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Following the above, Antichrist Svperstar was Manson's first era and album to not only embrace but to openly evoke the occult and Kabbalah, with Donald Tyson's book, The Tetragrammaton: The Secret Key to Evoking Angelic Powers & the Key to the Apocalypse, even cited in Manson's autobiography as being read during the album's creation to denote the large forthcoming influence.

Zim Zum was the live guitarist for Antichrist Svperstar and was a member of the band between late 1996 to mid 1998. Following with the occult inspired direction Manson was heading in, the christening of the era's guitar player followed suit. The name Zim Zum is a variation of the Kabbalistic term 'Tzimtzum' or 'Tsimtsum' which means 'constriction of the light,' referring to the creation of the world as we know it. In the Kabbalist sense, the world was created out of the absence of God. Before Creation, God was omnipotent and omnipresent where God was in all things and all was God meaning that in order for mankind to exist he must be absent from God. Man must be apart from God to become closer to him, to work and earn his place in Heaven as to not take it and the presence of God for granted. All meaning that the very name Zim Zum implies God's, at least the partial, abandonment of mankind.

The complete Tetragrammaton plays an essential part in the process of zimzum (contraction) that takes place before the first emanation from the limitless void of non-being. Before the sephiroth were projected within the Primordial Point of Kether, which in fact forms the boundary of the universe, there was only the featureless, unending essence of God. For something else to come into being, it was necessary for God to turn in upon Himself and thereby create a vacuum where He was not present, or was present in a different degree.
The Tetragrammaton by Donald Tyson. The book which Manson revealed in his autobiography as being inspirational to the formation of Antichrist Svperstar.