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'Cruci-Fiction In Space'. Manson is seen risen from the stage in a matter very similar to the 'Disposable Teens' video and, literally, crucified in space while performing 'Cruci-Fiction In Space' on the 'Guns, God & Government' tour in 2000-2001.

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Original source of Crucifixion in Space drawing The Cruci-fiction In Space as it appears in the Holy Wood album artwork
"Of this remarkable Oriental drawing, J. P. Lundy has written: 'It looks like a Christian crucifix in many respects, and in some others it does not. The drawing, the attitude, and the nail-marks in hands and feet, indicate a Christian origin; while the Parthian coronet of seven points, the absence of the wood and of the usual inscription, and the rays of glory above, would seem to point to some other than a Christian origin. Can it be the Victim-Man, or the Priest and Victim both in one, of the Hindu mythology, who offered himself a sacrifice before the worlds were?' MPH"
The Crucifixion In Space From Higgins' Anacalypsis
As featured on the Philosophical Research Society website,
'Christ of Saint John of the Cross', 1951, Salvador Dalí. Note that another of Dalí surreal crucifixions had potentially been used as an inspiration for Manson's earlier TV cross and Mechanical Christ persona. For more Dalí references, read our article 'Paranoiac - Marilyn Manson & Dalí.

See 'The Tarot & Holy Wood' for more on this theme and its connection to Manson's depiction of the Hanged Man tarot card which was used as a cover for the album,
and 'Imitation of Christ' for other notorious Christ-like incarnations of Marilyn Manson during his career.


Right; one of the flashing images from the Guns, God & Government DVD. Left; the original image of the Mercurial Christ
which appears in Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum by Alexander Roob.

"Frater Vincentius Koffsky, a 15th century monk of a Danzig order of preachers, whose identity has not been historically proven, is shown catching the tinctural blood of the mercurial Christ, who is crucified on the tree of the seven metals. 'Here study, meditate, sweat, work, cook and do not be put off by cooking, and there will open up to you, a healing flood which springs from the heart of the son of the great world, in the face of all fragility of all material things (...) Now learn, naturally and artfully, to draw from this Catholic medicinal fountain of the living water and the oil of joy.'

"(H. Khunrath, Vom hylealischen Chaos, Frankfurt edition, 1708).

"From: Fratris Vincentii Koffskhii, Hermetische Schriften, Nuremberg, 1786"

Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum by Alexander Roob