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In collaboration with Gilles Maurice.


(s)AINT intro Exclusive Imagery (s)AINT video Celebritarian Seizure LWF promo site


After a 3-days closure with the waiting screen above, is updated on September 26th, 2004 with a new skin and imagery corresponding to the Lest We Forget material and the subsequent tour. The site, adorned with Manson's green face from the Personal Jesus video, includes a very active and illustrated news section, a glimpse at the band's discography, an extensive gallery of photos from Personal Jesus, a list of the Against All Gods tour dates, and a re-cut version of Manson's Journal. The art and merch sites were soon to adopt Manson's new imagery and logos as well, along with consequent waves of new material...


(s)AINT Intro


On September 28th, coinciding with the release of Lest We Forget, a new splash page opens the site with an still frame from the (s)AINT video. For complete archiving and chronology of its many variations from January 3rd, 2006 to the whole site's "seizure" by the Celebritarian Corporation and more, visit the - January to March 2006 section on The NACHTKABARETT.




Three more images used in the site's design. Left; picture from the era within an earlier version of the Multimedia Archives. Center; portrait of Manson by Helnwein from their Golden Age Of Grotesque collaboration for the Photo Gallery page, and the 'Against All Gods' banner from the Tour Dates page. merchandise shoppe icon
featuring the, then new, 'Personal Jesus' imagery.


Two images from the extensive Personal Jesus photo gallery of fully archived on The NACHTKABARETT.


Pictures from 'Sweet Dreams' and 'The Dope Show' performances during the Against All Gods tour, two good
examples of the many hi-quality pictures which are used to illustrate the news entries throughout this period.



(s)AINT Intro

November 2nd, 2005 : "On this, the Day of Souls, the celebrations of death end with an offering. Only by prayer and the sacrifices of the masses may the dead be cleansed from sin and attain the Beatific Vision. In its complete, uncut and unedited form, Manson offers to us the critically acclaimed music video for (s)AINT." (as quoted from this news item). Notice that the Double Cross which had surfaced a month ago with the resurrection of and the (s)AINT splash intros discussed above, is used for the first time as a 'back' button, which would later be systematized in the late 2006 The archived page accessible above remains incomplete but the screencapture presented gives an idea of its design.




On January 19 2006, is seized along with a few affiliated sites by the Celebritarian Corporation, as stated on the message above : the first words ever directed by Marilyn Manson's new art movement, accompanied by a new logotype for it and the now familiar Double Cross. For more on the references behind this text, as well as the secret message also hidden in the picture and the list of seized sites visit our - early 2006 transformations archive section.



On September 09, 2004 a promotional mini-site for Lest We Forget had also surfaced, including tracklisting, club launch nights info and a "Peep Show" of Manson's videos, as well as hidden exclusive clips from the (s)AINT video. The overall design, in continuity with Lest We Forget's artwork aesthetics, also hides a handful of hidden litterary elements all examined in the Hidden & Sister websites section.