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November 20th, 2007

NACHTKABARETT Update | EMDM & Vampirism, Nine Inch Nails, et al

HEART SHAPED GLASSES, VAMPIRISM & BLOOD RITUAL .·. Eat Me, Drink Me section updated, outlining some of the inspirations behind the new era's macabre aesthetic:

RAPE OF THE WORLD TOUR (Addendum) .·. Compendium update to last August detailing both new as well as early / discarded stage theatrics on the Eat Me, Drink Me Tour. This section will be summarily and thoroughly updated as new visuals are performed:

NINE INCH NAILS | OCCULT IMAGERY, INFLUENCES & SAMPLES .·. Another expansion of The NACHTKABARETT on another personal favourite of mine, detailing the origins of many of NIN's visual and thematic inspirations of the Self Destruct era. Featuring all original images, the origins of visual inspirations behind 'Closer' and playable movie clips from films which have been sampled in songs (a trend which will follow throughout The NK in the future).

Stay tuned for another update before 2008 on another prominent band which have heavily referenced the occult, coinciding and even overlapping with even that of Manson's occultism; other articles on Manson's visual evocations; and dozens of entries into The Devil's Notebook section.

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