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August 30th, 2007

NACHTKABARETT UPDATE - Eat Me, Drink Me & The Rape of the World

Just as the name 'Marilyn Manson' is a dichotomy of opposing elements, the term 'Eat Me, Drink Me' is itself a union of opposites in the context of Alice in Wonderland. 'Eat Me', the cake, made Alice grow while 'Drink Me', the bottle, made her shrink. In other words, the album title can dually act as an extension of the black/white, good/evil dichotomy that Manson continually portrays.

Eat Me, Drink Me can be seen, to philosophize on a deeper level, as the union of expansion and contraction; dichotomy of opposites, Marilyn and Manson. And the theme which is directly illustrated in the live performance.

With the American and first European leg of the tour closing comes a brand new update on EAT ME, DRINK ME and THE RAPE OF THE WORLD TOUR. The live theatrics, and artistic influences behind them, are presented with the three most prominent elements evoked by Manson are Alice in Wonderland / Lewis Carroll, Vampirism and Manson's hero, David Bowie. All are detailed presented within:

Included as well is the inspirational origin behind the surreal heart-headed, outlaw in the News section of, a painting by the co-founder of the Berlin Dada movement:

Lyrical allusions contained with the album are also outlined, with further entries to be added between site updates:

Additionally, a new feature of The NACHTKABARETT has recently been launched; in cooperation with Markus Lion of, creator of Mansinthe, a promotional minisite on the new line of absinthe, Manson's past evocations of the emerald spirit and the history behind it's insidious active ingredient, Wormwood.

Lastly, keep checking back to The DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK section for new entries regularly added on miscellaneous aspects of Manson's art along with the hidden elements of PORTRAIT OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY and SMELLS LIKE CHILDREN.

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