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Günter Brus Vienna Walk, 1965
From The Artist's Body by Tracey Warr and Amelia Jones
Tim Skold on the night of the Resident Evil premier of which he and Manson scored.
Left, Skold and John 5 in the studio. Right Erin & Tim Skold, Manson & Dita on the red carpet at the premier Winter of 2002.
Günter Brus
Self - Painting, Self - Mutilation
1965 Vienna

" 'Self-painting is a further development of painting. The pictorial surface has lost its function as sole expressive support. It was led back to its origins, the wall, the object, the living being, the human body. By incorporating my body as expressive support, occurances arise as a result, the course of which the camera records and the viewer can experience...' - Günter Brus, quoted in Le Marais. Sonderheft Günter Brus, 1965.

"The collage documenting Self - Painting, Self - Mutilation was presented at the Junge Generation Gallery, Vienna, the day after Brus' first public action. The artist had walked through the centre of Vienna, painted entirely in white, with a black strip over his face and body. The dark paint was used as a symbol of mutilation. During this action Brus was arrested almost immediately by the police for being potentially disturbing to the public."

The Artist's Body by Tracey Warr and Amelia Jones