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Heavy Metal Machine

Found in: egg7dwnld

Description: Some light hearted humour for a change: the subject below is quite literally a heavy metal machine. This is amplified by the main riff from said song.

Above (top): Inscribed upon its metallic core, the heavy metal machine bears the symbol of mercury; the sigil of the craft. On its chest plate, the alchemical treatise, "It is finished when seven are one" is highlighted. For more on the symbol, visit Alchemical Glass.

Above (bottom): Individuals gradually make their way to the mouth of the Heavy Metal Machine, as plate VI: As the Machines Resume is displayed within.

Perhaps dryer, but equally amusing to those who study the golden art, is that 'heavy metal' is a specific alchemical term with its own connotations, creating a two-tiered level of meaning. For more information on the alchemy behind 'heavy metal's, check out the article in Alchemical Glass.

Anima Mundi
Anima Mundi | The World Soul

Found in: egg4dwnld

Description: Upon the completion of the flash file, holding the cursor over the figure's head would bring to the surface the words “Anima Mundi”. Anima Mundi is a Latin term, loosely translating to the “World Soul”. This was thought to be a universal force; something which was contained in everything in nature and the known universe.

Plato was most likely the original source for this concept in Western philosophy. Somewhat similar concepts may also be found in a few eastern religions and philosophies, particularly Hinduism.

"This world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence … a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related."
- Plato's 'Timaeus'
The Rebis
The Rebis

Found in: egg6dwnld

Description: The center focus of the flash, the Rebis is the alchemical androgyne, a figure of sublime union, balancing the very nature of existence in one perfectly unified form. If you're unfamiliar (or need a refresher) on the nature of the androgyne, please refer to the article on the single artwork for Stand Inside Your Love

This particular image shows the Rebis standing upon a dragon breathing flame. The dragon in this context is one of the Tria Prima; sulfur – the potential of the spirit – shown through transformative flame.

Supporting the Rebis is the globe of the Earth. Within it are the square and triangle. Together, the circle, the square and the triangle are the greatest of all shapes to the alchemist. The square is the corps, the triangle the spirit, and the circle is the realm of the divine. The wings attached to the globe reiterate the transcendental quality of these figures.

Within the square (which is the material and the corporeal) is the number 43. This has a twofold meaning. Firstly, it is a degree of measurement (another concept important to the alchemist), and secondly its sum is seven, the most perfect number, ascribed to the divine. One can also observe that the four rests within the square, while the three is similarly placed within the triangle. As to further place significance on measurement, the female holds in her hand a square, and the man holds a compass. Today, the square and compass are most visibly identified with the esoteric order of The Freemasons, who use it for the teaching of metaphysical concepts, as well as using it as a constant reminder of the necessity to keep good judgment and morality.

Surrounding the Rebis in a semi-circle are seven figures for the seven classical planets. Five of these seven are inscribed with their planetary influence, while the parent metals of the seven (Sol and Luna) are shown as the sun and the moon. Once again, this concept of seven being a figure of transformation and divinity reemerges.

The Rebis
The material prima: "The egg of nature they call me, known to all the philosophers (…) Quicksilver or Mercury fine I am called in general (…) An old dragon, an old man, I am everywhere near and far (…) I fly away, unless/one binds me with measure./I have much of form, colour and shape/I carry in me the force of men and women."
Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae, Hanover, 1617
William Blake & The Philosophical Egg/></div> 

<div class=The Philosophical Egg

Found in: egg6dwnld

Description: Appearing at the end of the flash file is an image which further solidifies William Blake as one of the most influential artists upon the Machina mystery.

The Gates of Paradise
The eggshell signifies mankind's limited field of vision, "an immense/Hardened shadow of all things upon our vegetated Earth,/enlarged into dimension and deformed into indefinite space". After his death, man tears this "veil of nature" which freezes all life
William Blake, The Gates of Paradise, 1793