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May 22nd, 2007

Manson Mentioned in May 2007 Rolling Stone Issue

Marilyn Manson mentioned in Rolling Stone's May, 2007 issue:

Manson's Bloody Fantasy

Marilyn Manson has unveiled his kinky short kilm for "Heart-Shaped Glasses," the first single from his upcoming epic, Eat Me, Drink Me (out June 5th). "It's a very True Romance, Bonnie and Cylde, Badlands sort of story," says Manson, who stars in the video with his girlfriend, actress Evan Rachel Wood. In the film, Manon and Wood wreck a 1967 Corvette and get it on while the sky rains blood. "It goes from the very realistic to a twisted inner vision, and will probably be viewed as sick by some people in its extent of eroticism," Manson says. After the shoot in downtown Los Angeles, the couple checked into a hotel to wash up, much to the dismay of its employees. "It looked as if we just fornicated in a thunderstorm of blood," Manson says. "Oh, wait. We did." Source: ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE Click to join discussion