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"It Is Finished When Seven Are One" is an Alchemical treatise. The symbols which make up that image are the symbolic representations of the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Venus. Each planet is assigned an elemental metal. The Moon as Silver, The Sun as gold, Mercury as Mercury (or Quicksilver), Venus as Copper, Mars as Iron, Saturn as Lead and Jupiter as Tin. The principle involved is that when the Alchemist amalgamates these metals and achieves the divine mixture it represents his own transformation and his soul ascended. It has to do with the reoccurring theme of rebirth and transformation which is what the entire Triptych revolves around. That's a brief overview of the topic but that is exactly what purpose that image was used for, since the symbols the image is made up of are the alchemical representations of the seven planets I just mentioned. When all are, and can be reduced to, as one by the Alchemist or Magician the great work is completed, he has transcended matter. It's an abstract and symbolic concept and there is no other way to express it other than your own studies and how you can apply this idea to your own life and your own work.

Despite Seven being a powerful and significant number in many philosophies, Christianity included, Alchemy and it's methods of higher attainment is what this image and phrase refers to.

It Is Finished When Seven Are One. "'The curse of God has entered the seven figures, so they are in conflict with one another.' Just as the human will was transformed 'into eternal sun, calm in God,' 'so in the Philosophical Work must all figures be transformed into one, into Sol. From seven must come one, and yet it remains in seven but in one desire, as every figure desires the others in love, so there is no longer any conflict.' (Jacob Böhme, De signatura rerum). D.A. Freher, Paradoxa Emblemata, manuscript 18th century."
Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum by Alexander Roob

In the Occult there are many different paths and pursuits, however when broken down on a fundamental and rudimentary level the abstracts, goals of attainment, are all very similar. The primary and oftentimes sole differentiation is the imagery and the means of expressing this. Alchemy and Kabbalah for example represent these two coinciding but independent pursuits. In Alchemy, as stated earlier, one of its facets is the purification and amalgamations of metals into the most pure and divine of metals, gold. In turn this purification acts as a microcosm for the Alchemists own spiritual purification and his souls ascendance to higher levels. If we look at this aim of Alchemy and put it in context and relation to Kabbalah this coincidence is very prevalent. The Kabbalistic Tree Of Life, for example, represents the "ladder" the Kabbalist climbs on his path to higher attainment, each sphere, or sephira, on the Tree Of Life acts as a microcosm of the further spiritual purification and disposition of the Kabbalist, reaching higher and a more divine state of existence.

Another example of two pursuits coinciding independently but abstractingly overlapping upon one another is Western Kabbalah and Eastern yoga and mysticism. The path outlined in Kabbalah for the Kabbalist to follow is that of the Tree Of Life, in Yoga this same path is outlined and manifests virtually identical with that of the system of chakras, or energy points on the human body. While signifying a ladder of points on the human body the hierarchy of chakras also acts as this "ladder" which is climbed, each chakra representing a rung or microcosm of each state of higher attainment. These dually representational chakras furthermore correlate with the Tree Of Life as the Tree Of Life is also frequently represented as drawn overlain atop the human body, representing physical points yet also metaphorical and microcosmic spiritual stages. The 7 chakras merely represent the middle pillar on the Tree Of Life.

The image seen above of Manson, which is also shown in the Disposable Teens video, pertains to this. The topmost Sephirah on the Tree Of Life known as Kether represents the highest and most divine state of existence, the aim of Kabbalist's highest pursuit. When the Tree Of Life is overlain atop the human body, Kether, as it is the state of highest existence, at one with the concept of god, rests just above the top of the head to represent this. In Yoga, the chakra or energy point which coincides with Kether is Sahasrara, also often referred to as "The Seat Of The Soul", and also known as "The Thousand Petal Lotus", resting just above the head as the Lotus is upon Manson's, the Lotus also seen drawn within the top sphere of the Tree Of Life below, showing this coinciding of philosophies. So this is Manson's representation of the most supreme Kabbalist goal in the imagery he portrayed.

The Eastern Chakras and the Western Tree of Life, Drawn by Aleister Crowley The 7 chakras and their correspondence to the human body