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June 3rd, 2007

EAT ME, DRINK ME TOUR, Glimpes of the New Performance Theatrics


Though only a handful of performances into the new era, glimpses of the new stage theatrics are beginning to surface on the internet via fan sites, YouTube and the like. Manson promised the new tour would be much more theatrical, in the vein of Mechanical Animals, than any tour to date, and the given the elaborateness of the GUNS, GOD & GOVERNMENT and the GROTESK BURLESK tours the delivery on this vow should make the tour something not to be missed. A raining stage, a Double Cross synthesizer podium, a giant "Alice in Wonderland" chair and a dynamic projection screen display are but a few of the new elements surface thusfar.

Festival and opening performances are always dimminuitive to the full sonic assault planned so when the tour kicks off in the US the Death Parade should be in full apocalyptic swing.

As always, The NACHTKABARETT will be delving much deeper into the new imageries and symbolisms but for the time being you are invited to join the current messageboard discussion and share either new photos, or even your own accounts of the new live performances here:

Above image courtesy of Manson.PL, a great Polish Marilyn Manson site run by artist and friend of The NACHTKABARETT, Bullsik.

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