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Along with the song preview websites, from 1999 to 2003 Manson released six flashcard previews from The Last Tour On Earth, Holy Wood & The Golden Age Of Grotesque. Many of these flashcards contain hidden images & symbols which relate to the imagery of each era they are a part of.

Because these are rarer elements in the world of Marilyn Manson, just as the Hidden Websites, they are offered here for download. As The NACHTKABARETT is not hosted for free it is asked that direct linking of URLs are not to be posted & given out other than those who visit this page as part of the site so they may continue to be offered for download.


Sketch of Caravaggio's 'Medusa' 1590 appearing in the flash card & the completed oil painting.


Detail of an Aubrey Beardsley illustration for Oscar Wilde's Salome which in itself is a Biblical story with many occult & insidious connotations.


Alchemical drawing of the Mercurial demon Typhon from the book Della transmutatione metallica, by Giovanni Battista Nazari, 1589.

"The Moon and the Sun and their 'coniunctio' in Taurus; the fourth element is Hermes the Mystagogue."

Nazari, Della trasmutatione metallica, 1599

Compiled in Chymica Vannus, Alchemy or the Dreamed Science
Edited by Donatio Domini



Two more subliminal images, the left being a depiction of Christ



The following are hidden / subliminal images within the animation depicting violence & evolution which the song is a treatise of.

Depiction of Christ and Manson's Hierophant card in an alternate, annointing pose. See also The Tarot & Holy Wood section of The NACHTKABARETT



Containing subliminal images of wartorn soldiers paralleling the World War II cemetary image in the first preview of the song on



The predominent hidden image throughout the flash is the Hermit Tarot card, the original version of the depiction of Ginger Fish at the end of the animation, from the Ryder - Waite Tarot deck which Manson reinterpretation is based upon.







Four of the first Holy Wood Tarot Flashcards also acted as a key to what was known as the Masterboard, where each of the four cards, Godeatgod, Cruci-fiction in Space, The Love Song and Burning Flag contained each two codes for unlocking two tarot cards on the online masterboard. After unlocked, the tarot cards were then used, after aligning in position (the key to alignment was portions of the gun crucifix superimposed on each to make up the whole when all positioned correctly (the first version of the masterboard utilized the Mercury symbol instead of the crucifix)) to unlock a secret download of an unreleased song, 'Diamonds & Pollen'.

Scans & below information courtesy of affiliate site,


The codes for unlocking the tarot cards were shown on sites.

They codes were also available from the flash cards sent out by Interscope as promotions.

6312 - Death
6583 - Devil
5164 - Justice
4644> - Hermit
2743 - Hanged Man
7513 - High Priestess
9413 - Emperor
9985 - Magician
4851 - Fool
8198 - Hierophant



The first single release from Holy Wood containing many symbols used throughout the era and album artwork. The signifigances of which are detailed at length in the ALCHEMY & KABBALAH section of The NACHTKABARETT.


Second single from Holy Wood


Third single from Holy Wood containing many symbols used throughout the era, detailed at length in the ALCHEMY & KABBALAH section of The NACHTKABARETT. Other symbols hidden within which are unique to the card are sketch versions of these Holy Wood era symbols, shown below.

Sketch of the Vaccuum of Infinite Space Sketch of the Crucifixion in Space
Sketch of the dark circling & the Tetragrammaton Sketch of the Eden Eye


Preview of new era's collaboratory "degenerate" artwork with Gottfried Helnwein & the first single from The Golden Age Of Grotesque.