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November 26th, 2007

Manson as Hamlet | "King Goth's Robot Lover"

Nov 25 2007 Billy Sloan

Manson Girl's Electric

MARILYN MANSON plans to bundle his sexy girlfriend into a flight case and ship her to Glasgow for his next gig.

But don't worry...the US shock rocker is not involved in any bizarre kidnap plot - he's turned his lover into a robot.

Manson storms into Braehead Arena on December 8 with his spectacular new Eat Me Drink Me stage show.

And latest squeeze Evan Rachel Wood - star of controversial teen flick 13 - will be on stage with him. Well, almost.

Manson told me: "I've built a robot replica of my girlfriend. She brings me absinthe on stage - like any wonderful girl should.

"There's a very sentimental moment where I slice her head off and perform my sarcastic version of Hamlet with it.

"It's very lifelike. Backstage, people stumble across it and say: 'Hello Evan' - and it's not her. Her response is a strange mix of confusion and amazement."

In 2006, Manson split from American burlesque artiste Dita Von Teese after 12 months of marriage.

The singer - whose hits albums include Antichrist Superstar and The Golden Age Of Grotesque - revealed he felt so low he almost quit the music scene. He said. "I'm much happier now than I can remember. On this tour I feel more alive than ever.

"I didn't feel in control of my life after getting into the wrong kind of relationship.

"It was a bad idea to get married. I was expected to change. Anybody who would ever get involved with me on any level - business or personal - it's a sort of 'buyer beware' situation. You can't expect me to become somebody different."

In 1999, Manson was blamed for being the inspiration for the Columbine high school massacre when two students - said to be fans - shot 13 pupils dead.

And last month a 14-year-old wearing a Manson T-shirt shot four people before killing himself at a school in Cleveland.

Manson told me: "If a kid wants to be violent all they need to do is join the army. I just want people to feel emotion - good or bad."

Now Manson would like to appear in a TV reality show.

He said: "I'm guilty of watching reality television. It's really shocking how f***** up people are.

"I've been offered a lot but always turned them down. But I'd do one if it involved machine guns and hookers."

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