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May 19th, 2007



On May 13, 2007 AD The Golden Age of Grotesque celebrated its fourth birthday and The NACHTKABARETT celebrated its third. To commemorate the date is an exhaustive new update accompanied by a brand new site format. All technical issues are also fully known and are being effaced in the order of importance.

The CELEBRITARIAN CORPORATION extensively updated with various connections to EAT ME, DRINK ME, a history and overview of the Victorian Era and its imagery as evoked by Manson up to current as well as the theatrics of the AGAINST ALL GODS tour. section updated with an analysis of the symbolism of the then-new site from November 2006 to April 2007.

New section, LITERARY VICES, which will be devoted to the various authors, books and literary figures which Manson has evoked or cited as inspiration. At current it discusses in essay form the many key literary figures referenced in Marilyn Manson history but expect it to evolve as a repository list of reading recommendations that have taken shape in Manson's works.

Other features in the brand new NACHTKABARETT is a Marilyn Manson news listing, an optimized interface, a site search engine and a soon to be implemented function for the automatic publishing of article translations for our international readers who wish to contribute. Additional features as well as a very special inclusion to be coming soon.

TO NOTE: the update text was predominantly written between February and early March 2007 and therefore encompasses materials relating to the previous "Celebritarian" incarnation of and prior to many of the details of EAT ME, DRINK ME were revealed. The newly dawned EAT ME, DRINK ME era and all connected facets will be following at-length next update.

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