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Author: [omega symbol] July 28, 1999,

Hello from the depths of Holy Wood... My fantastic band and I are busy composing music to usher in the Age of Horus. The hate furnaces have been ignited once again, and it's good to see the world still despises us. We are censored and stopped at every turn. We are sabotaged, we are smeared with false press. This right here, you and I is the only thing that is real. Your support and dedication has made us survive this and we have returned to kick ass and take names. We will see the inauguration of a new worm.


The closing of which Manson would occasionally sign his Journal posts in early 2000 while immersed in Alchemy, Kabbalah and Mysticism during the recording of Holy Wood. Though this particular article of The NACHTKABARETT is slightly more tongue-in-cheek, Manson and Dita were married the Third of December 2005 in Gottfried Helnwein's castle estate in Ireland (the photos of which appeared in the highly publicized March 2006 issue of the Vogue) and the proceedings of which were very esoteric in nature conducted by Manson long time friend, off-and-on collaborating mentor and Chilean movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky. The outfit in which Jodorowsky wore was a custom made garb taken from his own 1973 film 'Holy Mountain' in which he himself is credited as playing the role of 'The Alchemist'

Roles of other roles within the film as in relation
to Alchemy and influence on Manson:

Alejandro Jodorowsky .... The Alchemist
Horácio Salinas .... The Thief
Zamira Saunders .... The Written Woman
Juan Ferrara .... Fon/He whose planet is Venus
Adriana Page .... Isla/She whose planet is Mars
Burt Kleiner .... Klen/He whose planet is Jupiter
Valerie Jodorowsky .... Sel/She whose planet is Saturn
Nicky Nichols .... Berg/He whose planet is Uranus
Richard Rutowski .... Axon/He whose planet is Neptune
Luis Loveli .... Lut/He whose planet is Pluto
Ana De Sade .... The Prostitute
Chucho-Chucho .... The Chimpanzee

An aspect of the Alchemical ritual conducted by Jodorowsky as taken from Vogue is as follows:

"There is a collective gasp as Dita enters the drawing room - an exquisite Eighteenth Century Dresden figurine come to life. Alejandro Jodorowsky is an astonishing sight himself in an all-white version of a costume from his cult movie The Holy Mountain, complete with towering stovepipe hat and platform shoes. He intones the vows in his sonorous Spanish, while his striking wife, Marianne, provides and English translation.

"Through the force of Air, directing principle of our intelligence and mind... forever you will respect who you really are," he intones. "...You will not be prisoners of an exclusive relationship.... Love is not seeking for a likeness but complementary differences.... Through the force of Fire, directing principle of our sexual energy, your pleasure shall be mutual and limitless...," he beautiful voice rings through the high-ceilinged room.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, as quote from Vogue March 2006

This ceremony, thereby the role of Jodorowsky conducting the ceremony, becomes the symbolic representation of the Alchemical union of two into one (for more on the the traditionally and spiritual significance to this precept, read below to IT IS FINISHED WHEN SEVERN ARE ONE). Manson has referenced alchemy all throughout his body of work, all well as taking queue and influence from Jodorowsky's filmography, most notably in terms of personal transformation and evolution, however with the wedding illustrating a new theme; the union of opposites and the symbolic amalgamation of the two halves.

- - -

Another, mostly (or maybe not) tongue-in-cheek, reference note to be made on this matter and an additional correspondence to Alchemy is that the engagement ring which Manson gave Dita was purportedly to be a SEVEN carat diamond.

The photos revealed by Dita Von Teese at to be the first sharing with her fans the (subtle) news her of engagement to Marilyn Manson.

To see the photo scans and article of Manson and Dita's wedding from the American issue of Vogue March 2006 which The NACHTKABARETT was the FIRST to launch online click below: