From One Ghost Child to Another

If you're reading this, then there's a good chance that your interest in The Smashing Pumpkins exceeds that of the ineffable beauty of their music. In all odds, it's also very likely that you're equally appreciative of their stimulating and thought provoking artwork, lyrics, and concepts. If that is the case, then these articles have you in mind. The heart and soul of this project will have a particular focus on the occult and the esoteric, and as such it is geared towards all of those who wish to take a deeper look into the theological, alchemical and symbolic quality of Machina.

I've generally noticed serious discussion pertaining to Machina to be few and far between, with those interested individuals largely ignored and outcasted by a sea of disinterested or apathetic parties. In an effort to shackle off the guise of a 'specter of complacency' any longer, I intend on presenting my views to those who are interested to hear them. It is my hope that these articles (and articles to come) will be well received among that small group of fans who spent (and/or continue to spend) their time brooding over the theological, the symbolic, and the alchemical intricacies of Machina. At the very least, I hope it provokes solid thought and discussion.

For the launch, the centerpiece is undeniably the Machina plates – spanning a collective of over fifty pages in girth, it may just be the first undertaking of its kind. Joining it also are articles pertaining to two of the then existing websites: and, along with a few other treats as well.

As it stands, there are numerous articles still on the horizon that will gradually be released via future updates. A short, concise, and definitely incomplete list:

In addition -in the distant but foreseeable future- work will begin on a significant article delving into the spiritual element consistently present in Billy Corgan's writing over the years, from Gish onwards.

Now here's the moment where I ask of the crowd for assistance. As it stands, I'm currently on the lookout for anything of relevance for possible inclusion in future updates, be it: images, flash files, video, audio, screenshots, concert shots, etc. If you see it as worthy of article material, I want to see it.

Note: I do already have a great deal of the material which can be turned up in simple image searches, ventures, and several of the more common sites. I'm really looking for hard to find gems that may have faded into general obscurity. As is NK policy, any individual who provides me with previously unknown materials that end up being used will be directly thanked and cited.

Three communities must be thanked for their initial assistance – my new friends from The Smashing Pumpkins website, my buddies from The Zomb, and the few (very few) members of Netphoria that were civil and interested in this project.

Two individuals must be also be mentioned, who, without their help, these articles would not have been possible. Saeed Ali -my first (and favourite) friend from the Republic of the Trinidad and Tobago- and Nick Kushner; founder of The Nachtkabarett, and my brother. Saeed provided me with gorgeous high resolution scans of the album which were critical to my Machina plate analyses, and he also served as a continuous source of SP knowledge and folklore. Nick Kushner invested probably as many hours as I have into this project in terms of graphic design, web development and the meticulousness of coding and layout, while also periodically giving me a kick to make sure that I was still alive.

For a complete list of thanks and sources, click here.

I've made a great deal of friends through this project, and I'm always willing to make more. You can find me on:

These articles reflect many months of writing, and much more of research. If citing, reviewing, or incorporating in any context, please be respectful and acknowledge the author.

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificandoque Invenies Occultum Lapidem Veram Medicinam

Brad Jaeger
Fall 2008, Anno Domini