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March 17th, 2009

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Another promising new Pumpkins Media Militia writer (and longtime friend), ‘Saeed1985’ has recently launched an article entitled, “I Have My Hobby - You Have Yours!”; a discussion worthy article examining how The Smashing Pumpkins have inspired some of their fans.

As you may recall, Saeed provided the wonderfully detailed scans of the Machina booklet for analysis purposes, along with being a continual source of Smashing Pumpkins lore.

The Nachtkabarett once again receives some love, and a few of my quotes are shared with the community:

"He views Billy Corgan and the band as an entity that tackles art and expression on many levels, saying that The Smashing Pumpkins have "consistently exemplified the beauty of the corporeal and the incorporeal. Billy tackles both spectrums; the realm of situational problems of the flesh (love, lust, misanthropy, mortality) and conversely, the intangible and unknowable (spirit, gnosis, revelation, resurrection)."

To find out more, check out the article, currently hosted on the official website of The Smashing Pumpkins. And for members, be sure to show Saeed some love.

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