and at the art show, I know that together, this will be the Golden Age we have been waiting for. Thank you for your support and for coming to meet me and my imaginary all looked sharp, my bright fellow no-good and damned dandies. I felt sad to part with my painted-paper-monkey works, but at least I obtained some new art for myself...I have added another Helnwein piece to my collection and this is one I've wanted for many years.

I did hit several (deserving) pedestrians on the "Road" (to) RULES OF ATTRACTION's red car-pit. (a legendary actress, a Wonder from Years never ago and a sexual janitor) NOT IMPORTANT THOUGH!
This is one of the best films I have seen and not just because several of my friends are involved with it. Congratulations to Roger for making fun of the people that we all hate, for pissing in Dawson's Creek, and for tricking me into letting you photograph my girlfriend's chest for your own deviant usage.

Take pride in your vulgarity.
Old MacDonald had a pharmaceutical.
The rakes shall sweep the leaves of the fakes.

The rabbit has pulled me into the hat,


[posted 10/9/2002 U.S.A.]

The Negative Use of Space

I find all the cells we have molted away, clustering and fucking in the dirt. Growing into little flowers. A blank canvas and pigment makes me see odd things.

a fly with clown makeup, on a pile of shit, twists a used rubber into a balloon rhinoceros. Or really John? Religion?
A candelabra and panties.

So...I paint scabs. Cover wounds, encased in scars. Paintings are seldom guilty and often framed for crimes they did not commit. Imprisoned in jails that are owned by the Bourgeois who treat them like criminals...Kunsts! Talking about them and not to them.

Some cover holes in walls, holes in lives. Some make holes in wallets, in negative space.

My art show is a few days away and I will be updating the gallery with the show pieces...some of the existing ones are older and I have not revealed my favorite pieces yet. www. will be dedicated to making these paintings available to anyone brave enough to cover their walls.

stopped work on the album. It is swelling up like a pregnant whore. I've included some photos that I have taken myself, with the help of Skold. More coming and I hope to see you this week.

The grin has found its cat.


John and 10 strings
Absinth Mic
Three Piece Five
"I paint scabs"
Skold will-to-power tie
16 hertz

Small Child Respirator WMV | MPEG
The March Hare WMV | MPEG

[posted 9/16/2002 U.S.A.]


Last night I broke into someone's house. Climbed right in the window while no one was home. The alarm started to chant, "Intruder...Sector 3...bedroom." I didn't panic much, but I was really curious where Sector 1 and 2 were located. Regardless, there was no Pernod (a Parisian refreshment) so I called up my friend--it was his house--and I gave him "the works." I explained how easy it was to break in and I said that I would wait for him to come return and insisted he bring something nice to drink.

Later, in the early hours of morning, we talked about the Mechanical Animals tour (he was my acolyte) and I explained that he would be able to watch the GGG show since he missed it. YES, rabble-rousers...the DVD is finished.
I know the wait will be well worth it, because I edited together every detail of our last trip around the world. There are things on and off stage that no person has or should see. Or hear...We mixed it in 5.1 with the care most people only use in films. Actually, we used it in all the wrong ways. I don't like to follow "industry standards."

The extra dirty celluloid isn't just tossed on the end like some behind the blah, blah, blah.........
I put together a short film (about half an hour) called "The Death Parade." This will help you see what it's like to be nailed to this wrecking ball.

Singing, singing all week.
Perfektion. I am a dog that loves my fleas.
The album is a catalogue of emergency room costume party break-your-nose dancing ritualistic cattle mutilation backyard burlesque whores d'oeuvres that will end in a pleasant family-restaurant dinner. Even dessert, since you kids got all 'A's.

I'll write more this week with new photos.
I'm off to the ballroom, time to waltz.

Nice to see you all again.
For now,

[posted 9/9/2002 U.S.A.]


MakeAWish MPEG | Real Media
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Andrew, who reminded that the things that I create are only made complete by those who enjoy them. I just want to simply say, "Thank You," to Andrew for sharing such an important wish with me.

I've included a video clip of a song from the album. I wanted to make Andrew a permanent part of history, sealed up in distortion and megabytes of plastic.
Skold and I recorded him doing some back-up vocals, so when you hear The GAOG you will get a piece of our meeting. That piece is for every fan who couldn't be there.

Good luck Andrew,


[posted 8/28/2002 U.S.A.]

"Do a Kordax for the Kodaks"

I did not fly over, but landed IN, the cuckoo's nest this morning. It was strange enough to get up at 7 a.m., but after having my eggs...I went downtown to act in a short film called: "Beat the Devil." This was directed by Tony Scott and stars Gary Oldman, James Brown and YOURS TRULY.
All I can say is, I am proud to have gotten a signature from the godfather of soul on my VERY OWN BIBLE! (I have no idea what it says though.)

I will let you decide which one of us is the devil?!?!


The DVD is on its way and I have personally stirred together a chaotic tornado of scenes from almost every show and the shrapnel of each city and the characters we encountered. I found a clip of us in Warsaw doing "Born Again" and "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" --(I play rhythm guitar).
There's "My Monkey" and a striptease in Rome of "Diary of a Dope Fiend" (I have been cleared of all charges.) There are women with baboons in Moscow. Wal-Mart in Mississippi.
Babysitting the Osbournes.
all of the nasty things that happen offstage that we were never allowed to show you before.
This does not include the LA Olympic Auditorium show that was televised and it looks and sounds completely different.
I hope anyone that went last year loves this scarred scrapbook, and if you missed the GGG tour, you WON'T next time, after seeing this.

I have more to tell you, but I must sleep.

Look at my book!
Which one is the devil?
Shoes make the man.

[posted 8/17/2002 U.S.A.]


I left the studio last night and woke up to the sounds of lagnolalia. I was in a lucid dream so I wasn't sure if it was my kitty, Lily, using her sandbox as a toilet or not. She howls when dispensing decorative "cat art."

I soon discovered a photo shoot in the living room and I helped out with buldges and bustlines, as I am a reliable authority. This was for Roger Avary and his film, "Rules of Attraction." I myself, found that a bustline and a cigarette can create quite a muliebrity. Even with me, a non-smoker. I included some pics to prove.

I am the least theatrical when I am in the theatre, because it is my home. However, I do spend alot of time in my home theater, where I prefer to remain in the audience. This was disrupted late this night by Karl Lagerfeld who made me take a photograph on my staircase, possessed by E.A. Poe and lubricated with absinthe.

In that dark blue sky you still keep, through my stained glass laptop you try to peep. When will you ever sleep? When the sun burns open my eye?

'til next time,

Big Brother is too bored to watch.
Sweet to meet not to swallow.
Pogo has the keys, but where are we going?

Party Monster photos
Christina, close up

[posted 7/24/2002 U.S.A.]


Sorry, two days wrong and I have been caught in a musical form of pistology. I am quite convinced, as always, that wrong ideas are right. We’re a bigger brain. The tumor was benign. Let me say thank you for your concern and interest. It does matter to me.

Today I learned how to not play the saxophone. I even drummed on the title track of the album. I recorded Pogo, John5 and Skold chanting two-letter words.
We are moving 13 songs to a mix studio this week to make our final descent, “So please raise your seatbacks and tray tables.”
Scarling and the Dali-Gaggers are still family and I wish them luck. I hope to contribute some sort of mucopurulent pilliwinks for old-time’s sake. Jes and Bradley, my bastard siblings.
The pay-per-view is all done but it is not at all what you will see on the DVD that I have now taken complete charge of. I think you deserve to see the best that we have, and I intend to show it.

Please be advised: If you don’t understand, then you ARE in complete admiration of this aggressive-fashion-rape-symphony and the syntax of the conductor. Now breathe slowly.

I like to throw shapes and have no fear of these unusual practices. The cult of incongruity isn’t ever perfekt because it is always better that way.
Even if you expect anything, you will get something else.
Those who have low expectations should get high.

I have a zoo full of new clips and pics and all sorts of shits. This week I will drown you with some new meat to chew.
To the cry crickets out there in wonderland. I gorgonize your every exfellowshipping daydreams of my death. I have a funeral home-page and dead cell-phone dialing 911 (noIwonwon) to remind you that you expired long before I told you so.

My lovers, unleavers, soldiers, survivors and believers! LET’S GET OUR HILARODY UNDERWAY!

A catless grin with smoke for words,
I love all those who let me.


[posted 7/17/2002 U.S.A.]

“The Arch Dandy of Da Da! Daddy, there’s a man in our TV.”

This week was strenuous and I landed myself in the hospital as a result of “going too far” in the creation process. I am fine now and glad to be back in the studio. We have just completed the last track for the album and it is my favorite so far.

I also started a series of life-size paintings of Elizabeth Short’s bizarre death. It has haunted me all my life.

Speaking of paintings, I acquired a Marlene Dietrich portrait from Helnwein that is signed by her. It is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

If mankind is illustrated, are we pencils or erasers? Write the score? Or the right whore?


[posted 7/4/2002 U.S.A.]

“Hurry please. The world is coming to an end and I have a lot to do.”

Today I started work with legendary painter/artist Gottfried Helnwein. Thanks to Cyril, his son, we met some time ago and are now collaborating. Today:
Lighting, camera tests, juggling.

I am too exhausted to reveal the details of our work but it is multi-media-prop chaos that I know will please many and enrage more. I am honored to work with him...and he is having a gallery exhibit this Thursday in LA that I will be attending.

As I promised, here are a couple of behind-the-scenes shots taken by Matt N., my art assistant. These are not representative of Helnwein’s work as he is primarily a painter. (AMAZING PAINTER).

Candid Manson portrait
Shiver still
Cake up on some makeup
Waiting to be shot

More to come.


[posted 6/24/2002 U.S.A.]

THROUGH THE PAIN GATE. (Do mirrors sleep and do they have feelings? Or—“90 days of Sodom”)

Hello, it’s good to be home. Sometimes the fine print in my Faustian contract eludes me and I forget how little time there is to accomplish so much. BUT THE IMPORTANCE IS TO ALWAYS:
1—Do anything creative. Who cares what people think of it.
2—After all, art is only one ‘f’ short of what most people’s opinions smell like.

To update everyone, I went to Detroit and proved that you are not always guilty of what people assume you are.

(cut to):

I flew to NYC and wrapped my last two scenes of “Party Monster.” I think everyone will enjoy this amusing, dark film and its talented cast. (Restrain your cynicism.)

I am starting a new film project tomorrow with some preliminary photography work. All I can say now, is that a renowned artist that I admire is going to collaborate on something I will be directing. I want to take some shots just for the site so you can get a sneak peek at what we are cooking up. I will post something late Sunday.

We see ourselves printed out on a zerox again and again and if we are not careful, we may end up just staring at a blur of ink. NEVER TOUCH ME UNTIL I AM DRY. (It will smear.)

I only make these things---scratches, scars, mumbles, cords, chords---to form a ladder to climb my way out of the hole in Hell I have dug while trying to MAKE these things. Sometimes, I forget to stop and enjoy how pretty Hell can be, if you can get past the smell of DOUBT.

“Mais rien ne peut exister, si l’on raisonne.”

And as Cab says: “Hidee, Hidee Ho”

Some films I watched and/or rewatched this week:

“Baise Moi”
“The Scarlet Empress”
and a favorite,
“L’AGE D’OR” by Luis Bunuel
You might enjoy.

Finally, I am trying to create a new Bullet-in ( ) Bored, as some may have noticed. This project is currently being handled by M.o.P., Stark. I have done this as a response to many requests, which have not gone unnoticed. I hope to be able to stop by there and chat periodically. However, we are finishing up the record and preparing to mix, so please understand the time restraints.

When I talk about the Marquis DeSade or recapturing the spirit of Weimar Berlin at its decadent, creative peak, I am not looking to go back in time or glorify anything BUT expression. It also reminds me of the Limelight scene in NYC from ‘89-’92. My interest in these pages of history is a pile of scattered ransom-note-cut-ups meant to create an invitation to chaos and a demand for style. (Whatever YOU choose.)
Why attend an event when you can be one?
The world may be a stage and blah, blah….but we can ALL BE STARS, not just players. No more rules to where the “stage” ends and the audience begins.
Applause is music.
Boooooooos are beautiful when harmonized!
I enjoy watching YOU more than you think.

With admiration and respect for your inspired individuality…
You are always my fire---Los Olvidados.


[posted 6/22/2002 U.S.A.]


A friend taught me this phrase…“Jemandem nach dem Mund reden. Halt’s Maul oder ich polier der die Fresse.” I have not forgotten you; I just wanted to let everyone collect their emotions.

I am excited and relieved to have finished recording all of Ginger’s drum tracks and we wrote one new song this week as a bit of a therapeutic fire extinguisher. I welcome my new bandmember. I don’t really feel the sting of insults anymore but I care about my friends (new and old) so I hope this community can contain their pointless prejudices.

It was nice to hear Jonathan Davis complimenting our album, and showing support. I also got a surprising call from Gidget (Brad Stewart), who has always been like a brother. He is truly talented and I hope to help him with his new work. It would be surreal to play a song together again, since we have put the past behind us.

This weekend I photographed 40 to 50 of my paintings (from ‘97—‘02) to update the gallery and I will have the date for the exhibit this week; it will be in late September.

There seems to be different opinions on my influences these sunny days. While most come from French Surrealism, Dada and the atmosphere of Weimar Berlin, I also find this record so much like making Portrait of an American Family. Reckless, Du kannst mich mal am Arsch lecken! I had to get back to the reason that I wanted to begin with.

Cabaret is thought to have its origin in France in 1881 and the first Cabaret that represented the spirit I find most inspiring, was in Berlin in 1901. The city was considered devoid of Kultur and a breeding ground for evil. At times of censorship and soulless art turned into simple products, creativity rises. Rome! Nachtlokals! Oppression impression obsession. This is not a statement, this is an observation translated into real-time choreography. Fashion changed, the world shifted its axis. Sounds like today.

Burlesque provided eroticism and sexscape. Cabaret and Vaudeville were satire, parody and the theatre of grotesque. Each has had an impact on everything we see today, but I aim to revive the attitude of chaos and reckless disregard for tomorrow, in order to make today’s creations as genius as possible. If it shocks, it is only because it grabs your attention in a clusterfuck of mediocrity. “Shocking” is a juvenile attempt to describe well-crafted art.

I did sing in the first version of Moulin Rouge, but a certain loving “woman,” had my vocals removed. While I enjoyed working on the film, it was not my sole inspiration, but an exciting element in this puzzle.

For the crib biters and der Flunkies-- You certainly can’t be a fascist when you are into fashion. So let’s put on our best suit, here comes the GOLDEN AGE.


[posted 6/10/2002 U.S.A.]


Believing in yourself and making a tough, almost impossible decision can hopefully define a man. This day is far harder for me and my dear friend than it is for anyone else.

I made a choice that I hope will be the best for both of us. There is no good or bad guy in this situation--- the reasons are between Twiggy and the band.

Twiggy, you will be missed and I truly hope you find something that brings you happiness. I will always be here for you. I mean that.


[posted 5/29/2002 U.S.A.]


We are perfect and ripe just before decay.

Knowing this, a new consciousness, inevitably kills the old. One of the most painful things a person can experience is the agony of change.

If you truly love a concept, a vision, a person, an ideal…You cannot waver, or surrender to habit. Do not feel fear of what will be newly gained, and do not try to jump in a grave when we need to pay our respects and leave a tragedy.

We are brave and we are NOT uncaring. We care…I care… about the soul of what I create, because it IS my very soul.

As I write this, I am watching Fellini's version of E.A. Poe's "Never Bet The Devil Your Head."

Amusing. Will happiness drive us to despair?

When I wake up, it will be a new day. Tomorrow is closer than yesterday.

From the paint pit

Marilyn Manson

[posted 5/29/2002 U.S.A.]

"These Foolish Things"

Excuse my absence...

My cryptovestiphilia was finally put to proper use this past week while I was portraying "Christina" in the film "Party Monster." I was actually allowed to leave home alone and enter the central nervous system.

Tomorrow, I am going to see a movie by Pier Paolo Pasolini in a theatre. Although I've watched it often over the years, it may be the first time it has been shown in America, as it was banned and the director was assassinated. I was reminded of the importance and power of opinion when expressed in art. Although art is undefinable, opinion is seldom powerful.

Moving on...
hierophilia and imparcolpia aside!!!!!!!!
I know decoromedia is not a proper form of JOURNALism, I find that the study of its rules help to create proper settings for one's evolution. Of course, I mean this both metaphorically and literally.

Some things won't be the same, because they will be better.

Manson in a French accent, "Delilah, do not run with those scissors!"

(The girl often will pause now and pretend to sweep up the hair.)

Manson, without the accent, says: "I have no persona called Arch Dandy."
Then to Delilah--a persona non grata--The Arch Dandy proclaims, "I am merely an idiosyncrat."

Decoromedia in action as demonstrated by M.W. Gacy

A postcard from the migraine fields

So we will now return our efforts to the melolagnia at hand. DRUMS!!!
(Doctor's orders.)

From the migraine fields,

[posted 5/25/2002 U.S.A.]


I'm almost finished with the long-awaited DVD.

The book publisher and release date will be officially announced shortly. The delay, I now can say has been due to a certain "religion's" way.

The album is pissing more than I drink and piss-propped more than you think. I haven't opened the bottle yet. Just wait.

All other B-sides, score pieces and tits and teeth will be made available as soon as I am allowed. I hope the changes HERE suit your desires and requests because the persuasion plate is being attended to every day.

For now, there's a peep show that a doctor once showed me.


[posted 5/11/2002 U.S.A.]

PART 2: Trump of Static, Trumpet of Doom

I like to sing in a living room setting. These are some moments between phenomena and mental dis-activity.

Political Rhetoric
Die Korruption
When did this become a whore house?
John is using 4 strings right now

I plan to announce DVD, book, art show and album news in the coming days. For now--
I tried painting with mortician make-up from a 20s plastic surgery kit. These are the results in progress.

Oil in progress
My medium


[posted 5/5/2002 U.S.A.]

PART 1: The irresponsible vortex of the grotesque studio.

These are some jewels I almost choked on. I had my mouth open when I shook the apple tree.
If you don't sit under it with anyone else but me,
I will give you PART 2, and 3.

My taste buds, my taste buds.
Avoid the tyranny of taste.
With Love,


Lunchtime discussion of art.
This rhythm is in no way a manifesto.
Manson plays the violet wand.

[posted 5/4/2002 U.S.A.]

The Age of Blame

Serpents bang the window pane for fruitless hours.

"Where is our apple?!" "Where is our apple?!"

"Kill that man. Kill that Manson. He is STARK raving mad and we are sad."

I say throw him in the hole and cover him in those forsaken songs. Where is our devil? (We know where god is.)

LOVE the exaggerated.
LOVE what we are knot, until we are so tangled we cannot escape.

I I I I have got a big new cd, undefined, well-designed. I want to give you a peak this week-end. Maybe 5 or 10, I don't know.

I have final news on the book. There's a date set. Place your bet.

I I I love you all (yes, all) and I hate to see this tower of babble fall. It is just a playground, and the principal will fix the sandbox soon.

Good afternoon,
Da Da Marilyn Manson
Da Da

[posted 5/3/2002 U.S.A.]


The aged text that serves as an opening image to my journal, was put there to promote thought and discussion. I would like to make it clear that these words are not mine, nor did I intend for you to believe that they were.

I used one of the memoirs of the great and talented, Marlene Dietrich as a bit of an amusement park sign that one might see at night.

Will it turn on? Has it ever been on? Do I want it to?


Marilyn Manson

[posted 4/19/2002 U.S.A.]


Pogo in da da da studio

[posted 4/12/2002 U.S.A.]


As you see, we have begun the show and the progress of this website’s transformation will continue rapidly in the days to come. The band has written 2 more songs and I am working on the musical intro of the album today. I foresee a trip to Europe needed to capture the charming atmosphere of decay I am seeking for this one.

I’ve also been busy painting in preparation for my first art exhibit, set to take place at the Tamara Bane Gallery in Los Angeles in mid August. I’ve photographed some works (in progress) and some of my working material as well.

I have word on the novel coming soon.

Sometimes DRUGS can add color to a black mood or exterminate those insects of depression. But only ART, like shards of glass and bloodstained asphalt at an intersection, can capture the pain or lack of it with a beauty that almost resembles a bruise on god. I have seen the side effects of my thoughts and I have found that there is no cure. While it is terminal, I am spelled out in a halcyon font with an unwashed brain and a belief in my new layer of skin. I must advise, that despite the discomfort any creature endures when molting, never hesitate the agony of leaving behind the dead cells.

To stay in that rotten shell you have finally outgrown, you will surely die.

You won’t understand if you are sitting.
With love,

Arch Dandy
Marilyn Manson

Artworks in progress
Bleed detail of Jonathan work
Some paint goes inside
When I grow old I would like a drink (in progress)
Work in progress (Jonathan)

[posted 3/26/2002 U.S.A.]


We have now entered "The Golden Age of Grotesque."

My band and I are going to give you a peep of what it looks and sounds like. Check the news for more agit-prop and first thing tomorrow, you will get a taste of this site's transformation.

Arch Dandy,
Marilyn Manson

[posted 3/21/2002 U.S.A.]

March 15, 2002

A burnt offering can often be considered instant choreography.


[posted 3/15/2002 U.S.A.]

March 13, 2002

I enjoyed the results of Resident Evil and its use of my score work. I congratulate Paul Andersen. I hope all of you thriller sci-fi fans liked it as well. The other pieces that are not on the soundtrack will be made available here very soon.

For now, here is a glimpse into the studio. I took a few shots of co-producer Tim Skold and the guys recording a new song that John 5 wrote. Expect to see more of me singing and the rest of the band recording in greater detail later.

Next week I plan to announce the album title, but I can say for sure NONE of the fake track listings are even close. No predictions of “ghetto Dracula” or anything else are accurate either. I can say the album will be a hard and violent mix of industrial-strength punk vaudeville with 30s Berlin cabaret decadence.

One song title is…”Use your fist and not your mouth.”

Here is a peek:

John 5 and Tim Skold

Guitar take 1

Manson vocal take

Manson in the booth

Tim at the mix board

Guitar take 2

Production value

[posted 3/13/2002 U.S.A.]

It's time to accept knowing what you are and what you want to say

It is time for something new.
I am done with 11 songs now.
It has no resemblance to what most critical prophets of the identity-free forum are expecting.

I am glad you will all be here to join me on this trip to the only society that matters and that is the society of oneself.

I've got new pics for the museum and some clips of the recording on the way.

I miss the stage and I will be heading for it soon enough. But it's going to be something else my darling ones.


[posted 3/3/2002 U.S.A.]


Don't let anyone look at your baby until it coughs. You have generated this great work, it cannot be called "degenerate."

OOhhh the baby's crying.

Trouble is on its way.
Love and I am,


[posted 2/22/2002 U.S.A.]

February 14th, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day. Here are some sweets, for my sweets.

For little boys:
"I will love you until I die."

For little girls:
"I love you with all my heart."

Love and I am,
Marilyn Manson

[posted 2/14/2002 U.S.A.]


Luckily, I can post a message since my throat is bloody and raw from singing all night. One more song is finished. The album is almost whole.

I just approved the soundtrack to Resident Evil. They are using four of my score pieces. The titles are:
"Seizure of power"
"Resident Evil Main Title Theme"

There was a chance they might use another but this should be the final 4. The rest will appear only in the film but I may try to sneak a few for you to hear. The titles are:

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
"The red queen"
"The queen explains the needs"
"Suppressing early signs of infection"
and "The dead walk"

I'll tell you some song titles for my album soon. I'm off to the studio.


[posted 2/9/2002 U.S.A.]

February 7, 2002

From the studio.

[posted 2/8/2002 U.S.A.]

February 6, 2002

I'm not in the studio today, so I am painting a picture
that is inspired by a recent magic show that I

In the world of DVD's, ours is being finished despite
delays. The disc itself will contain much more than
the concert pay-per-view which is being rescheduled.
The DVD goes like this
and so on.

I'm seeing Jonathan Davis this week but there
was never a definite collaboration, just a rumor.
We had a good time working together again.

This journal will indeed be filled with video
entries and still photos in the future. But for now
I think I've said enough. I'm back to work.


[posted 2/6/2002 U.S.A.]