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The above alchemical image, which was unveiled on Decmeber 15th, 1999, served as the new introduction to and the new era's site design. This date also marked the now famous webcast which was the unveiling of Manson's new direction, aesthetic, imagery and sound; previewing song clips of The Love Song, Disposable Teens and Little Child (commonly referred to as "Mommy Dear" which was sung in the 1964 film noir The Naked Kiss) while Manson also revealed the title of the new album to be named In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death (which was to coincide with the release of his novel Holy Wood) as well as his new identification with the symbol of Mercury.

This was the beginning of the Holy Wood era and it was also Manson's first act of retalliation against the world after scapegoating him for Columbine. The above imagery, glittery like dead stars, is preserved in its original form. Each of the alchemical words and symbols linked to various sites of individuals, organizations and information to show how sick this world we live in is; sick particularly in that these morbid fascinations and hypocritical evangelists are the same who demonized Manson; hypocrites such as Jerry Falwell and organizations as morbid enough as to call themselves the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. This was the world who scapegoated Manson as blame for the corruption of youth, a world for a whom a mirror would more appropriately and accurately reveal for whom to lay blame unto who molded these children and gave them more inspiration than Manson ever could to pick up a gun.

The date for this unveiling was not unintentional either. There are many parallels which Manson drew between the end of the sixties and the end of the nineties, the death of the innocence, Altamount and Woodstock '99, the Manson Family murders and Columbine, much of which is discussed in The Lamb Of section of The NACHTKABARETT and coincides directly to this. December 15, 1969 was the date which the bloody clothes from the Manson Family murders were found. Up until that point there had been little evidence tying in the real murderers to the Tate-LaBianca killings. December 15th, 1999 marked the beginning of Manson's retalliation, laying blame back at those whom the evidence now pointed towards.

"Make of man and woman a circle; when you add the head to the tail, you have the whole tincture." (Hermetic saying)

"Consider these two dragons, for they are the true beginnings of philosophy which the sages were not permitted to show their children. The one at the bottom is called the fixed and the constant or the man. But the upper snake is the volatile or black, dark woman. The first is called sulphur or the warm and dry. The other is called quicksilver or the cold and moist (...).

"If they are brought together and then returned to the quintessence, they overcome all dense, hard and strong metallic things' (Nicolas Flamel, Chymische Werke, Hamburg edition, 1681)

"A.J. Kirchweger, Annulus Platonis (Aurea Catena Homeri), 1781; reprinted Berlin, 1921"

Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum by Alexander Roob site design buttons during Holy Wood
"Zoroaster or Zarathustra (c. 628-551 B.C.E.) was an Iranian religious leader and reformer, priest, and founder of Zoroastrianism, or Parsiiam as it is called in India. Along with Moses and Hermes Trismegistus, Zoroaster was considered by Renaissance philosophers as one of the great spiritual teachers of the world - the prisci theogici- who had foreshadowed the teachings of Christ."
The Tree Of Life by Israel Regardie.
"The second symbol of Zoroaster was Senemira - the Bad Principle, represented by an A - Alpha - inside a circle surrounded by a pentagram stressed by lightning bolts"
The Complete Book Of Amulets & Talismans by Migene González-Wippler

By Brad Jaeger

According to Greek mythology, the Horai (The Greek word for 'hours') were revered as Goddesses of the seasons, as well as the heavenly measurers of time. The twelve Horai were tutelary Goddesses who were each assosciated with a different hour of the day; from just before sunrise to the final moments after sunset. As the ancient Greeks did not have the means to measure time as accurately as we are able to today, the twelve Horai were each allocated a certain hour of the day in relation to the movement of the sun accross the Sky. The Horai were thought to have accompanied Helios, who drove his golden chariot throughout the sky, dividing up the day from the night.

The four Horai which Manson made mention of during Holy Wood added yet another element to the already multi-faceted Adam Kadmon. Not only was ADAM the heavenly man, as described by the Kabbalah, and representative as the tangible form of The Tree of Life, but his name was also an acronym in relation to four of the Horai which most served Manson's creative vision. The four Horai identified were as follows:

"The four were greeted by the twelve circling Horai, daughters of Khronos, tripling round the fiery throne of the untiring Charioteer in a ring, servants of Helios that attend on his shining car, priestesses of the lichtgang each in her turn: for they bend the servile neck to the ancient manager o the universe."
The Greek Epic "Nonnus, Dionysiaca", circa 5th Century, AD.
ANATOLE - The hour of the sunrise
DYSIS - The hour of the sunset
ARKTOS - The hour of the last light
MESEMBRIA - The hour of noon

Thematically, Manson chose these specific Horai to reaffirm the numerous elements of rebirth and regeneration already present within the Triptych. Humans since the beginning of their time on Earth have been able to trace the apparent progression of the sun throughout the sky by way of the naked eye. This is yet another illustration of the continual theme transformation and rebirth parallels the Triptych.

Site map for the Holy Wood era design of, Manson within the Seven Pointed Star. The star which coincides with the seven elements of Alchemy which Manson, jawless, stands in front of on the Sigillum Aemeth.
The Sevenfold Star Of Babalon. A symbol used in both the A .·. A .·. (or Silver Star, a thelemic magickal group founded by Aleister Crowley) and the O.T.O.