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July 10th, 2007


Brand new and in-depth NACHTKABARETT Update on EAT ME, DRINK ME and all of Manson's imagery, underlying and overt, in the new era.

An expansion will be following on next update on lyrical references and tour theatrics when the full-fledged solo shows in the US begin and the entire vision is actualized in front of an audience.

Also included within the update is Marilyn Manson's Journal from The Golden Age of Grotesque era For the first time online again, the complete image and video archive in its original format (with slight multimedia viewing improvements).

Also, keep checking back to THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOKS section as entries are being added semi-daily, including references on SMELLS LIKE CHILDREN & PORTRAIT OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY which don't necessarily fit within the existing sections of the site.



An expansion of The NACHTKABARETT. Though no other present day artists / musicians have as much efficacy and intricacy as Manson, with his endless layers of multidimensional connections, there are many other bands, films and other artists who do evoke influences in the imagery of what they present.

Though I certainly cannot claim to be a fan, or necessarily, even enjoy -some- of the acts which will be contained herein (aside from a core handful) this section will be rapidly expanding and will bring to light such elements, nods and invocations in pop culture, be the allusions occult, esoteric or simply references to the past.

The introductory article for this section will be about a personal favorite group who are very deep into the occult sciences and often utilizes esoteric imageries, all discussed within this section.



The design for your very own wearable NACHTKABARETT memorabilia was sent to the printer last week which should be made available before the new tour begins. Keep visiting back for details and images!

From the Black Lodge,


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