A Message to Billy Corgan: From One of Your Ghost Children


Years ago you wrote that your words were spoken in rhyme and riddle, not for fear of detection, but rather, so that those who wished to be spoken to were; to assure those lone, solitary individuals that the words uttered were intended for them and them only.

While Machina reigned, you challenged your fans to not only listen to the album, but to examine it, interpret it, grow from it. You held contests which rewarded those who engrossed themselves in the mythos of your work. You encouraged your Ghost Children to study the alchemical symbols, explore the relation and almost triune connection of Glass, Zero and June.

Like all good fathers, sometimes you had to nudge your children in the right direction as they strayed. In one particular 'Chards of Glass', you wrote with almost bemused disappointment that so many had so quickly given up on their pursuit of understanding Machina. On one occasion you wrote, albeit with a certain level of jest:

I am sure by now that you have deciphered all the deep alchemical codes of machina and have now moved on to some 8th generation alt-rap-metal hybrid bands new disc and are peering deep into the meanings there too. shit! I had it all so planned out and curses I have been foiled.

But to a select core of us, Machina resonated. It changed us. Machina not only gave us the opportunity to peer into the world of Glass - its reflection gave us the opportunity to reexamine our own. It brought us a greater understanding of love, of God, and of enlightenment. Its story, told in symbols and metaphors, served to illustrate that unshakeable human yearning for connection, love, and understanding.

While the writing of this project served as a cathartic release for my thoughts, the desire to share my musings with other Ghost Children was also a contributing factor. However, to be honest, I have first and foremost written everything you see encompassed in these articles out of respect for you, both as an artist, and as a human being. For far too long, I've seen Machina dismissed - not out of ignorance, per se - but out of an inability to comprehend the depth and vision of your work.

On the most surfaced level, I undertook this project in attempt to solve the Machina mystery once and for all. Having spent well over a year in research and analysis, I still do not have the gall to make any such assertion. But I'm beginning to believe that the solution lies not in the answer, but in the question. The journey from lead to gold has been its own reward.

And so, I present this sacrificial offering as tribute for such a moving album: musically, artistically and thematically. I hope it reaches you and reaffirms that you have fans that have been, and will continue to be, moved by your work.

Billy, thank you. For everything. Bless you, and all future Pumpkins endeavors

Medicinam Ego Rubeam Creo Universalem Regiamque In Utero Soli

Brad Jaeger
Fall 2008, Anno Domini