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April 22nd, 2011

THE VAULT | The Complete Marilyn Manson Video Collection

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MMXI .·. NACHTKABARETT Update for 2011 completing The Vault : The Complete Marilyn Manson Archives.

Over 125 rare and unseen videos, many of which are in higher quality than ever previously seen on the internet, ripped and encoded from our personal archives from the past 15 years which encompass Marilyn Manson's entire catalogue of music videos, special performances, TV appearances, interviews and speeches by Manson that delve into the imagery, themes and philosophy of his art. If sourcing or linking these videos, credit The NACHTKABARETT.

Additionally completed is the unabrdiged compendium of all of Marilyn Manson's online writing & essays and BBS postings from 1998 to present now assembled together for the first time ever.


MARILYN MANSON VIDEOS | Music videos, MTV specials & appearances, interviews, live concert footage, MTV features and television performances from the early 1990's to present.







MARILYN MANSON ESSAYS, WRITINGS & WEB ADDRESSES | Writings and essays by Marilyn Manson which include pivotal media responses, key interviews as well as preamble and introductory web addresses to the online community. Included is Manson's "Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?" essay for Rolling Stone, the tenth chapter excerpt from Manson's unreleased novel Holy Wood, "Is Adult Entertainment Killing Our Children? Or Is Killing Our Children Entertaining Adults?", "Marilyn Manson Remembers Hunter S. Thompson" Rolling Stone essay ans much, much more.




MARILYN MANSON OFFICIAL BBS POSTINGS 1998 - 2003 | Nearest complete archive that exists of Marilyn Manson's messages and posts to the Official Message Forums from 1998 to it's demise in 2003. Contained are various personal



Thank you to our new site partner MMFR for additional video contributions to The Vault


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